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Links from Ken in San Francisco

Ken collects website links like other people collect stamps.

Just hit CTRL-F and type what you are looking for into the search box


21ily list of interesting Websites to check out:: As of April 01, 2006,


Others to try::


www.bored.com Eclectic, unusual, weird, funny, everything type of web site. Worth a return visit.

www.onetontomato.com DITTO DITTO

presentpicker.com/ppp Gift finder by personality type.



www.catchow.com Purina's web site for cats,lots of info.

http://www.catscans.com/fun.htm Fun with Felines (cats).




www.breeders.net All about dog breeds and other info

www.straight-poop.com free newsletter about dog things and other info on dogs. Same as www.breeders.net

//timbreblue.com/petdogs-l/ More info on dogs.

www.uwsp.edu/psych/dog/dog.htm Pschology of dogs and other info.





www.comparenet.com Shopping bots are more particular and eliminate the flood of extraneous stuff you have no interest in. Type in how much you want to spend to narrow things down.

www.dealtime.com Download this site's unique notifier and an icon on your toolbar will flash to alert you to special deals on items that you've specified.

http://www.shoppers.com This is the new name for Dealtime. see above.

www.amazing-bargains.com Lots of deals, offers, bargains, etc. Seaches for them.

www.consumersworld.org newsletter and other info. Similar to Consumer Reports. Lots of links.

www.jango.com Find Reviews feature makes it easy. do product research before you buy. through www.excite.com

www.computershopper.com Specializes in computers and peripherals and covers them in great detail.

http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?113881;20438900 ComputerShopper.com's outlet store. (perhaps it is a colon).

www.bizrate.com Compare prices, get ratings of e-sites.

www.outletbound.com All sorts of outlet stores byproduct, name, location, etc.

www.insweb.com Limited insurance quote site. There are many more if you insertthe word insurance on any search engine.

http://www.choicetrust.com Here you can BUY the same report the insurance conmpany's use to give you a quote on yor house. Kind of like a credit report except that it is for your house or your car. Learn about precious claims against either, acccidents, etc.

www.smartandfinal.com For food in bulk (Lea & Perrins Wostershire Sauce, for example), Paper products and cleaning supplies and kitchen gadjets. In person, go to: Cash & Carry, 880 Harrison St., (X 5th St.), SF.

http://www.foodservicedirect.com/index.cfm 3 case minimum for all sorts of bulk foodproducts. For example: Prince radiatore shaped pasta @ $13.25 per 30 lb. case. (Radiatore has the best shape for holding sauce).

www.bestpriceaudiovideo.com Highly recommended for all electronic stuff, both as to price and service.

www.wholelotta.com/index.html Links to 100+ best known shopping sites and also tells you which of them are offering internet specials/discounts/free shipping.

http://www.thenerds.com I've ordered an Argus DC 2200 digital camera from here. The have very good prices on a wide variety of things.

http://www.smarter.com Discount shopping site that is very good.

http://www.webstrider.com A portal with tons of links on all subjects.

http://www.stewarttartan.org Web site for the premier bagpipe band of San Francisco.

http://www.linkers.me.uk Tons of links on all subjects. Has links to air shows around the world and lots of links for Scotland.

http://www.route53.com DITTO DITTO And a HUGE amount of tech links.

http://www.onsale.com New and auction sale items.





www.bizrate.com Rates products/merchants as well as linking to those who do sell.

www.resellerratings.com DITTO Very good.

www.epinions.com DITTO, very good

www.epinions.com To find out what other peoples opinions are on a particular subject, product, etc. Puff pieces.

www.publiceye.com Merchant endorsements by consumer protection groups.

www.bbb.org DITTO Better Business Bureau DITTO

www.cpawebtrust.com DITTO DITTO

www.networksolutions.com Supples merchant references.

www.safeweb.com Surf the WEB without anyone knowing where you've been. Secure site, slow and with ads.

//browsercheck.qualys.com FREE browser check.

http://gemal.dk/browserspy/ DITTO

http://www.browsertune.com/bt2kfast/start/ FREE Utils to make your browser work better. Also includes a thorough browser tester.

//hackerwhacker.com One free hacker check, then you pay. Has lots and lots of links dealing with security isues including news sites.

www.slashdot.com user opinions on everything. Inside info w/rants/raves.

www.ConsumerReports.org DITTO

www.jdpower.com DITTO

www.ConsumerSearch.com DITTO

www.resellerratings.com Submitted opinions on various retail or e-online stores. Helps find the bad ones.

www.coolsavings.com Lots of different things. Hard to use.

http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/330004 newsletter/forum for security issues. In particular, how to brute force crack a password in 5 minutes.

http://www.bugmenot.com Provides work arounds for the passwords required on newspaper sites of newspapers all around the country.

http://rootsecure.net web secutrity issues, newsletter/forum.

http://www.blifalcoo.com/info/lies.php Teaches you how to tell when someone is lying to you. Reveals the psychological tells that happen.





www.freedrive.com Free hard drive space for storage.

www.driveway.com Ditto And travelers can access on the road

www.drivenet.com Ditto

www.xdrive.com Ditto

www.NetDrive.com Ditto




JUNO Tech Support 1-800-JUNO-889; press 5; press 2; and then listen, or press 3 for non-connection problems.If no e-mail, go to http://help.juno.com OR, if no web, go to http://support.juno.com.

dl.www.juno.com/get/tagj (to obtain JUNO 4.0 for free).

www.accessmagazine.com Get the ins & outs of web based e-mail.

www.modemhelp.net/index.html Modem tech support, drivers, FAQ's.

http://members.aol.com/axcel216 Tips, Tricks & Tweaks Tune-Up info.

http://promos.mcafee.com/speedometer/test_0150.asp Tests your modems speed/connectivity and gives report.

http://box54.org/speedtest/htm DITTO, and gives acccess to many more similar sites.

//bandwidthtest.com/speedtest DITTO, also FAQ's.

//bandwidthplace.com All about all types of internet cnnections, has speed tests, forums on internet, tweaking, research. etc.

http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest All sorts of speed ytestying and other internet info,, types of servic3e, etc.

www.fifi.org/services/ Pinging & tracking URL routes.Tracing.

www.3dspotlight.com/tweaks/soundcard/index.shtml Troubleshoot/tweak sound card installations.

www.speedguide.com A geek site to increase your computers operating speed as to your modem, windows and overclocking.

http://www.freetune.com/most_popular_oages.htm WIN 3x/Win95 tuneups.

http://computerhope.com/batch.htm All about batch files.

http://www.virtualdr.com Virtual Doctor computer help forum.

http://www.motherboards.org/manuals.html motherobard manuals available here.

http://www.jscustompcs.com/powersupply/ Calculator to find size of needed power supply based on the various components.

http://users.iafrica.com/g/gl/glynhall/hohweb/manuals.htm Gives you compllete manuals for a hot of different motherboards. See USER 8.

http://iceberg.pchomeworld.com/cgi-win/mobotGen/mobot.asp Motherboard manuals search engine. Very comprehensive.

http://livemanuals.com This site offers all sorts of different manuals, both computer and non-computer.

http://www.ontrack.com/jumperviewer/index.asp Portale that links you to all major hard drive makers so that you can het jumper settings.

http://www.pchell.com Good source of malware removal tools.

http://www.insecure.org/nmap/images Free PORT scan and tests.

How fast is your internet connection?

http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ Internet speed.

http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html ditto

http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ ditto

http://www.adslguide.org.uk/ ditto


PURPOSE UNKNOWN, Check Out Further::::




www.more.com Lots of drug store stuff. expensive.


www.covad.com DSL type of operation.





www.esmart.com FREE Federal IRS electronic tax filing.

www,www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/forms.html IRS source for Fed income tax forms.

www.dtonline.com Deloitte & Touche, well known accounting firm offers tax tips, tax tutorials and some FAQ's.

www.1040.com Download FED IRS tax forms.

www.taxweb.com DITTO STATE DITTO.

www.taxhistory.org History of US Taxation. and other info.

www.quicken.com/taxes/ Link to quickens tax service.

www.smartmoney.com/tax/advice/index.cfm?story=screwups Find names of tax preparors with bad records with the IRS so as to avoid future troubles and a lot more info.

www.taxplanet.com comprehensive and easily understood tax site. Year round tax guide for planning,

www.el.com/elinks/taxes Links to many tax sites. And much, much more.

http://www.taxfoundation.org/statelocal04.html State & Local tax comparisons. Change 04 to current year.

http://marylaine.com/neatnew.html Discovers/publishes interesting new links that she has found, or access the archive.

www.taxprophet.com Account offering tax advice.

www.dmv.ca.gov California DMV forms.

http://www.DMV.CA.gov/Pubs/hdbk Divers license practice written exams and more.

www.calfed.com/taxcenter You can file income taxes here (for a fee) w/ H&R Block. Also obtain tax FORMS in .pdf format.




www.8002349722,com Southern California Edisons free refrigerator pick and free check for %35. The Northern CA program pays $75. Refrigeraor must be working, be between 10 and 27 cubic feet and be picked up from a private home. To register, 1-800-599-5798, or for more details 1-800-246-0441.

www.totallyfreestuff.com As it says.

www.4freestuff.com As it says.

www.usenet.com For free software (shareware), music, movies, pictures. Shows newsgroups of MY choice.

www.CNETdownload.com (formerly WinFiles.com) 2/3rd's of software offered is free to download. Mainly utilities, music and games.

www.gnomedownloads.com Freeware , demo & shareware downloads.

http://www.anova.org/software DITTO, but after very careful, detailed reviews and testing. The Best of the Best.

www.scitechdaily.com SciTechDailyReview if seriously interested in science information.

www.freesamples.com You have to register but can then apply to have a free smaple sent every 14 days, and you can click three buttons to stop SPAM.

www.maxpatch.com Huge variety of free stuff, freeware, recipe's, games, info and much, much more. Be SURE to use right drag button to see all that is available. Click on what you like.

http://www.maxpaych.com/rd1.html Maxpatch archives.

