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Microsoft Image Resizer - another PowerToy for Windows

review from ClifNotes, tip from DavesComputerTips, Sept 2006, permalink


After Dave read my review of PictureResizer last week, he quickly wrote in to remind me about this powertoy from Microsoft. I went to the MS PowerToys home page and downloaded the tiny program. I proceeded to install it only to find that it was already installed on my PC. Now I'm feeling a bit embarrased. I've had it all this time and I've never used it.


Image Resizer allows you to resize one or many images simply by right clicking on them and then choosing "Resize Pictures" from the context menu.


The only thing I'd like to change about MS Image Resizer are the suffixes it adds to the smaller images. I don't like to see something like "(WinCE)" at the end of an image. If somebody out there knows how to hack the suffixes to change them, let me know.


Image Resizer is a nice addition to any Windows PC. Thanks for the tip Dave.



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Quote from Microsoft

Image Resizer - This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.


Windows XP Power Toys


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