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LastPass - you don't have to remember more than one password

Posted by ClifNotes, Sep 2008, Mar 2009 permalink Password Manager


In September of last year, Chet recommended a nice password manager that he's using called LastPass.com. LastPass stores your passwords for you online in an encrypted format that only you can decrypt with your master password. Many people have mentioned that they don't trust any service online to keep their precious passwords and I'd agree in some cases.


I recently started using LastPass. The easy access to my passwords from any computer running any operating system gives me freedom to access my sites anywhere. In my case, the freedom to roam outweighs my desire for maximum security. I trust them when they say that they won't crack their own encryption but I mostly trust that they probably don't have any reason to do it.


LastPass allows you to transfer the passwords that you already have stored in applications like Roboform, Keepass, Password Safe, and MyPasswordSafe. I was using AiRoboform and I had no trouble at all uploading over 300 passwords. I still keep Roboform around and I keep several backups of the data just in case.


The Firefox Addons and Internet Explorer toolbars allow you to autofill passwords and forms on nearly any web page. The only forms I had trouble with were forms used in online Flash applications.


I did have one problem with the Firefox Addon that they offer. It kept me from using my online editor tools in PBwiki.com. I found that the bookmarklets that they have work just as well for me. In addition, the bookmarklets also work in almost any web browser. I'm using them right now in Opera 10 and Google Chrome with no problems.


I'm giving LastPass a big thumbs up. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


Comment from Chet:

I'm a fan of both ROBOFORM and a new one I found LASTPASS.COM.

I'm veering more toward lastpass.com lately ... give it a shot.

PS: LASTPASS is freeeeeeee!


Quote from the website

lastpass is a free password manager that makes your web browsing easier and more secure.


• Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one.

• Log into your favorite sites with a single click

• Access and manage your data from multiple computers seamlessly

• Share logins with friends and let others share logins with you