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LangaList - a must have free newsletter


comments by ClifNotes on 12 Dec 2004, updated 15 Oct 2005


Notes from Clif

I loaded the code. In other words, my website was mentioned in the world famous newsletter, the LangaList, which puts out a twice weekly email with lots of PC help in it. The last time that happened I received 12,000 visitors at my website in two weeks. If you haven't signed up for the LangaList, I can highly recommend it. How else do you think I learned so much about PC's? Here is the link to me at LangaList


Update 15 Oct 2005

Since I signed up with Fred's newsletter, I've been listed in LangaList three times. His newsletter is a valuable resource for me and I hope you also get it. "LangaList - If you don't get it, you don't get it."



Make the most of your hardware, software, and time online with the LangaList--- a free and lively, award winning, twice-a-week e-newsletter from noted computer author and editor Fred Langa. Each issue is packed with tips, tricks, and other useful and interesting information!