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Anti-Malware Toolkit Keeps Your Arsenal Up-To-Date - but do you need it?

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Security Tools


I was initially interested in this tool when I saw the blog post. After a minute or two, I thought, "I need to ask an expert about this".


I wrote Tom (master of Temerc.com security forums) for his opinion ... here's what he said.


Those types of ‘kits’ don’t much impress me. For one, they make an assumption to ‘target all the tools you’re going to need’. Well, I tell ya what, LSPFix is certainly not one of those tools. I can’t recall the last time I used it, prolly been over a year at least.


And there isn’t anything there that 9 out of 10 users don’t likely already have on their system or something that is very close to those apps. Most update regularly.


I also don’t like going thru ‘third parties’ for anything, direct links are the way for me. No affiliate BS and I know what I’m getting.


So it’s not really anything that I’d recommend to anyone on any level.


Quote from the DownloadSquad

For those of you charged with the unenviable task of malware removal and defense, keeping your toolbox current can be a lot of work. Lunarsoft's Anti-Malware Toolkit simplifies the process by providing an easy way to handle downloading.

The Toolkit is really just a downloader which fetches the current versions of programs like Super Antispyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, HijackThis, Spybot, Autoruns, CCleaner, and LSP Fix. It also grabs programs that you'll want to install to prevent further issues: Avast, Firefox, Comodo Firewall.

Point it to your USB flash drive or network share, hit the download button and grab yourself a cup of coffee.

While you could do this with just about any decent download manager, why bother? Anti-Malware toolkit already targets most of the tools you're going to need and it's as simple to maintain them as clicking a single button.

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