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MooPlayer - small, simple and portable video viewer

Notes from ClifNotes, Jan 2008, permalink Multimedia Players


MooPlayer is a quick and simple media player that's easy to use. There's no need to install this program, it will run in any folder. The interface is simple and it loads up movie and music files with no lag. I found the full screen mode worked well and it will also run music playlists.


If you need a small media player to take with you on the road, this one will work just fine.


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Quote from the website

MooPlayer was designed to replace Windows Media Player 6 (mplayer2). It uses a similar style where the player is only the actual video, menu and window frame. It is DirectShow based which means it supports all formats that Windows Media Player does (MPEG, DivX, XviD, etc.). The interface is meant to be as minimal as possible. All controls are overlayed on the video so you can easily access them even in full screen mode. This also means they don't clutter up the view as much. It is released under the GPL and source is available for all releases.

Homepage: http://projects.drzeus.cx/mooplayer/

Download: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/MooPlayer/1045775790/1