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Leet Speak Generator - F3Ar me, 1 @M 4 m4D H4x0r

Website - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes, Jan 2006



Notes from Clif

What is Leet Speak? When wanna-be hackers get together, they type in a slang language to set themselves apart and keep the rest of us in the dark. Here's an article from Microsoft about it. A parent's primer to computer slang


If you run into someone in a chat room typing this stuff, you can give them a taste of their own medicine with this freeware tool. The Leet Speak Generator can translate from English to l33t and from l33t to English. It's a simple download, unzip, and run.



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Quote from author Ryan Ross

Can you only type in proper English, keeping you from rising the $CRiP+ KidDiE ranks? The l33t sp34k g3Ner4+0r can remedy this serious problem! Simply type in the sentence, paragraph, or page that you would like to have "leet-o-fied" and press a button. 'Leet speak' the easy way. Generator will randomize caps and different methods of replacing characters.