//allfreethings.com All sorts of free stuff, shopping site, etc.

http://thefreesite.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.pricelessware.com Lots of freeware here. Good stuff.

http://www.mynewdimension.com Freeware and hot tips.





www-sci.lib.uci.edu/HSG/RefCalculators.html Literally MORETHAN 16,720 calcualtors from the obvious to the obscure. NOW DEAD. Go to:

http://www.martindales.com For Jim Martindale's treasure trove of Aviaton, cooking, health, brewing, science and tons of other things. This should be among your top 3 sources to go to first beforee trying to reference something somewhere else.

http://www.martindalescenter.com/calculators.html Is the succcessor to the abvove listing and now has 19,945 calculaltors listed for every subject.

www.calculator.org Scientific, engeneering, financial & statistical calculators. Specifically, download Calc98.

www.parentime.com/calculators About 30 calculators covering a wide range of fields.

www.calculator.com More than two dozen highly specialized calculators. distance calculator, brewing, scientific, engineering, etc. More than one calculator in each catagory. You will find it here.

www.megaconverter.com Comprehensive scientific, financial calculator and also converts English/Metric units as well as cubits, etc.

calc.entisoft.com/scripts/unitscgi.exe DITTO Does all obscure units.

www.microimg.com/science DITTO DITTO

www.magma.ca/~davies/Calculator DITTO DITTO

www.jintek.com/binary.html Binary calculator for programmers.

http://www.megaconverter.com/Mega2/ MegaConverter 2: Online conversions for the kitchen, construction site, laboratory, classroom, and everywhere in between. You can even open a converter in a small pop-up window and keep it handy while you're working on another page.

http://www.vulcanhammer.org/hp35 Good sized, on screen HP-35 pocket calculator.

http://www.1728.com Many calculators and converters available here.

http://www.onlineconversions.com DITTO DITTO




www.hollywood.com Local movie theater listings by ZIP code. Times, movies,and other info and by other search words.

www,MovieTickets.com Companion site for the above listing to book your seats.

www.moviefone.com DITTO And also reviews.

www.MovieFlix.com Movie reviews and more.

http//movies.go.com/movies/ DITTO

//tvplex.go.com/buentavista/ebertand roeper Movie reviews by Ebert & Roeper.

www.apolloguide.com/index.shtml Excellent & thorough & rated movie reviews.

www.mrqe.com/lookup? Movie Review Query Engine. Input a movies title and be instantly linked to dozens of reviewers reviews.

www.nytimes.com/pages/movies/index.html NY Times movie reviews, Jan. 1st, 1996 to date.

www.flickfilosopher.com/flickfilos/index.shtml MaryAnn Johnson, movie reviews with IQ.

www.MovieConnection.com For Flicks official sites. Companion w/above.

www.CinemaPop.com Paid for movies that can be seen on your computer. F3 day access for $1.95.

www.film.com movie trailers, multiple reviews and interviews. Requires RealPlayer.

www.rottentomatoes.com Movie reviews rated from fresh to rotten. Multiple reviews, trailers. etc.

www.OhTheHumanity.com Reviews of the worst films ever witnessed.

www.thestinkers.com Movie reviews, especially the bad ones, reviews.

www.AllMovie.com A massive film info hub and for film facts.

www.crankycritic.com Rates movies according to what it is worth spending to see them. Multiple reviews, interviews, etc.

www.metacritic.com Multiple, excellent movie reviews & more.

www.ifilm.com Another excellent movie review site.

www.critics.com A roundup of various critics opinions. Also, rates by violence, sex, etc.

www.girlson.com Oprah's ratings for women.

www.imdb.com Internet Movie DataBase details, reviews, ratings, celebrities profiles/obituary, weekend box office gross's, etc.

http://www.zap2it.com/movies/browse/movie All sorts of movie reviews, theater locator, time showing locator, trailers, photos, etc. Much info.

www.filmcritic.com film reviews from multiple reviewers. Star rating system, 'Now Showing' & mailing list available. Search function also.

www.deadpeople.info Obituary's, death details, more of celebrities.

http://www.deadoraliveinfo.com/dead.nsf To check if someone is dead or alive (the famous).

http://www.whattorent.com Helps you select what movie to rent based on your own personal profile that you submit.

www.netflix.com Send $20. per month, your list of movies on DVD that you'd like to see, they send you 3 of them, you use prepaid mailer to return them and they send you the next three on your list.

www.intervocative.com/dvdpro For a shareware program that keeps track of all your DVD's. Just input the UPS code and learn, running time, stars names, director and toher special features. Free version limited to 25 dvd's in your collection.

http://www.cinemaspot.com Broadbased movie site for everything, including reviews.




www.bartleby.com/100 Bartlett's familiar quotations. Through the early 20th century.

www.afriprov.com African proverbs and sayings with usage and origins.

www.deproverbio.com Studies, reviews and dictionary's. Good research tool.

www.sirius.com Less efective proverbs finder from around the worlld.

www.sacbee.com/smile/swami/ppa.html Funny, made up proverns by subject.




www.sfblog.com Ditto for interesting tidbits picked up on the Internet.

www.sfweekly.com S.F. Weekly newspaper.

www.sfbg.com S.F. Bay Guardian weekly newspaper.

www.surfmetro.com South Bay newspaper. Free movie premier tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets, etc. Lots more. Movie reviews. Free discount coupons almost all of whitch are in the South Bay area.

www.thewave.com Another Bay Area weekly newspaper similar to SFweekly.

www.craigslist.com Another hippie type of info/meeting people type of site. Free ads.

www.local2me.org Mainly ads,m but allows you to connect to people close in your neighborhood.

www.sfgirl.com Another, more female orienated info/meetingf site.

www.bayinsider.com Another info/travel/shopping/free ads site.

www.bayarea.com Ditto Ditto

www.citysearch7.com Ditto ditto

www.theonion.com Another alternative newspaper,poor quality.

http://www.fruendster.com for meeting people by their interests, dating, etc.

http://www.tribe.com DITTO, but more losely orgnized. Just started up 8/03.

http://sixflags.com/parks/marineworld/index.asp 5Flags/Marine World official site. Order tickets, etc.

http://www.garlic.com/~kpranger/local/htm All sorts of local Bay Area stuff.

www.well.com The Original chat/get together site.

www.bestofthebay.com The SFBG's annual best of the Bay listings.

similar to Craig's list.

www.sfstation.com Ditto Ditto

www.digitalcity.com Ditto Ditto

www.CitySearch.com DITTO DITTO

www.villagebuzz.com Users make and receive recommendations on any number of topics based on the friends who are mentioned on their lists.

http://www,bayarealinkup.com A source for finding parties, friends, events, things to do in the Bay Area. Can be restrictive and you do enter your profile.

www.topica.com Ditto Ditto

www.evite.com Free service to use when you want to save e-mail address' as a list for mass notifications, for parties, cancelations, etc.

www.egroups.com Very similar to evite.

cawww,bluemountain.com Allows you to send free greeting rds, birthdays, valentines day, xmas, etc.

www.tabby.tk Large LIST of mostly freeware browsers to download, a mostly freeware list of MS OFFICE clones to download, and a list of low cost ISP's. they are pushing their own borowser 'CRAZYBROWSER' which actually seems quite good based on the tour.

http://freedomList.com FREE & cheap ISP list.

www.crazubrowser.com The site to tour/visit/download this new FREE browser.

//prdownloads.sourceforge.net/kmeleon06.exe FREE open source browser, streamlined, no frills, fast, or go to: //kmeleon-sourceforge.net

www.neoplanet.com futuristic, space age browser.

www.katiesoft.com divides your screen into 4 so you can view 4 sites at once.

www.gator.com Helps fill in web forms and stores your passwords. CAUTION: I believe this is connected with Go!Zilla, which takes info from your hard rive regarding your buying habits.


www.speedtrap.com to locate traffic ticket high activity sites.


www.Dail-Pad.com to make phone calls online using cheap mike and w/ local phone charges only.

www.phonefree.com Free international calls, conference calls, voice mail, etc. through your PC.

www.visitalk.com Ditto ditto

www.LowerMyBills.com Dedicated to pushing their own phone service. Not the cheapist.

www.buyersonline.com DITTO DITTO

www.MyRatePlan.com Finds best ceell phone rate according to your needs.




www.bankrate.com for finding cheapest card rates. And everything else having to do with money.

www.creditnet.com ditto ditto.

www.cardtrak.com ditto ditto

www.getsmart.com ditto ditto

www.creditcardgoodies.com ditto ditto

www,cardweb.com Ditto Ditto

www.webflyer.com ditto finds rewards programs.

www.CalFed.com CalFed's website to access my account/make bank transfers/etc.


www.shockwave.com to play internet movies and other displays. I should download shockmachine to save shockwave entertainment and to play it back offline.

www.hash.com Another movie/video animation site.

www.Ceiva.com Describes a kind of picture display modem. If you want to sendpictures of the grandkids to your mother. You buy her this device and all she needs to do is plug into h er computer.

www.privacy.net A consumer protection site that tells you how cookies work.

www.cookiescentral.com To learn how to view, manage and delete cookies.


www.aarp.org/comptech/features/feature002.html To buddies through American Association of Retired Persons.

http://www.freeality.com/finde.htm Find phone numbers, addresses, persons, email addresses look up, personal or business.

www.acronymfinder.com To find the real meaning of acronym's. Just type in NAFTA to find out what it is (all 4 choices). Well worth having as a favorite.

www.mtnds.com/af DITTO SAME THING




www.babel.com Gives meaning of certain computer terms and file extensions.

www.extsearch.com Extension search engine to identify them.

http://www.filext.com DITTO and defines them and provides other info.

www.salinis.com or salinas Info and links to some very interesting web sites.


www.rewards2k.com on line shopping that awards bonus points ( to be used as kickbacks/rebates). The more you shop here, the more points you get. Has other odds and ends. Unfortunately, they expect you to sign up (free) before they' ll tell you anything.

http://www.epguides.com Lists epsisode titles for over 2500 TV hit shows as well as the actors profiles and other info. Very thorough.

www.tvguide.com Info source on TV shows.

http://www.tvguide.com/listings TV Guide listings.

http://www.digiguide.com Download this software for local TV listings. Be sure to read the EULA.

http://tveyes.com Checks TV news audio for the word or phrase that you typed in.

www.hob.com info source on radio shows.

http://www.warpradio.com Listen to audio streams from around the US.

http://www.streamAudio.com/radiostations/ DITTO

http://www.KGOam810.com Local KGO radio with NO streaming audio.

http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Bay/3623/radioch1.html Radio from around the world.

http://www.v-soft.com/ZipSignal/zip_answer.asp Gives you a signal strength based on your ZIP code for all am/fm radio stations in your area.




www.eonline.com website for the cable/TV showbiz news. (E!). Search engine,(good), on line shopping, posters, entertainment news,movie reviews. TV show reviews, and lots more.Well worth having as a favorite.

www.estar.com Similar to above but with better database!!

www.celebs.cz Ditto




www.GossipCentral.com As it says. Gossip from around the web.

www.Fametracker.com Ditto

www.Pagesix.com Liz Smith's gossip column.




www.USsearch.com Very extensive people finder by name address and much more.Cost is $19.95 for simple search, %39.95 for complex search.

www.1800ussearch.com Ditto. Searches public record data bases.

www.teldir.com Ditto. Uses yellow and white pages in 150 country's

www.theultimates.com White Pages listings

www.switchboard.com White page & Yellow Page Listings

www.alumni.net Ditto. For finding classmates.

www.nedsite.nl/search/people.htm Ditto Finds ancestors, celebrities,etc.

