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KeyWallet - password filler for website logins

KeyWallet Website - Freeware

comments by Baer and ClifNotes



Notes from Clif

I once tried KeyWallet, nearly a year ago. It's a very nice system for storing and quickly filling in the numerous website logins we all have. I noticed recently that Gizmo at techsupportalert.com had recommended it and I decided to offer it up as a freeware adventure.


It turns out that Baer is not afraid of a little adventure. Let's see what he has to say about this password manager.


Comments from Baer

I downloaded the KeyWallet software and must say it works pretty well. The installation is pain free and adding new accounts is done in a jiffy.


It is very convenient to drag and drop user name and password into required fields. Also, it does not really have to run all the time which makes me feel more secure from data phishers.


I can only recommend this program.



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• KeyWallet Password Manager is browser independent!

• KeyWallet Password Manager is easy to use!

• KeyWallet Password Manager works with all possible forms (HTML, JAVA...)!

• KeyWallet Password Manager is Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000!

• KeyWallet Password Manager encrypts your data!

• KeyWallet Password Manager supports skins!

• KeyWallet Password Manager is FREE!

• KeyWallet installation contains no spyware or ad-ware.