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Launchy - stop searching for programs

Posted by ClifNotes, Mar 2009, permalink Desktop Tools


If you have dozens of programs installed on your PC (like I do), then it can be a real adventure just finding stuff in your "All Programs" start menu. Sometimes, a program is listed under the authors title and it really doesn't have the same name as the program. That's very frustrating!


Now comes Launchy. Just install it, then hit Alt+Space on your keyboard and up pops a small search box. Start typing in the program's name and it displays all the closest matches. Once you see what you want just click on it to launch it. That's great, and I think I'll keep this little program around.



Launchy website


If you need a program finding launcher like this one, with even more features, try out Find and Run Robot.

Give us a comment below if you've ever used a program like these.