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KeyMaker - another fine way to make safer passwords

Posted by ClifNotes, Sep 2008, permalink Password Tools


Last week I showed you a simple JavascriptPasswordGenerator which I'm using to make my passwords harder to guess. While looking at the coments, I saw that blikksem commented with a suggestion for a simple freeware app called KeyMaker.


It is very similar to the tool I'm using, but it does have one drawback. It isn't accessible online as a web page or a web service. I don't think that's as much a problem for many of you as it is for me.


It has some very nice options, such as letting you choose the number of characters in the password, the types of characters, launching when Windows boots, and a password list generator using a text file.


I was hoping that it was available as a zipped file portable download but it's only available as the typical setup installer. However, I was able to to copy the program folder and run it after I'd uninstalled it. So now it is portable and I've included a link below to the portable version I created by doing that.


My favorite feature was the password list generator. It lets you type in a list of all your logins at websites and it will update that list with a password next to each entry when you run this option. This means you can have a text file that has all of your website passwords in one place. Naturally this isn't a very secure way to store passwords, but you can always encrypt the text file with a password so that nobody but you can open it.


The software's author, Softnik Technologies does not appear to be supporting this tool any more, but I doubt seriously if it needs any support.


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Quote from the website

Do you find it difficult to make up passwords that are not easy for others to guess but easy for you to remember? Here is a simple software to do that.


Key Maker allows you to convert a phrase into a secret password. You can use it to create and use as many complicated passwords as you like without having to worry about forgetting passwords.


Key Maker requires a key phrase. This can be anything that you will always remember (e.g.: I always forget passwords). The password is created from this phrase and will look some thing like 'ghomqca9'. Even though this password is quite difficult to guess or even remember, you can always get it back by running Key Maker and typing in I always forget passwords.


Additionally you can specify two more parameters. These include an optional 'Password Description' and a 'user name'. Please note that the generated password is dependent on these parameters also. Just experiment with Key Maker for 5 minutes and you will become an expert.


You can also specify the number of characters in the password and also if digits are allowed. A different password is generated for the same key phrase with the digits option turned on.



Portable version (from Clif) - 184k

I will remove this if the author wants me to.