www.adoption.com/reunite Finds and gets to PEOPLE FINDER get adoptees & birth parents

www.mesa.rrzn.uni-hannover.de Searches for e-mail addresses in 100's of sites.

www.anywho.com/telq.html Finds peoples address's if you know the phone #, i.e. reverse directory.

www.bigfoot.com Reverse trace e-mail address and find out who it belongs too.

www.inktomi.com Finds web site address's and much more.

www.anywho.com Finds address's/phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

http://www.isbluepages.gov/ Online US Government phone directory.

www.vitalrec.com Do Birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption searches.

www.unclaimed-property.com Find out if there is anything waiting for you that you don't now know about.

http://www.unclaimed.org DITTO

//mesa.rrzn.uni-hannover.de Meta E-Maiil Search Engine META: Use first/Last names to be re-directed to web source ofe-mail address's. Un-click first two German search engines, and then click on WhoWhere.

http://www.virtualchase.com/people/public_records.html Lawyers site for tracing witnesses, judgement runaways, criminal records. etc. and a lot more.

http://www.searchsystems.net A database of links to official databases organized by state and almost all of them are free. HUGE resource.

http://www.melissadata.com/lookup/ A database of public lists of all kinds & lookups. HUGE! Also can calculate distances between ZIP codes.

http://www.zabasearxh.com/ Poeple searcher that brings up a lot of data.

http://www.familywatchdog.us Trace registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.





www.555-1212.com Free, telephone directory searches. AT&T now charges $1.99 per number.

www.yellow.pages.com DITTO

www.whitepages.com DITTO Can do excellent reverse searches.

www.anywho.com DITTO

www.bigfoot.com DITTO Very fast. data from many sources.

people.yahoo.com DITTO found Peggy. Huge Yahoo database.

www.infospace.com has reverse lookup. Updated 4 times a year.

infoUSA.aol.com/navyspies/tips.html DITTO More sophisticated at finding peole. Voting registrations,US Postal Service,last school attended. military records.

http://www.211.com Phone and address information.

www.inter800.com 800 number directory.




www.pagoo.com Software based telephone answering while you are on a modem connection.

www.buzme.com DITTO DITTO

www.callwave.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.quickbase.com/db/bam6rdieya=q&qid=5 Getting past automated telephone voice mail systems.




www.ftc.gov/marketsense Straight forward info-links on this GOV site.

www.xonsumeraction.org/Library/English/PubsTelephone_en.html Annual long distance pricing survey. Thorough, user firendly site. Also Web phones info.

www.trac.org Web links, online tools, 5 phone company's compares long-distance rates, Nine FREE directory (information) sites.

//10-10phonerates.com Compares 10-10 phone rates & supplies info numbers. Use with grain f salt.

www.wirelessadvisor.com Advice about which cell phone or cell phone service is best for YOUR needs.

www.phonescoop.com Cell phone specs and user reviews to help you pick the right one.

www.letstalk.com Compares cellphones and cell phone service.

www.capsulecare.com Capsule Communications web site (my long distance service).

http://signalconnections.com All about anything to do with communications. Free e-mail, rates, low cost phone, etc.






www.mightywords.com Has 100's of works available from $2.00 up. Books sent in Adobe's Portable document Format (.PDF). You must have Acrobat reader software available as a free download from adobe at::www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

For a $1.00 a month storage charge, any author can upload works to the site, set your own price and receive half the royalties from any sale.

( Now wouldn't this be an excellent replacement for the BBS so that up and coming programmers could get something back while polishing their skills!)

//publishing.about.com/library/bl_howtos.htm This is a business site for writers: How to obtain a copyright, ISDN or EAN number, How to evaluate publishers and much, much more.

http://www.copyright.gov/register/ Copyright information. Copyright Alternatives.

http://www.lib.unc.edu/instruct/infoethics/alternatives/ DITTO


www.onlineoriginals.com A British publisher (.uk is NOT in the address). Anything in the "WORKS" catagory has been edited; anything in the "OO Direct" has not been. Royalties are split equally and can be read on a Palm organizer.

http://www.digitalbookindex.com/ Digital Book Index.

www.ebooknet.com Many articles on e-book publishing and reading technology.

//onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/ 15,000+ online books on almost all subjects (not the best sellers, of course), but you can do research from home.2www.sfwa.org Official Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website. Read open source, and tryout fiction.

www.writersdigest.com/guidelines/ Writers business advice & help.

www.glassbook.com Here you can download a free e-book reader. And once you have a reader, you can obtain e-books from www.Amazon.com and www.barnesand noble.com.

http://www.gutenberg.net Official Gutenberg site for free ebooks.

//promo.net/pg The OFFICIAL Project Gutenberg site. Free e-books.

http://www.centralweb.co.uk/Links/Books.html Links to many free ebooks and toher reference material.

http:////techbooksforfree.com FREE tech books on computers, computer languages, Operating Systems, science and engineering and more.

www.softbook.com Sells books (soft cover type), magazines and newspapers.




www.washingtonpost.com Between the Washington Post and the New York Times they both have this country well covered.

www.MyCNN.com Ditto Ditto.

www.cnn.fyi.com For your information site.

www.CNN.com Ditto DITTO extra good on foreign news.

http://www.newsaic.com Dirdct news stories, legal and toherwise on your computer.

www.forbes.com/bow/b2c/main.jhtml Forbes magazine site. This URL gives reviews & best/woprst about URL's in any number of catagories in a very WIDE rangeing database and wide variety of subjects.

www.ipl.com/reading/news International Public Library. All the worlds newspapers on the web, not necessarily in English. Very thorough.

www.bbc.co.uk The BBC site, very thorough.

www.bbc.co.uk/radio To access BBC radio shows. News & more.

www.pbs.com To get to Public Broadcasting Stations www.latimes.com Ditto LA Times Ditto

www,NYTimes.com Ditto NY Times Ditto Very thorough.

http://www.NYTimes.com/Ref/technology/cybertimes-Navagator.html HUGE reference source.

http://www.newseum.org Museum of News. Read 200 front pages of newspapers from 27 countries. Archives back to US civil war.

http://www.abuzz.com A New York Times experts site. You can ask these volunteer experts for info on any subject.

www.pathfinder.com Time Magazine web site.

www.wnnetwork.com World News Network. News site with huge amount of info for all parts of the world including a picture library. You can do a hell of a lot of reserach here.

www.canada.com A lot like JUNO's home page, but about Canadian subject matter. A news site.

www.allyoucanread.com/index.asp Magazine/newspaper search site and for subscriptions. Search by article.

www.sfgate.com SF Chronicle and a listing of what's happening in the Bay Area,

sundaychronicle@sfchronicle.com e-mail for Sunday Chronicle.

www.bayinsider.com DITTO DITTO

www.bayarea.com DITTO DITTO

www.fark.com Unuseual, weird news stories, images, etc. Very Interesting.

www.drudgereport.com 106 . alone to all sorts of columnists:gossip, political, financial & more. Nummerous links to news papers around the world, Villiage Voice to the Jerusalem Post.

www.nbci.cpm Ditto Ditto

www.abc6.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.alternet.org Finds all sorts of magazine articles to read.

www.nbci.co,/quickvlick reference tool.brutal.com Collects really weird but true stories from around the world from TV and newspapers.

www.cardhouse.com An eccletic site that gets you into alternative newspapersand self published 'zines.There are thousands of links.

www.digitalronin.f2s.com/politicalcompass/index.html This site has a political orientation self test to find out if your are liberal/ conservative. I scored one below horizontal line and 3 right of verticle line.

www.el.com Essential Links. Links you to many sites for quick info. You will have to click through three ads, but if you don't know where to start first, this is the place to start. Weather, TV listings, stocks, etc.

www.kuro5hin.org Commentaray site for tech geeks on computers and other esoteeric subjects. Comments from all over the world.

www.desktopnews.com News in various catagory's to your desktop with streaming banners if you wish.

http://Reader.rocketinfo.com/desktop RSS newsreader or news feed.

http://www.completerss.com RSS Search Engine & Feeds.Lots of links. And other info.

http://www.btbot.com Bit Torrent search engine.

http://www.torrenttyphoon.com DITTO

http://www.feedster.com RSS info feeder and RSS feeder.

http://www.Fastbuzz.com DITTO-FREE signup. And they'll watch for you.





www.emazing.com Newsletters on every subject. Cooking, religieon, woodworking, car tips, web, windows, download of the day, etc.

www.thisistrue.com True and often funny short stories (500words)

www.heroicstories.com True stories of heroic deeds.

www.lockergnome.com Chris Pirillo's newsletter site. Great!!

http://help.lockergnome.com FORUM site: Hardware,software, etc. Thorough! Activation ID#46286087.

www.Chris.Pirillo.com Chris' web log site (BLOG), a place where you can sound off. And let your thoughts out.

www.gnomedownloads.com Freeware/shareware download site Chris Pirillo

www.langa.com Fred Langa's free newsletter. Very good and useful.

www.maxpatch.com DITTO Very, very similar to Langa.

http://www.maxpatch.com/edpick.html Editors pick for best freeware.

www.straightdope.com/index.html Cecil Adams newsletter "Worlds smartest Human Being" "Fightiing Ignoranxe Since 1973" A FREE, interesting news letter that entertains.

http://www.xtort.net/faves.php Complete freeware recomendations.




www.amazon.com These three charged exactly the same on best sellers

http://www.searchbox.org/books.htm To find books such as auto repair manuals.

http://www.thecheapestlink.com DITTO

http://www.repairmanuals.com/automobiles/ DITTO

http://www.researchbuzz.org/archives/001404.shtml DITTO

http://autorepairs.about.com/library/abl_timing_belt DITTO

www.barnesandnoble.com to the penny. Amazon charges $4.95 S&H for as many books as you want.

www.edwardrhamilton.com Hamilton charges $3.00 for as

many as you want (no slaes tax). BarnesN charges $3.00 S&H plus $.99 per item plus sales tax. Hamilton was cheaper on books that have been around for a while.

www.borders.com Another bookseller.

www.ecampus.com This outfit sells/specializes in textbooks.

www.alibris.com This outfit sells/specializes in hard to find books.

http://www.anybook.com Aids in finding any book.

www.abebooks.com out of print/hard to find. A network of independent booksellers all over the world. If they can't find it, who can. (Advanced Book Exchange).

www.addall.com Will compare prices at 41 online bookstores.

www.netlibrary.com Specialized booksellers. Very poor search engine.

www.alldirect.com Discount book sales.

www.allbooks4less.com DITTO 3 for 2 offer.

www.half.com Books, music, movies & games. And they allow you to sell your own books online. they take a 15^ commission.

www.powells.com Used, new & out of print.

www.bamm.com Also, as www.booksamillion.com

www.1bookstreet.com Up to 80& off.

eee.A1books.com Making books affordable.

www.isbn.nu/ You can get ISBN numbers and find booksellers that have it.ISBN SEARCH.

www.bibliobooks.com Excellent source for contacting USED booksellers all over the world. Be sure to check all entries for your book as prices can vary widely.

www.buybooks.com This appears to be the BEST site for new books, 40% off which beats everybody else.

www.areyougame.com Sells, finds, new & used games of all types.

www.nytimes.com/books/home?welcome NY Times book reviews, Jan.1st, 1996 to date.

http://www.bookreview.com As it says. Read reviews on almost any book.

www.concordance.com Great Books: Texts & fully searchable concordances.





freegraphics.com Free graphics, clip art, wall paper, fonts and free CD's. (Pay $5.00 S&H.).

http://www.searchfreefonts.com TONS of free fonts here.

http://www.byfonts.com/free Free fonts available here.

http://www.fontconnection.com/ Font Connection: A nice place to get free fonts.

http://www.apostrophiclub.com Lots of free fonts.

http://www.houseoflime.com More free fonts and dingbats.

www.fontface.com FREE TTF fonts of all types, font of the day, etc.

