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Last.FM - the social music revolution

by ClifNotes, Oct 2006, permalink


Recently I've been listening to music on the Pandora music service. I had kept hearing that there is also a competing service that works a bit differently. It's called LastFM. I decided to try out LastFM and the first difference I noticed is that it does require you to download a free application to listen to the music. No problem for me, so I did that. I haven't been playing LastFM very long but I really do like the features. Give it a try yourself and see what you think.



Compatible with Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP



Quote from the website

Last.fm is a service that records what you listen to, and then presents you with an array of interesting things based upon your tastes — artists you might like, users with similar taste, personalised radio streams, charts, and much more.


Scrobbling you say? It's elementary! Once you've signed up and downloaded Last.fm, just listen to music through your computer's music player – as you do every day. The name of each song you play will be automatically sent to our servers and saved in your musical profile. We call this “scrobbling,” and it's the basis of everything we do at Last.fm, from personalised recommendations to radio, music charts to musical neighbours, and much more.