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Notefish - save, customize, and share website clippings

review from DigitalZen, Aug 2006, permalink


Bill recently wrote about this cool program at his Digital Zen blog.


From Bill

I’ve spent the morning playing with an online note taking and storage program called Notefish. I really like it.


Notefish combines most of the things I want in a note/clip storage system, and doesn’t kludge it all up with unnecessary stuff. If you just want online storage of documents, there’s Google Notebook, and a zillion other similar services both free and paid. Some are even easy to use. I like applications that stay out of the way and just do their job when I want them to, without taking up real estate on my desktop. Unobtrusive, efficient and fast is what I look for. I couldn’t care less about social networking, and it’s no one else’s business what I save or find interesting. I have real, live friends, and if I want them to know what I’m doing online I’ll invite them to share a site. In short, sites like Digg and D-eli-shus or whatever it is leave me cold. I use Furl for very specific purposes, but now that I’ve found Notefish I may dump it, too ... read more


Nice find Bill! Here's a bit from the Notefish website.

Revolutionize Your Web Research! Notefish makes Internet research simple. Making a purchase? Planning a trip? Save information from the web into a single online Notefish page, then organize and share!





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