//fonts.tom7.com FREE TTF fonts here.

http://www.fontfreak.com FREE fonts amd shareware related to graphics workand desktop publishing including websites.

www.clipart.com Has at least 15 links to free clipart, graphics, web graphics, photos, etc. Huge quantity.

www.top20free.com Many links to free fonts sites.

www.abstractfonts.com/fonts Many links to free fonts sites.

www.extremefonts.com Lots more free fonts. Unique way to display them.

http://www.fontfoundry.com DITTO, free

http://1001freefonts.com DITTO

http://www.fontparadise.com DITTO

http://www.gimmefonts.com Has 8,000+ free fonts.

http://www.fontbucket.com Some free fonts

http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ Identify a font from a local (located on your computer), or web based image. (You could take a screenshot of a webpage to produce an image.)

http://fontlab.com NO free fonts, but other utils and info.

http://www.swpi.edu.cn/netservice/fonts/fonts-a.htm Tons of fonts. Many are free.

http://www.identifonts.com Helps you identify fonts you'vwe seen in a magazine or other source.

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;259319> Word 2000 Fonts Information and Troubleshooting and lots more info.





www.americanlegalnet.com Read Federal and State Appelate decisions, Obtain court forms, local statutes.

www.westlaw.com DITTO

www.powerofattorney.com lawyer profiles and briefs on upcoming shows.

www.ChillingEffects.org CA law students will help you if you receive a 'cease & desist' order, FAQ's and they will review paperwork.

www.findforms.com FREE legal forms.

//ClassactionAmerica.com FREE info on all on-going class action lawsuits

www.courtinfo.ca.gov All sorts of California small claims info.




www.estart.com Another Free Internet access site.

www.netzero.com ditto ditto.

http://www.fastmail.fm Basic service is free. With LOW paid one time per year charge more featues are added. $40.00 per year and you can have a web site hosted.

www.all-free-isp.com List free internet access sites by ZIP codes. (7 in San Francisco), compares featues and gives truthfull statistics. sponsered by American Express so they tend to favor their own. Free ISP

www.all-free-samples.com Free samples for home, business, health, etc.

www.northernlight.com Offers multiple FREE e-mail addresses with different domain names. Capability to search Northern Lights business data base, or the WWW. I tried www and found over 3,700 sites for what I was looking for. An excellent search engine and FAST! www.flair.com is the e-mail site.

http://www.godaddy.us Cheap domain name registry. They created the .us country name.

www.everyone.net Free e-mail site with your own free personalized domain name (not a web site).

http://www.0hosts,com/cheap-hosts.php Lists FREE & cheap web site hosts. Over 500 listings around the world.

www.sneakermail.com Supposed to forward e-mail from a disposable/throwaway e-mail name. I couldn't find this in this site.

anon.isp.ee Anonymous e-Mail 4 Free e-mail forwarder.

www.replay.com/remailer/anon.html DITTO DITTO L.L.P. remailer.

www.anonymizer.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.mailinator.com/mailinator/welcome.do Create your own free, secure email address. Send an email to: youremail@mailinator. Not sure if it is er or or. Both were on the site where I got this.

http://www.pookmail.com DITTO. Does the same thing. Throw-away email address.

http://www.mailkeater.com DITTO Does the same think. Throw-away email address.

http://dodgeit.com Obtain a Read only (receive) throw away email address.

http://trashmail.net False email return address to avoid spam. You can even adjust it for the number of replies (20) or time limit up to 6 months.

http://www.yousendit.com/ Attachment forwarder up to 1 Hig.

http://photos.yousendit.com DITTO for photos.

http://www.aunty-spam.com The final word about spam (everything you've wanted to know.

http://sharpmail.co.uk/html/index.cgi To send anonymous email (insulting, complaining,etc.) with images and to pick up answers. Can't be traced back to you, but don't do anything illegal.

http://www.spamgourmet.com Obtain a dummy, email forwarding email address that conceals your identity and forwards email to your real email address all while protecting your real identity..

http://www.spamhole.com DITTO secure email address forwards to your real email address for 72 hours.

www.domainname.com For registering web site names.

//domain.dantobias.com Site that answers all sorts of questions on domain names.

www.won.nl/dsp/usr/mvketel/Internet/emoticon.html FREE chart of e-mail or chat room emoticons (little figures intended to be viewed with your head tilted left and providing quick expression.

www.bigmailbox.com FREE net based, read from anywhere, free (mostly) e-mail. POP3 bassed.

www.e-mailanywhere.com DITTO Get POP3 (only) anywhere in the world.

www.tpc.int/tpc_home.html For sending FAXes via internet & using recipients local phone Company. Remote Printiing Service. FREE. Send FAX's FREE of long distance costs.

http://www.expita.com/nomime.html Common sense tutorial on email.

http://www.expita.com/ More interesting things about email on the main site.

http://freemailguide.com free email links, but be careful.

http://www.fepg.net/providers.html A website for finding FREE email suppliers.

http://www.tipmonkies.com/ Here you can find links to 16 free disposable email sites. Enter 'Disposable e-mail" in the search box.

http://www.space.net.au/~thomas/quickbrowse.html This site links to 11 gree, anonymous browser links.

www.UltimateEmail.com Free e-mail

www.hushmail.com DITTO with encryption

www.wildid.com DITTO DITTO

www.opera.com Free web browser

www.coolemail.com Another free e-mail site, and it lets you access it from ANY other computer in the world.

www.bogfoot.com Can set up an e-mail address that will automaatically forward your e-mail to your new address.

www.mail.yahoo.com DITTO look under options & mail management.FHE

www.internet.com/sections/lists.html Free e-mail providers and free ISP's

My IP address through JUNO (ISP) is

www.bombdiggity.com/shrapnel/morris.html FREE e-mail site. This is a very fancy NET web site (POP3) to get e-mail from anywhere you are.

www.t-mail.com Will translate your e-mails into various European languages for free. Just type in 'Your language-their language@T-mail.com' in the CC section and it will be done automatically.

www.fastmail.com FREE e-mail account, but lots of ads.

www.hotpop.com/index.jsp DITTO

www.internet-tips.net FAQ's/tutorials on anything related to the internet. Use keyword searcher.

http://www.maxpatch.com/resource5.html A TON of e-mail related freeware, anti-spam, etc.

http://www.sparkingwire.com More anti-spam info.

http://www.removeyou.com Lots of info on stopping spam.

http://www.myway.com/index.jsp FREE e-mail and pop-up and banner free home page that I customize to MY tastes,

http://www.info32.com Very similar to myway. But with many more links, search engines, catagories, etc.

http://www.4u2,ail.com Free e-mail on the web.

http://www.emailaddresses.com/email_pop.htm List of free e-mail sites.

http://www.nitesecurity.com/newdesign/free-email.shtm FREE ALIAS site to obtain an alias address to forward your email to your true address.

http://www.jetable.org (or .com)For free, disposable email address alias that forwards to your regular email address. The alias address is good for no more than 8 days. French site.

http://www.didgeit.com Go to dodgeit.com and obtain a fake, free, temporary, short life email address for when someone wants your email address so that they can send you more stuff that you don't want.Sign up as 'yourname'@dodgeit.com and then recieve the confirmation email address there.

http://www.sneakemail.com DITTO, but but this works for web pages by obfusticating your real email address.

http://www.commonplace.net/email all you could possibly want to know about free email.

http://www.incredimail.com An email add-on that allows you to add emoticons, hand written signatures, animation, gallery pictures, ecads, sounds and more to your emails. This is asoftware program that is either free or there is a one time charge of $49.95 to get the full version with all the features.

http://www.rawimages.org/images/ FREE emoticons, thousands of them, both fixed and animatedf from all over the world.

http://www.timecave.com/timecave/about.jsp Use this to send yourself emails to remind you of anniversaries, appointments, reminders, or whatever else you want to be reminded of, etc.

http://www.dropload.com A relay service for transfering large data files via email Gets around the usual 1 Mb. attachment restriction. for files 1 Mb. up to 50 Mb. in size.




Software for controlling pop-up windows and advertising is becoming

more and more popular on the web. There are plenty of choices for

this software, and many of them are free. The problem is figuring out

which one is best for you, and I can't help you with that. One of my

more computer literate readers strongly recommends Proxomitron but

admits that it takes a lot of technical know how to set it up correctly.

Frankly I don't have the know-how to review or rate all the choices but

I can at least list a few of the available free choices. Here's the list.

http://www.guidescope.com/home/ POPUP STOPPING PRG's.

http://www.webwasher.com/ DITTO

http://www.proxomitron.org/ DITTO

http://www.ranish.com/zero/ DITTO

http://ranfo.com/popki.html DITTO

http://www.privoxy.org/ DITTO

http://www.bysoft.se/sureshot/stopthepop/index.html DITTO

http://www.winguardpro.com/download.htm (AdRage-free version)

http://www.southbaypc.com/NoAds/ DITTO

http://members.tripod.com/~jrich/index2.html (KillPops) DITTO

http://www.panicware.com/popupstopper.html DITTO

http://www.iomagic.org/fsc/ (KillAd) DITTO

http://www.naviscope.com/ DITTO

http://www.kolumbus.fi/eero.muhonen/FS/mail/ DITTO

http://www.popupbuster.com/PopUpBuster/ DITTO

http://www.popupcheck.com Checks your system online to see how resistant to popups it is.




Pop-ups and banner ads are things we can all do without.

I keep a running list of applications/solutions on the topic.

Here's the latest update.


Pop Up Stopper and Ad Killer for file sharing apps..


AdKiller Daemon.


AKiller. http://sourceforge.net/projects/akiller/

EMS Free Surfer mk II.


