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Do I need a firewall program?

Tip from TerryStockdale at Terry's Computer Tips



Tip from Terry

You only have to visit a few of my Internet security articles or my home networking articles to realize that I believe you should be using a software firewall on your computer, no matter whether you are using dialup, cable or DSL, and no matter whether you have a router/firewall on your network or not.


A lot of people believe that they are safe since they use dialup. Once upon a time, the danger was to high-speed users only. However, now, everyone is at risk, whether they use dialup or high-speed. Try the free ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, or any of the various commercial software firewalls, and you will be amazed at the number of probes across your dialup line ...

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Notes from Clif

Next week, Terry has promised to review Kerio Personal Firewall, which is free after a 30 day trial of the full package. If you want to check Kerio out ahead of time, go here, or you can check out some other free firewalls.