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List of Freeware Anti-Keyloggers

Notes from ClifNotes, Oct 2007, permalink Security Tools


Recently someone wrote me to tell me they were fairly certain that their PC and online activities were being monitored. What can a person do to stay secure in an insecure environment?


I don't have all the answers, but I did recommend two places for help.


First, I recommended setting up a CosmoPod account. The Cosmopod service allows you to connect to your own virtual PC on a server and also provides you with an encrypted connection, similar to a VPN. That lets you surf on the net inside Cosmopod without anyone on your network (or spies) being able to see what you are doing.


That doesn't protect you from Keyloggers or screen capturing spyware that's installed on your computer. If that's the case then you can't depend on much privacy at all. I recommend that you take a look at the CastleCops list of free anti-keylogger software.


A good two-way firewall can protect your PC from unauthorized intrusions and unknown connections from your PC to the net. See this list of freeware firewalls from CastleCops.


If you think this info can't help you much, you might be very wrong. You may be monitored every time you use a public PC or use a public wifi connection. In such cases, my advice here may help. I've also found a good article about public wifi security from Jiwire.com.


I'd love to hear about other possible solutions from the rest of you. Be sure to comment below if you have some good ideas.


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    • Anti-keylogger on demand only
    • Other passive methods to protect from keylogging (but will not detect)
    • Virtual keyboards
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