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Kryptonite - helps you learn HTML while you design

Notes from ClifNotes, Jan 2008, permalink HTML Editors


The author of this program, Prads, wrote me and asked me to review an HTML editor he designed. I downloaded it and then installed with no problems.


I went through and explored the menus. Everything seems to be working, although I'm not sure how the project management works. I like the selection of HTML commands available in the Insert menu. I especially like the preview window that shows you how your site will look.


I think this will be a good starter program for those who want to really learn HTML. If you are already a webmaster, it may not have enough features to keep you interested.


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Quote from the author:

Kryptonite is a free HTML editor that allows you to create your HTML pages and create your own websites. It allows you to start new website project and maintain it. Kryptonite is made for users to create websties quickly, however users are encouraged to learn HTML. Kryptonite has features to add code for creating tables, inserting pictures, adding background etc but having knowledge of HTML prize you the power to twist the code yourself so that it suits you and your website's style.


Some Features of Kryptonite:

  • Allows you to edit/create a single HTML file or create/edit an entire web-site Project.
  • Has many built-in codes for adding links, Bullets and Numbering, Layer, Marquee etc which helps you to create your websites quickly.
  • On-edit feature that allows you to see the design of your web page and change the code at the same time.
  • Run-mode uses IE components which enables you to see almost the exact design of the code.
  • Has Font test and Hex Color test tools that helps you to test or choose the fonts or color before using them.
  • Project Explorer helps to explorer and choose the page you want to edit or duplicate.
  • Programmed in such a way so that it becomes very light weight and small.
  • Has code highlight function for easy viewing of code. (Note: Do not try this function in very big HTML files or it may take several minutes and takes alot of memory.)
  • Can Undo upto 100 characters approx.

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