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Two reviews, from ClifNotes and CyberGuide



KlipFolio - weather, news, and RSS feeds on your desktop

review from ClifNotes, Jun 2006, Permalink



I've seen this desktop tool a few times, and I decided to try it. The download was just under 1 megabyte. I ran the installer and after reading the EULA in EulaYzer, I found that it's clean, but they do reserve the right to disclose personal information to third parties. The only personal info they can get is your IP address, and what feeds you are subscribing to. That's no big deal, so I went ahead and installed it.


To tell you the truth, I'm impressed. It's a very cool program. If you want tons of information displayed right on your desktop, this is a great way to do it. It's very customizable, so you can set colors, styles, sizes, alarms, and other stuff.




Here are a few of the hundreds of clips you can display with KlipFolio

POP3 Email

This Klip will notify you when new email has been delivered to your POP3 email account.


Fifa World Cup 2006 - News

Track your team. Fifa World Cup 2006 team news for any country.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

This Klip parses the HTML from the http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html to display the the Astronomy Picture of the Day.



Shows comics that can be watched within tooltips. Mainsource is www.ucomics.com.



This Klip will notify you when new email has been delivered to your Hotmail(tm) account.


try KlipFolio








KlipFolio - desktop tool brings the web to you

Website - Freeware

review by CyberGuide, Comments by ClifNotes on 15 Oct 2005


Notes from Clif

It looks like Zia has found us another cool toy to play with. You da man!


Review from Zia's CyberGuide

This is brillant... Serence KlipFolio is a personal dashboard for Windows that saves you time and effort by using Klips to intelligently monitoring remote data sources--like weather, stocks, Hotmail, news, RSS feeds and even auctions--right on your desktop. Well, it looks I am going be very busy with this toy!



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Key Features


It's all about the Klips. Get as many as you want from KlipFarm, our Klip directory.

Get personal. Customize your Klips to get information as unique as you are.

Stay alert. Set alerts for keywords and new articles and never miss a thing.

Run with it. Big, small or in the tray; the latest dish is still only a click or two away.

Touchy-feely. Lay out and resize your Klips your way. They're yours, after all.

Get sexy. Grab some skins, set transparency and tune colours to match that dashing shirt.

Local hero. Get local with the language pack of your choice and the Klips to match.