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Microsoft nervous about IE7 problems

from BillAllin, Oct 2006, permalink


Bill taps into his source at Microsoft for the occassional juicy tidbit. Thanks for sharing!


From Bill

MS Mole reports that there is considerable anxiety and embarrassment at Microsoft over three recent security patches. While they work without problems on most Windows machines in which they were installed, they have caused many problems on a minority, whose owners have been vocal about their problems.


The patches are:





Anyone who has been having problems since installing any of these (on or after October 6/06) should remove them. Replacements will likely be available with the next Update Tuesday, but MS has not announced this or even stated publicly that these patches could cause problems. The patches all have valid uses, but the Microsoft web site was so complicated with Security Bulletin MS06-061 that most of those who downloaded the update didn't need it. This despite the fact that the update site said that the patches were required when the update servers scanned the computers..


Insiders at MS are a bit jittery about IE7 in its current incarnation. It is causing problems and the problem machines are increasing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent per day (that's a percentage of problem computers, not of all computers using IE7). Anyone planning to install IE7 should do so with caution and be well prepared with backups. Internet Explorer 7 has different versions, depending on what operating system is being used. A download will come with all versions included and will install only the version that is needed, with no installer input needed (is that bloatware I smell?).


Finally, IE7 has some interesting menu features that are only available by right-clicking certain parts of the window. The menus are not available as drop-downs and the same menu features (and menus) are not available when you right-click any part of the screen. So after you install IE7, play around with right-clicking, especially along the four side of your screen.


(CAUTION: MS Mole has been known to be in error with some of his insider information, mostly because nobody at Microsoft knows everything about anything. Your mileage may vary.)



Bill Allin


For those out there who aren't familiar with Bill's work in Education, see his article Your Most Unrecognized Need: Touch .




MS Mole report - continuing problems with IE7

from BillAllin, Nov 2006, permalink


Bill has talked to his source at Microsoft recently and has this to pass on to us.


From Bill

MS Mole reports continuing problems with Internet Explorer 7 across all Windows platforms.


In some cases, disks have been damaged in such a way that nothing works except a reformatting and reloading. Those who install IE7 from a CD have the fewest problems. Most problems begin with upgrades that are done via download from Microsoft servers. MS has servers on four of its US sites providing the downloads. Which you get when you try to download IE7 is a matter of luck. Even Microsoft is not certain which of its servers is causing what problems, so repairs are not imminent because the problems are not consistent.


MS is not talking about behind the scenes blamestorming or admission that anything is wrong. High level MS developers have the same problems with IE7 as the average person who downloads the program from home. They now report problems with IE7 upgrades around 75 percent. Some (the honest ones) have refused to install the upgrades on clients' machines because of the costly fallout from damage. MS Mole says he cannot recommend that anyone install IE7 unless they are prepared to accept the risks.


What happens between now and the end of the month when Windows Defender will update only from IE7 (according to present plans) is anyone's guess.


Reviews by those whose computers have been successfully converted to IE7 are mixed. Those who dislike the new look and feel will likely come around once they get used to it. It's like trying a new brand of coffee. Top level MS developers are working on tight timelines to test and evaluate changes to IE7, but it's all being done in secrecy (maintained by 54-page privacy agreements).


From Clif

I currently have IE7 installed on two of my PC's. My laptop seems to like IE7 just fine, but I still use FireFox as my primary browser. My wife's laptop already had IE problems and I asked her to try IE7 to see if it would fix the problem. It's not perfect but crashes less.


I haven't gotten used to it and I still prefer IE based AvantBrowser or Maxthon browser rather than IE7.


For those out there who aren't familiar with Bill's work in Education, see his article Your Most Unrecognized Need: Touch .