Popup Manager. http://www.endpopups.com/

Guidescope. http://www.guidescope.com/

IE Kill. http://www.codefoot.com/software/iekill/

Kana PopCloser (listed on this page, along with

many other interesting apps).


KillAd. http://www.iomagic.org/fsc/killad.htm

John's Kill Pops.


MagicKillah. http://www.magickillah.nl/

NoAds. http://www.southbaypc.com/NoAds/

Pop This. http://www.mathies.com/popthis/

PopDown. http://kcotter.netfirms.com/popdown.htm

Similar name but not the same app. Pop-Down.


PopOops. http://www.gasanov.net/PopOops.htm

Popup preventer. http://www.myminer.com/popuppreventer.htm

PopUpBuster. http://www.popupbuster.com/PopUpBuster/

Panicware's costless version.


12Ghosts. http://www.12ghosts.com/ghosts/popup.htm

Hitware Popup Killer Lite.


PopupPopper. http://www.bayden.com/popper/



Randy's PopKi. http://ranfo.com/popki.html

Popup Eraser. http://www.webknacks.com/popuperaser.htm

Window Shades.



These apps are probably a little more complicated to use.






The first three browsers listed on my recently updated freeware

favorites page all have the ability to block pop-ups.



If you use Internet Explorer, and you're a google fan as well

then it's hard to beat the google tool bar for controlling pop-ups.

http://toolbar.google.com/ (I used it myself until I switched to



Given a solution to pop-ups, you might want to take a shot

at those flashing banner ads which we all love to hate.




http://www.everythingisnt.com/hosts.html (easiest





www.sfwireless.net S.F. Wireless Club/help for connection.

www.baywug.org Bay Area Wireless User Group DITTO

www.vpizza.org/mailman/listinfo/sfwbb Jim Meehan's mailing list.

www.lns.com/house/aboutpozer.html Tim Pozer's site. DITTO.

Building Wireless Community Networks (book) by Rob Flickenger, O'Reilly Books, 2002. More info

//maps.bawug.org Community Network Node Database: A list of places where people have set up open wireless access points; use these maps to find out hwere to go to log on to the internet for free. This only involves bnadwidth sharing (i.e. that part of bandwirdth that they are not using. supposed to be 20 times faster than a 56k modem). Uses legal, non-registerable 802.11b FCC rule network. Known as WiFi or WiKi

www/fhome.com Site of the FutureHome Guild which specializes in wiring up home networks. You can get info on this here.

www.freenetworks.org Broadbased info site on WiFi, forums, etc.

http://alpha.fdu.edu/~kanoksri/IEEE80211b.html Very detailed info on WiFi from 2001,

http://woody.archive.org/nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi This site brings up a map of FREE WiFi sites in SF run by SFLan *They will put one on yur roof for $1,000., but you can tap into someone else's for free.)

http://www.jiwire.com Tons of info on WiFi including a site finder by ZIP code.

http://intel.com/unwore DITTO

http://intel.jiwire.com Intel's info and site finder site. DITTO.

http://www.wi-fihotspotlist.com Find Wi-Fi sites.

http://www.ezgoal.com/hotspots/ DITTO

http://www.wifi411.com/search/index.php DITTO

http://www.wifinder.com/index.php DITTO

http://www.boingo.com/search.html DITTO

http://www.wififreespot.com DITTO

http://www.wi-fizone.org/zoneFinder.asp?TID=7 DITTO

http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0;1759;1275535;00.asp A DIY tutorial on getting a WiFi system to work correctly.




www.fs.fed.us/ The home page for the U.S. Forest Service.

www2.fpl.fs.us/ The home page for the Forest Service species identification laboratory in Madison. WI. Lots of info in this field.

http://foia.fbi.gov/alpha.htm FBI files through Freedom of Information Act.

www.caiso.com/SystemStatus.html California's ISO energy home page & statistics on current operations.

www.pge.com DITTO for local power company.

www.nasa.gov Beautiful space photo's

http://antwrp.qsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/0011/earthlights_dmsp_big.jpg A composite picture of all sides of the earth taken at night from the sp[ace station. You can see what cities are lit up and which are not. North Korea for example.

//oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/pictures.html (sic) Downloadable Hubble space telescope images in JPEG format.

www.nationalgeographic.com more beautiful photo's

www.roadsideamewrica.com Quirky, very special interest museum's.

www.scorecard.org Rates pollution in your area by ZIP code.


www.luxuryfinder.com As it says. To find luxury, high priced gifts.




www.zing.com For dealing with digital pictures. Free storage of your pictures. Free arrangement of your pictures in albums. Free sharing of your albums from a databank. Upload and share pictures with your family. Interaction with other members through e-mail, discussion, tech experts, and album guest book. Create gifts, order prints and send magazine.

www.gatherround.com Ditto Ditto.

www.shutterfly.com Offers a 100 copies of your negative

www.ClubPhoto.com Same general stuff.

www.clarkcolor.com/authenticate.asp?pl= (your ID #) To see/save your digital images as developed by clark from 35mm film.

http://www.dpreview.com/ Digital camera reviews and information.

http://www.megapixel.net/ DITTO

http://www.pcphotoreview.com/ DITTO

http://www.dpreview.com DITTO

http://www.hanes2u.com/myfree/htsmlite/sales.htm HANES FREE software for making T-shirts.

http://www.diynet.com/DIY/article/0,2058,3389,00.html DITTO

http://www.diynet.com/DIY/article/0,2058,1192,00.html DITTO

http://www.diehippiedie.com/screwball/diyshirt.html DITTO

Digital photos are inexpensive. Printing paper is expensive.

http://www.jgraff.addr.com/printpix.htm Easy Jpeg Printer saves paper.

http://www.netoffices.com/articles/software/iomegaphoto.htm Another alternative is Iomega Photo Printer.

http://atlantic.photoisland.com/photosharing/pprinterLE.html Yet another alternative is PhotoPrinter, but it's a large program.

www.colorcombo.com Checks all sorts of color combinations to see if they go well together before installing them in your web page.

www.Ofoto.com Get 8 x 10's prints of your favorites.

www.photopoint.com DITTO

www.dcresource.com Extensive digital camera reviews

www.all-digital-links.com DITTO DITTO

www.cnet.com/electronics/0,10000,0-1629008,00.html DITTO

www.zdnet.com/special/filters/sc/camera DITTO

//kodak.com/US/en/digital/dlc DITTO for Kodak cameras/other info

www.shortvources.com Free technical books on digital cameras/Nikon

http://www.digitalsauces.com Lots of info on digital cameras, reviews, etc.

www.steves-digicams.com Lots of essential info on digital.

www.andromeda.com/people/ddyer/photo/albums.html 44 FREE commericial sites to catalog your images.

www.cnet.com/electronics/0-1629008-7-4139141.html Digital frames to display your pictures.

http://www.worth1000.com/galleries.asp Interestiung digital image collections.

www.zdnet.com/special/stories/sc/camera/domore/0,12027,2627345,00.html DITTO.

www.pricegrabber.com Get good prices on digital camera memory cards and other computer/electronic stuff.

http://www.techbargains.com Relatively cheap computer stuff, hardware, etc.

www.mediachance.com Free digital imaging software. 'AutoEnhancer'

http://www.mediachance.com/digicam/index.html All FREE digital camera apps.

www.cyberiapc.com/pst/index.htm Free Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

http://www.bmath.net/dc/index.html Some free PhotoShop plug-ins.

http://www.wwug.com/forums/adobe_photoshop/index.htm Adobe Photoshop: World Wide Users Group.

http://www.bmath.net/dc/index.html Some free PhotoShop plug-ins.

http://photoshop.msk.ru/as/index.html Free Photoshop masks for altering images

http://www.cyberiapc.com/pst/index.htm A nice collection of Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

http://www.ab.wakwak.com/~knight/ Pixia has been mentioned several times in this publication. It's a graphic artists editor with many nice features, developed by Isao Maruoka.

http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA023468/filter_e.html Those of you who have downloaded Pixia might find these free plug-ins to be useful tools.

http://homepage2.nifty.com/%7Emaru_tacmi/base_e.html Whether or not you're a Pixia user, you might like these icons, made with Pixia.

Digital camera reviews and/or information.




























www.biography.com Web site of A&E's biography TV show. Search engine and data bank of biography's of celebrities, polititians, historical persons, etc. Enter month/day of birth and find out who shares same birthday.Learn about upcoming programs.

www.starbuzz.cpm Lists official & fan creaed sites for 2,000 celebrities.



www.Celebhoo.com Celebrities e-mail addresses,gossip, birthdays.



www.historychannel.com Web site of the History Channel. Find out what happened on your birthday. Learn about upcoming programs.

www.besthistorysites.net 700 links to barious history sites. THE palce to go for history.


www.outback.com A web site to find the locations of any of the Australian Outback restaurant chain. And free e-mail, games. etc.




www.napster.com For downloading tracks from the internet.

www.MP3.com Ditto Ditto

www.listen.com Ditto Ditto

www.Winamp.com Ditto Ditto, and for a free music software player, free storage and free radio from all over the U.S.

http://www.publicradiofan.com DITTO DITTO

www.scour.com Ditto Ditto

www.scourexchange.com Ditto DITTO download music

www.gnutella.com DITTO DITTO

www.angrycoffee.com Ditto Ditto

www.audiofind.com A quality MP3 search engine.

http://www.rz-frankfurt.de/~pesch/ Lots of tools for handling MP3 files.

www.farmclub.com vote for up and coming new bands

www.MP3hardware.com info on latest hardware.

www.MP3lit.com spoken word recordings.

www.dailywav.com Downloadable sound bites, STARWARS, for example which you can integrate into your system.

www.mp3.com MP3 music

www.mp3now.com MP3 Ditto don't know details

www.edonkey2000.com Another site for downloading music, movies, TV shows & pictures.

http://entropy.ezpublishing.com DITTO

www.winamp.com music, DITTO

www.sonique.com music DITTO

www.zipaudio.com music DITTO

www.listen.com Music site for beginners.

www.thisdayinmusic.com Enter a date (such as your birthdate) and find out what was popular then. Database.

www.cnet.download.com Reports on downloading music sites.

