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Notebook - free portable wiki style notebook

Posted by ClifNotes, Oct 2008, permalink Notes and Reminders


I've tried lots of desktop wiki applications. This one is one of the easiest and most flexible I've found. It comes as a single executable file that you can run in any location, even a USB stick.


Notebook allows you to create multiple linked pages much as a real wiki does and it can also display local GIF images in pages.


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Notebook is an application for saving notes, to-do lists, daily logs, and any other kind of textual information in a place where you can find it all again, and where related information is easily found. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. Exports to HTML and MediaWiki markup.




See also, StickWiki, TiddlyWiki, Pepys, WikidPad, CourseForum and ZuluPad.