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One last word on security - from Bill Webb

review from ClifNotes, Sep 2007, permalink Tips


How secure is the information that passes from your computer to the internet? Bill Webb wrote up a short article about it and I thought I'd pass it along.


The sad truth is that none of us has much privacy on the web. Find out why below.


Quote from the website

The issue of security on the Web and Internet (they’re not the same thing) has again been raised by a reader. This is going to be my definitive commentary on the subject, that I can link to when someone asks, henceforth and forevermore.


So pay attention. This is the straight skinny about security in cyberspace.

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Bill is a well known writer on Lockergnome, Backwash and a few other spots on the web.



Introduction to Bill


Bill also writes at Backwash.com as DigitalZen


Read Bills articles at Lockergnome