//forms.real.com/real/player/blackjack.html Site to find older versions of RealPlayer that will work on your system and they are FREE.

www.BearShare.com Downloading site with rising popularity.

www.LimeWire.com DITTO DITTO

www.galaxy.com DITTO

www.Morpheus.com DITTO

www.Bodetella.com DITTO

www.KaZaA.com DITTO Downloadable audio PRG.

www.AudiogalaxySatellite.com DITTO MP3 version

www.Napigator.com DITTO

www.FileNavigator.com DITTOm\, though less popular.

www.WinMX.com ditto ditto


www.Aimster.com Ditto Ditto

www.Gnutellanews.com News first, then on line.

www.gracenote.com The largest music database on line.

www.cheap-cds.com Supposedly, 91% of their CD's are under $12.

www.CDNOW.com Same company, DITTO.

www.emusic.com/subscription/index.html Get trial offer of up to 50 FREE MP3 downloads in 14 days. Rock, Jazz, Classical & more. Artists get paid: Not a Rip Off Site.

http://www.buzzmachines.com/ Buzz is the first ever "easy to use" free modular software based synthesizer.

www.dws.org/sousa Dallas Wind Sympony site. You can download FREE Sousa marches here in MP3 format. One per month and he wrote about 100.

www.audioactive.com Lots of useful audio tools software/utils. More.

www.MP3now.com Another MP3 site.

www.MP3.lycos.com MP3 search.

www.entropy.ezpublishing.com Searching.

http://2look4.com Searchimg MP3.

//hem.spray.se/joakim.shettengren FREE audio/video file type converters. Converts between various types. More. HUGE, offers tech help in converting. WIN/DOS freeware.

http://www.castledangerous.com/sets.html 8 sets of bagpipe music in MP3 format to download for free.

http://audio.search.yahoo.com Search Yahoo's huge music databse. Enter title and see how many artists recorded any particular song and then buy at 99 cents per track.



www.3DCrossword.com 3D Crossword puzzle game.



www.getcustom.com A site that will custom make things for you: Cookies with your picture on them; shirts or bicycles made to your exactly supplied measurements, etc.




www.thirdage.com A site with all sorts of things for senior citizens.

www.cando.com A site for health things for the disabled and for seniors.

www.wiser.heinz.org Heinz Foundations site on retirement for women 55 or older.

//benefitscheckup.org A place for seniors to check and make sure that they are getting all the benefits that they are entitled too.

http://www.seniorsomething.com A reference site for all things senior. A good place to start and it si very broad based. You can find it here.

http://www.simplythebest.net A large archive of useful stuff.




www.yucky.com A site with all sorts of things for kids 12 and under.

www.PathwaytoDarkness.com Seriously weird, even by Hollywood standards.

www.neopets.com Create your own virtual pet. They don't have to be either walked or fed. Never any trouble. discuss your virtual pet with other virtual pet owners.

www.ezboard.com A teen and pre-teen bulletin board that can get very raunchy.

www.ewsonline.com DITTO DITTO

www.sepulchritude.com It's hard to describe this site but the word weird helps. A Goth site for young people.

www.yack.com Search engine and guide for live web events and chat rooms for those under 25.

www.DIESEL.COM Ditto Ditto


www.salon.com A magazine type site. It has an excellent up-to-date foreign currency converter among other things. All sorts of different things.


www.webbyawards.com Now this is a REALLY useful site. A Webby is like the Oscar except it is awarded for good websites. You can click on anything from 1997 thorough 2000 to find the names of the nominees and winners in 27 different catagories of websites.




//ecardview.hallmark.com FREE e=cards:XMAS,birthdays,etc.

http://care2.com/send/categories FREE ecards with an environmental bent/theme.

www.americangreetings.com Some still free; most for members.

http://www.airlines.net Free e-cards using over 300,000 images of all sorts of aircraft.

www.ishouldbeworking.com/cards.htm Nice FREE e-cards, plus stuff for goof offs, and other work related things.

www.houseochicks.com Free e-cards, and a site for helping women's sexual interests, vulva dolls, register for Vulva University and more.

www.blab.com Free e-cards that also include free movies and/or your own digital images.

www.cardsalive.com DITTO DITTO

www.screengreetings.com DITTO DITTO

www.bluemountainart.com DITTO DITTO

www.greetings-for-all.com Music, animation, many wallpaper and images databases make this a truely comprehensive e-card site.

www.all-yours.com DITTO DITTO

www.sparks.com A rather simple free e-card site.

www.stupidanimals.freeserve,co.uk FREE e-cards using ugly animals and also has galleries of various ugly animals.

www.cardwish.com Another free ecard site.

http://www.beatgreets.com/ Beatgreets: Musical e-cards. Heavyily into Pop Music.

http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/ Animated Dilbert cartoon FREE ecards with sound.

http://www.prariefrontier.com/pfcards FREE ecards.

http://www.flyyy.com More FRE ecards.





www.jardmail.co.uk A Treasure Trove of British e-mail humor.

http://www.humorsphere.com Jokes lists, including all ethnic humor types, funny images and other jokes. Good!

http://oarofy.organique.com Parody's of well known magazine ads from famous companies.

www.rinkworks.com/dialect Great site. Type in (or cut/paste in) a joke and see it translated into various dialects.

www.rinkworks.com/stupid/ On left, link to "Computer Stupid" for some great, and true, computer humor.

http://www.kooi.com/bozo Stupid criminals or Darwin types described here.

http://www.engrish.com Engrish as she is mangled in Japan.

http://www.newsmax.com/liners.shtml Leno, Letterman, Conan one liner monolugues from last nights shows. Use these highly paid writers to write your material for you.

http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html ALL talk show guest lienups revealed. Just check their calendar.

www.twistedhumor.com Audio joke site (requires sound card.)

www.satirewire.com Re-writes conventional, topical news stories in a satirical way. Very, very good.

www.humorist.com Kind of a weird, alternative newspaper relating to Jerry Springers magazine "J".

www.toonopedia.com Extensive info on all types of cartoons.

www.cartoonbank.com Free e-cards using The New Yorker cartoon databank.

www.politicalcartoons.com Over 60 newspaper political cartoonists contribute their work (American, Canadian & from around he world).

http://www.bcdb.com Largest searchable data base of cartoons.

http://members.tripod.com/~AshaM More Humorous e-mail

www.BL.net/forwards DITTO

www.katmafarm.com/formletter.html Mark's Apology Note Generator. Creates very funny notes of apology and there is a section for woman, too.

//go.to/puns FAQ's, history, types, samples, Spoonerisms and everything else you wanted to know about puns. EVERYTHING, believe me!

//alt.humor.puns The USENET news groups site for puns.

www.urban75.com/Mag/bubble.html Run mouse across it. Perpetual bubble pack.

www.computerputty.com Animation site. Requires QuickTime.

www.bertc.com VERY good site, pictures and words, Sniglets (Words not in dictionary, but should be), Top 16 Mensa pickup lines.

www.funnytimes.com A monthly cartoon, cartoon archives and 'not so funny column'. And more. They want to sell subscriptions but there is a lot for free.

//home.nycap.rr.com/useless Odd, but true stories about the unusual, funny conversation pieces.

http://www.getoffended.com T-shirts, bumper stickers for sale, as well as free jokes, and also the GLOSSARY of Perversions. You can be easily offended here.

http://funnypicoftheday.com As it says.

http://www.315pine.com/SOTD/Search-of-the-day.htm All sorts of jokes, quotes, pictures, photo's, poems and much more. Worth a return visit.

http://www.totallyofftherecord.com True stories from the workplace indexed by job.

http://www.consumptionjunction.com Jokes,images, stories, archives all updated daily.

http://doorknobsigns.sohounion.com 2,800 funny signs of the type that you would hang on the door knob of a closed door including hotel doors.

http://www.humorsearch.com Search for humor or funny images by catagory. Also offers humor toolbar.

http://www.comedy.com True and made up funny emails, questions, etc. received by IT techs.

http://www.www.browsertune.com/flanga/hotspots.htm Funny weird and unusual web sites revealed one per day and archive is available.

http://buzzwordometer.com Searches your text to see how many buzz words you are using.

http://www.dubyaspeak.com/best.shtml Shows how our leader G.W.Bush mangles the English language.

http://www.electric-chicken.co.uk Womens innermost thoughts.

http://www.craigslist.org/about/best Best of Craings List personal postings from all over the US.

http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/top_ten/ David Letterman's Top Ten and Top Ten Archive.

http://www.funnybox.com Lots o f humor, jokes, etc.

http://improb.com Ig Noble Research: what were they thinking. Absurd science.

http://www.mindlessfun.com Jokes, images, movies and other fun stuff archive and newsletter.




www.usdoj.gov/marshals US Goc. auctions of seized property.

www.IRS/gov/ get correct URL for auctions

www.amazon.com Another wide selling site, principaly for books. Web searching is better. Auction available. Only one listing for Gourmet magazines, No Volvo parts.

www.strongnumbers.com To compareable price check just about anything. Including EBay prices on used goods.

www.biddersedge.com DITTO DITTO at commercial business auctions.

www.myEZsale.com Handles details for EBay sales for a 6% fee. Drop off.

www.half.com Post a CD's UPC number, set price & shipping method. Costs 5-15%. Also sells, new, used and refurbushed goods at half off.

www.stealitback.com/oh.htm This site sells recovered/confisticated items from police facilities. Run like EBay with same rules, approxemately. Proceeds benefit children of police officers killed in the line of duty.

http://naveed.digitalrice.com/software.php --Data is stored as an XML file, which you can view like an ordinary web page and track from other locations. Auctions.

http://consymerwebwatch.com For checking up on and sharing warnings about web auction fraud.

http://www.webcredibility.org Organizaation for discussing web fraud, cheats, etc.



www.wal-mart.com Another poor shopping site with poor search engine. I checked 10 items. The rest were other brands of camcorders, VCR's, etc. The nearest Wal-Mart to me is in San Leandro.

http://samsclub.com WalMart source for mail order.

www.bluelight.com Super Kmart's web site.

www.tiffany.com The famous jewellry store with online registry.

www.overstock.com Buys up inventories of failed dotcom's, and then resells much cheaper.

www.comparenet.com A not very good shop for anything site.

www.smartbargains.com DITTO DITTO

www.looksmart.com Another shopping site.

www.fogdog.com Athletes sports toy store, ALL sports.

www.checks.com Get your checks printed. Sloppy.

www.worldbestbuy.com Another shopping site, all items and with a very good currency converter.

www.cyberrebate.com Another shopping site that offers rebates.

www.snap.com Another, NBC run shopping site.

www.the-gadgeteer.com Reviews of gadgets for sale, like things sold by Sharper Image and Mammeker-Schlemmer. All sorts of gadget info.

http://www.aislebyaisle.com Makes shopping list sorted by your supermarkets aisles.

http://www.naughtycodes.com When on an internet shopping site, this program will find applicable discount coupon codes.

http://www.geicoprivileges.com Discounts, travel, 6 Flags, tools, etc.through GEICO Insurance.




www.imoneynet.com A Quick and dirty way to comparison shop, auto loan rates, credit card rates, home loan rates and money market fund rates & CD rates.

www.HSH.com Finds good mortgage loan raes.

www.creditcardmenu.com Compares credit card company's features and rates by what you specify

www.cardweb.com DITTO DITTO

www.C2it.com FREE service that allows you to e-transfer funds if you are a member, or transfer/exchange money internationaly (for fee), both senfing and receiving.

