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MessengerPlus - not very funny if you aren't careful

Website - Adware

review by TeMerc and ClifNotes on 8/29/05


TeMerc has fired up his infamous test box and pointed it at the Messenger Plus program. Messenger Plus is a very popular extension for MSN Messenger that lets you add all kinds of neat enhancements. There's just one thing that keeps me and my friends from using it. It has "sponsor" programs. What do I mean by that? I mean if you make one wrong move while you are installing Messenger Plus, you will have additional adware programs that you almost surely won't like. TeMerc goes into a great deal of detail as he forces his poor test box to load up on all the adware it can handle and then tells us how to remove it all.


Quote - The big hoopla has been that so many users have neglected to read the message\EULA that this app generates regarding the 'sponsorship' option, they wind up getting slammed with a LOP infection(AKAC2Media). This latest version, comes with a toolbar, homepage\search engine change and a slew of favs added(the usual, casino, sports betting, travel) and some icons on your desktop.

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