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Netzero's PrivatePhone - free phone voicemail messaging

from ClifNotes, Dec 2006, permalink _ Web Service


This tip is from The Internet Patrol

According to Aunty Spam at the Internet Patrol ...

NetZero has just started offering a free Internet voicemail service with local voicemail numbers, and it really works!


The service is called “PrivatePhone”, and in addition to providing you with truly free Internet voicemail, it doesn’t require that you have any special equipment.


And you can check your voicemail from any web browser or telephone! You can also set it up to send you an alert to either your email or cell phone!


Note from Clif:

I think I found the "home page" for this service. It leads to the same signup page that Aunty Spam sends you to. Be aware that you should read the "Terms of Service" very closely when signing up. Sometimes "FREE" means giving up a little privacy. Also, "FREE" doesn't mean that this service will remain free.



Quote from the website

What is PrivatePhone?

  • A NEW phone number, with BETTER privacy features, and a voicemail that gives you MORE CONTROL over your social and professional life.
  • Access your voicemail messages any time, anywhere over the phone or on the web.


Is my PrivatePhone number really FREE?

  • Yes, your PrivatePhone number is free. There is no obligation, no hidden charge. No Catch.
  • PrivatePhone will be introducing future enhancements that will make your PrivatePhone experience even better; some enhancements will be available for a nominal fee, others for free.