www.FreeCreditReport.com As it says. But I am suspicous of it: It's principal function might just be to build up a database for the purpose of sending SPAM.





www.target.com ecclectic shopping sites.

www.bluelight.com DITTO DITTO

www.jcpenney.com DITTO DITTO

www.sears.com DITTO DITTO

www.walmart.com Ditto DITTO

www.saleshound.com Sign up and they will e-mail you when broad catagory comes up. (i.e. you want mouthwash and you sign up under health & beauty, you will get many e-mail ads with no mention of mouthwash. BAAD! Instead, type in 'mouthwash' and hit go and you will find out where it's on sale within 25 miles by ZIP code, and you can keep doing this with your shopping list each time before you go out and thus set up an itinerary. MUCH BETTER!

http://www.ioffer.com/eWanted.do Place FREE want ads for virtually anything. 792698860 reg.#.

http://froogle.com Google's shopping site. Uses Google search engine. Just type in keyword and price range (not working yet) and it will get you there.

http://www.googlealerts.com Sign up for free account and enter keywords and Google will email you when new info comes in.

http://local.google.com For finding things/goods that are close by.

www.DealCatcher.com Alerts you to special discounts being offered, supplies code number for same. From many sales sources.

www.dealnews.com DITTO DITTO

www.pricegrabber.com DITTO DITTO Shopping info, price compaarison and bargain searches. Give it a try.

http://www.pricingcentral.com Links to various price comparison searchers. (Price Search Engines).

http://www.nahh.com HUGE list of links.




www.egghead.com For computer hardware & software

www.ecost.com Ditto Ditto

www.buy.com Ditto Ditto

www.hardwarestreet.com Ditto Ditto

www4.tomshardware.com/index.html Not only discounted hardware sales, but extensive reviews/comparisons for tech minded people. Very detailed.

www.cyberrebate.com Offers computer equipment with rebates. Be careful.

www,rebateplace.com Database for rebates on computer stuff by model number.

www.ebates.com REbates. Check further.

http://www.newegg.com Cheap computer parts.

http://www.MoreStuff4Less.com Discounted hardware ^ software.

http://OfficeMax.com Mainly office supplies and each Sundays paper offers many free after rebate items.

http://www.compUSAauctions.com refurbushed comnputer and other electronic sutff.

http://www.AbleShopper.com discounted computer stuff.

http://www.currentcodes.com This site finds current coupon codes for additional discounts on any item.

http://www.tigerdirect.com Direct sales, closeouts, over stocks, remainders, etc. for computers and electronic stuff. Prices seem great but they won't have everything.

www.recycleus.com Half price inkjet cartridges and refills.

www.plainprice.com Discount computer stuff.

www.ABTElectronics.com Ditto Ditto

www.meritline.com CHEAP computer media, memory, CPU's, ink/toner, assessories and hardware.

http://www.computergeeks.com CHEAP computer parts, memory,drives, motherboards,etc.

www.clickthebutton.com Find something on sale on the web and instantly find who else is offering the same model and for how much. Quick price checks.

www.pricescan.com Intensive selection of all types of merchandise, with heavy emphasis on computers and electronics. Price comparisons.

http://www.streetprices.com DITTO, but specializing in all things electronic.

http://www.batgains101.com lowest, best price shopping site. Really low prices.

http://www.nextag.com Bargain shopping comparison site.

http://www.bottomdollar.com So-So Shoppinf site, nothing special.

http://www.shopzilla.com DITTO DITTO

www.800.com Electronics e-store like Circuit City

www.panasonic.cpm/video Panasonic info.

www.crc.org Computer Recycling Center for cheap computer

components & software.

www.tolvanen.com/eraser Free software to total wipe out your data files.

www.cnet.com Electronic sales

http://explorer.msn.com Free download of MS Explorer.

www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid Brings up page, then insert FCC ID number and find out name and address of maker of electronics, plug in catds, motherboards, VCR's, aviation radio's, etc., etc.

www.landings.com Huge database of aviation articles or anything else related to aviation, look owner/address by serial number or N number.

http://www.nauticom.net/www/harts/airforce.html Reminiscences & remembering.

http://www.airlines.net Over 300,000 images of all sorts of aircraft, civilian & military, all years, very broad-based. Databasse is searchable. Very extensive and worth a return visit.

www.dfrc.nasa.gov/gallery/photo/index.html Dreyden Flight Research Center photo gallery of all the test airplanes that have flown there.

www.ec.kingston.com/ecom/kepler/mfrmod_Bod.asp info on memory and recommends by computer model. RAM selection page.

www.crucial.com Find out & order what type of RAM is right for you. Has drop boxes to select proper motherboard. Has RAM search engine to find the proper RAM for your particular motherboard.

//processorfinder.intel.com/scripts/list.asp?ProcFam=483 Gives complete and detailed info on Intel CPU chips so that you can correctly match the right CPU chip to your motherboard. Pentium P4 processor specs finder.

http://processlibrary.com Tells you what is running on your PC.

www.larrysworld.com/broadband.htm info about high speed service options, DSL,etc.

http://www.broadbandreports.com All about ISP's, connections in this Enewsletter, ISP locatorand rateor by ZIP.

http://www.dskreports.com Broadband info, FAQ's & more.

www.freeware32.com A shopping site in spite of its name. Has popups & many links.

www.computersurplusoutlet.com As the name suggests, huge discounts on overstocks, leftovers, closeouts, etc.


www.mobshop.com A shopping site for people who are willing to buy in bulk with their friends.

www.BizRate.com Ditto Ditto


www.ProductReviewNet.com Obtain more reliable product reviews. They claim that there site was listed as one of the ten most popuular. I found it cumbersome.

www.dcresource.com Reviews of digital cameras. Very thorough.

www10.activebuyersguide.com Search for electronic equipment recommendations by specs that you input. From 'Appliances to Sports/Recreation'. Very thorough.

www.MySimon.com A great shopping site with a CHOICE of good prices. And will find things offered on EBay for you.

www.MyGeek.com A companion site in which you ask for a specific product and they solicite their affiliates to find it without spaming you with things you do not want. AFILIATED WITH MySimon.

http://www.geek.com A broadbased shopping site.




www.alldata.com/recall/make Complete recall/TSB (tech Service Bulletins) info.

http://www.ifigure/com/living/auto/safety.htm All sorts of linnks to car info: recalls, TSB's, EPA mileage, death rates by model, etc.

http://www.highwaysafety.org Insurance Institute of Hifhway Safety (iihs( has lots of info on car model safety raes, safety rates of carious drivers, their crash tests, etc.

http://www.state-lemon-law.org Info on each state's lemon law.

http://www.cardetectives.com/lemon-help.html Where to go to find out if your car has been envolved in a lemon law recall.

www.alldata.com/diy/handshake.html DIY info. Essentially a yearly subscription to the overhaul manual at $14.95 per year.

//mypolicy.geico.com/index.jsp GEICO policy bill pay site. Also has Edmunds new car pricing.

www.subaru,com Subaru web site.

www.subaruclub.com Subaru owners club

www.subaruparts.com A dealer who discounts Subaru factory parts by 19%.

www.smothers.com HUGE mail order parts place. Good prices.

www.chryslerparts,ccm DITTO DITTO Chrysler parts discounter.

http://www.thepartsbin.com For Colt Vista/Mitsubishi parts)

http://www.Mitsubishi-auto-parts-store.com DITTO

www.importedparts.com/Subaru_parts.htm Good discounted prices.

www.forparts.com Another parts source to be checked out.

www.olyonline.com DITTO DITTO (onlyonline)

www.autoparts.com DITTO DITTO

www.AutoBarn.com DITTO DITTO

www.ThePartsBin.com DITTO DITTO

www.zsmart.com/importpartsbin DITTO

www.bpmsport.com Subaru performance parts.

www.TheTireRack.com DITTO For tires.

www.radiator.com DITTO For radiators. (exspensive)

http://www.discountradiator.com Best price on radiators. Use Google/advanced search/'car radiator' in 'exact phrase' to get there. (cheap)

www.surrealmirage.com/subaru/subaru.html I've been told that this site has good info on Subaru engine & transmission codes.

www.rebuilt-auto-engines.com/cgi-bin/web.cgi/faq.html Sells rebuilt engines. Says Subaru engines should not be rebult because of thin metal that leaves no room for machining, and also overheated engines which can't be rebuilt.

www.car-parts.com USA wide junker used parts network. VERY expensive & listed with most exspensive parts prices first. Exellent search engine.

www.carsurvey.com Nitpicking reviews/complaints research available here.

http://www.carsurvey.org Over 53k owner supplied evaluations, complaints criticism & praise for all makes of cars world wide. This is a GREAT and extremely useful site. A favorite.

www.hemmings.com Catalog of used cars and used car PARTS. Well known source.

http://www.thomasregister.com/home.aspx DIY source for obtaining one click access to the email address's of corporations to obtain info, quotes, FAQ's answered, etc.

//members.aol.com/nv1z/miles300000.html Service info on cars driven more than 300,000 miles. find out what the problem areas are.

//hometown.aol.com/nv1z/Subaruhi.html Ditto for Subaru's

www.carparts.com A non-discount source for car parts. POOR. Tied to JC Whitney.

//autorepair.about.com/library/abl_timing_belt_index.htm This URL leads directly to 5 charts that will tell you if your engine is a non-intereference engine or interference type. You will need to know make, type, displacement in liters and whether it is single or double overhead cam. THIS SITE ALSO HAS LOTS OF other DIY info on auto repair.

www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/autos/usedcar.htm US Government Federal Trade Commission site.

www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/links.shtml Links to 150 public amd private sites including Car Talk. And, of course, government fuel economy figures.

www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/findacar.htm Gas mileage compared on 1985 cars and newer. Do side by side comparissons, make, model, class.etc.

www.nhtsa.gov/cars/testing/ncap Car traffic safety ratings.

www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/recalls.recmmy1.cfm Fed Recall info.

www.nhtsa.gov/cars/problems Find out about recalls by make/model. Also, learn crash test results, TSB's (Technical Safety Bulletins), Safety bulletins, consumer complaints as well as recalls. A ton of info here. US Department of Transportation site.

http://www.carsafety.org Learn about crash test results on eaarlier cars.

http://www.crashtest.com Crash test results.

http://www.hwysafety.org/vehicleratings Ditto. Also deaths per 100,00 makes.

http://members.tripod.com/aiki_joe/i_hate_kia Learn how a relatively large group of people can hate a particular make of car with a passion so great that you can visualize steam coming out of their ears.

http://www.alldata.com/recalls/index.html Recalls and TSB's (Tchnical Service Bulletins) listed by year, make and model. Soome free & rest by subscription.

www.nhtsa.gov/cars/problems/studies/inscost Find out about repair costs or damage repair costs.

www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/ccbg/ccbg.htm California's site to find out if 1995 or newer models meet even stricter SMOG standards than are now currently in effect.

www.leavingcal.com Site to find info on better places to live other than California.

www.hwysafety.org/vehicle_ratings.ratings.htm crashworthnyness standards 1992 to date.

www.crashtest.com/default.htm Crash test data/ratings on various cars.

www.vehix.com To reserach a new car purchase, and obtain other reference info and specs. Also used cars. Excellent research section.l

www.traderonline.com Auto Trader Online, Used cars.

www.carsmart.com New car info.

www.smartcarguide.com Car buying process info. Walks you through the whole thing.

www.cartalk.com Web site of the CarTalk radio talk show, The Tappit Bros.

http://www.imakenews.com/autospies/ Does not accept dealer/maker ads. A place to go to find out real problems and get the truth.

