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Mr. Blocko - tetris with a cool twist

review from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Games


I used to play Tetris for hours. That was years ago and I've since gotten tired of it. There are a few variations that seemed interesting for awhile, but now I've found one that is really interesting.


Mr. Blocko lets you jump around in a themed Tetris setting and compete against other players. I've tried it and I like it.


This is a small download and no installation is required. Just unzip it to a folder and start playing.


Quote from the website

Mr. Blocko is similiar to Tetris but instead of controlling the lines, you control a little square guy who pushes them around. The goal is the same: Clear lines to gain points.

However, you only gain points for the blocks in your color, and the only way to turn blocks into your color is to push them!


The new version, Super Tournament Edition, features, among other things, simultaneous four-player multiplayer, and the ability to customise the game engine to your liking.