//cartalk.cars.com/survey/results/demographics/comments/GL-1985.html The URL to read readers comments on specific year, make and models of cars according to your choice. In this example, this URL will get you comments on the 1985 Subaru GL model.

//caradvisor.cars.com A spin off of CarTalk. Advises about recalls/repairs for your particular make/model.

www.cartrackers.com/Forums Same as CarTalk/survey. Listen to all the bitching/complaining.

http://www.cars.com/go/crp/index.jsp Research, stats, puff piece reviews on all makes/models of cars.

http://www.cars.com/news/recalls/recalls.jhtml Recall info on qll makes/models of cars.

www.carjunky.com Forums & Message boards on various cars.

www.cartipsandmore.com DITTO

www.thecarconnection.com DITTO

www.autovantage.com New car info.

www.intellichoice.com Primerily to sell cars for dealers. Howevcer, it does have a lot of useful info on new and used, recalls, specs, safety tests, pricing guide (Retail quote was higher than kbb, and the wholesale quote was lower). Worth checking out.

http://www.consumerguide.com Excellent reference source for cars: Reviews, specs, photos, reliability ratings. Should be checked first.

www.autoweb.com Ditto Obtain specifications, prices, etc. Poor quality. New cars.

http://carreview.com Very similar to autoweb.

http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive Very simkilar to autoweb.

www.carsdirect.com New cars very detailed. Highly recommended by Forbes.

http://my.juno.com/s/ch?ch=autos JUNO's car buying/selling and much more site.

www.MSNcarpoint.com MS's car site Lots of detail but is very cluttered. Has lots of specs and other info.

www.autoadvantage.com DITTO poor quality

www.autobytel.com DITTO DITTO

www.carpoint.com DITTO DITTO

www.autonation.com Lots of specs & inventory.

www.autoconnect.com Used car info.

www.autotrader.com DITTO For many used cars by ZIP. Vast majority are dealers cars, works like EBay notors, ads run until car sells.

www.autonation.com DITTO

www.cars.com DITTO

www.excite.com/classifieds DITTO

www.carplace.com Very honest and objective reviews.

www.recycler.com used cars including wrecks/parts cars classified listings. Parts and other catagories.

www.kbb.com Kelly Blue Book, as above. For price quotes. Excellent. Dealers selling price, or private sale. New or used.

www.nada.org inside info on dealer rebates, etc. helps with negotiations when buying a car. Also airplanes and boats prices.

National Automobile Dealers Association.

www.nadaguides.com Like Kelly BB. Prices quoted are 15-25% lower than KBB.

www.silentway.com/links/consumer.html All sorts of auto links: manuals, pricing, recalls. info, etc.

www.jdpower.com/cc/auto/index.jsp Look up various statistics by year, make & model. They publish the vehicle dependability study report. Lexus is the most dependible.

http://www.jdpa.com Home page for above.

http://www.jdpower.com/corporate-home.asp For VDS *dependibility study) Click on Corporate at left, then click the study under SPOTLIGHT.

www.edmunds.com Ditto Good for used cars. Ditto Good.n Price quotes are ONLY 51% of same kbb quote.

www.negotiationdynamics.com MUST READ for car buyers. It's about negotiation with dealers and how not to be taken advantage of.

www.carfax.com If you are buying a used car and you suspect that it might be flood damaged you can go to this site and input the cars VIN number to check it out. Also, SMOG inspections.Paid service.

http://gasbuddy.com Find lowest gas prices by area link.

www.pricehive.com Cheap gas listed by ZIP code.

www.gaspricewatch.com DITTO DITTO And also home heating oil prices. Put cursor over clock dial to find out how recent the quote is. Look under weather for "anythingweather" for lat/Longitude.

www.usps.gov is cumbersome for finding out non-local ZIP codes, but it does provide latitude/longitude info for calculating distances.

//zip.langenberg.com/#top Is very easy to use to find non-local ZIP codes.

//decoder.americom.com/cgi-bin/decoder.cgi Enter area codes and find out where they are.

www.premeris.com DITTO

www.sfcarshare.org This outfit offers cars cheaper than a rental. You can join if your driving record is good. Costs $300. refundable deposit,once accepted, then pick up car at one of 5 lots around S.F. after reserving it, then pay $2.50/hour up to a 24 hour max of 10 hours, plus 45 cents per mile, gas and insurance included. This is run by City Car Share, a non profit .org using new VW Beetles. 995-8588.

cartalk.cars.com The Tappit Brothers web site for repair info.

www.caranddriver.com Car and Driver Magazine web site.

www.insweb.com All sorts of insurance web site.

www.carpoint.msn.com/Gallery MSN's video gallery for looking at new cars.

www.bankrate.com Car financing

www.aol.com/webcenters/autos/newcars.adp AOL's Database for NEW cars

www.aol.com/webcenters/autos/usedcars.adp DITTO USED cars.

www.carpoint.msn.com MS Network's New car hub.

www.autoconnect.com USED car hub.

www.autobytell.com NEW car HUB. Grade "B" overall.

www.carpoint.msn.com DITTO "A".

www.autoweb.com DITTO "B".

www.carsmart.com DITTO "B-".

www.aurovantage.com DITTO "C".

www.silentway.com/links/consumer.html HUGE number of links to suto stuff. Recalls, new/used, manuals source & other products, financial, jobs, and lots more.

www.gsaauction.gov For Federal governemnt sale of vehicles. Double click regional sales, then click region 9 (CA).

http://www.autoauctiobs.gsa.gov DITTO, and more coomprehensive.

http://www.ACAuction.com/search.htm Alemeda county car auction site, search for the car of your choice.

catalog@acauction.com Request e-catalog on Thursday night before the auction.

www.junk-yard-hotline.com Used part hotline. Get bids from many/buy cheapest.

www.used-car-parts-exchange.com DITTO

http://www.parkingticket.com Fight your parking ticket or pay it online.

http://www.automotive-links.com HUGE quantity of links relating to anything automotive. Parts, manufacturers sites, etc. Broadbased.

http://www.dealertricks.com Thoroughly explains all the conniving tricks used by new car dealers and tells you how to protect yourself.

http://www.charityfrogs.com List of donate a car to charity sites.

http://snipurl.com/qss2 Obtain current INVOICE (not list) PRICE for any new xcar. You have to give name, address, email and phone number, ZIP code and more so expect to be called by a sales man.




//forums.vmag.com/suvsubaru0200 For Forester/Outback owners. go to the home page for much more. Same, and also try 0199

www.cars101.com/subaru_links.htnl More than a 100 links for things Subaru. A must visit.

www.gartland.com/subaru A really great forum for Subaru stuff.

//server2.ezboard.com/bultimatesubarumessageboards DITTO

//pub1.ezboard.com/fultimatesubarumessageboards For older Subaru's.


General discussion of older model Subaru's.

//pub1.ezboard.com/fultimatesubarumessageboardssfrm7 Older Subaru archive.

www.ultimatesubaru.net Tons of info here. At right top, check out 'Repair Manual' and also 'good links' and 'more good links'.

//computerhelp.proboard11.com A must register computer forum group with HUGE amount of popups. But, going here may lead to a solution of a computer problem. And many other subjects such as h cooking, etc.

www.techzonez.com/forums/ A well run forum for computer help. Get answers here.

http://www.smartercomputing.com Forum for all sorts of computer HELP.

http://www.karldavis.com Forums on all sorts of diversified subjects. A place to ask for hard to find drivers.

http://www.karlsforums.com/forums DITTO Get all sorts of computer hardware questions answered.

http://www.freepint.com/bar Forum for getting computer problems solved.

http://d1.dir.scd.yahoo.com/computer_and_internet/technical_guides_and_support As it says. A forum for solving computer problems.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/seekandsearchers DITTO forum for solving computer problems.

http://www.windows-help.net DITTO Computer problem solving. Win2k or back to 3.1 or DOS as well as XP.

http://www.doslife.com The place to go for old DOS info, software or help.

http://www.winoscentral.com/windows2000/ Help and more for Win2k and other OS's.

http://www.computing.net DITTO DITTO

http://freewarelinkempire.imboring.com Links for 1000_ freeware sites.




www.thistothat.com How to glue anything to anything.

http://www.plans.the3house.com DYI website for free woodworking plans. Based on the pictures that I've seen, some of the stuff is really nice.

http://www.woodshoptips.com/tips/index.ht, All sorts of woodworking tips for DIY types.




Google Groups has taken over USENET & DejaNews.

wwp.ICQ.com Web site related to chat, instant messaging and more (address:sic).




www.fsf.com Free Software Files web site. (Did not open when I tried it).




www.spyonit.com tracks/notifies you when something you've input turns up on a web site.

www.peacefire.org/tracerlock DITTO DITTO

www.refdesk.com The reference Desk 24 essential sources in one.

http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/div/subject/ Extensive list of material and sources. Very, very good.

http://www.highbeam.com/librry/index.asp HUGE reference site.

http://www.DMOZ.org Great & HUGE reference site.

http://alltell.net/berrett/favoritesites.html Extensive reference page.

http://www.bartleby.com Outstanding literary reference source: reference, verse, fiction & non-fiction. Dictionary & more. It's all here.

http://www.synonym.com/synonym/ Find synonums & antonyms.

http://www.ipl.org Internet public library reference.

http://www.physlink.com/reference/index.cfm Anything scientific related to chemistry, physics, astronomy & math. Huge resource.

http://www.maxpatch.com/online.html Online reference section links.

http://www.fieldsofknowledge.com/infography.html Broadbased reference for scholars and librarians. Sophisticated.

www.motionnet.com Comprehensive. calculator, translator, units convberter, particularly for engineering/scientific. DITTO

http://www.efunda.com/home.cfm All sorts of technical stuff for engineers: calculators; stress; periodic table; math; reference work.

www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook ALL you could possibly want to know about other countries.

www.cia.gov/index.html home page for the CIA.

www.infoplease.com Knowledge Search engine.

www.crossref.org Central resource for reference linking.

www.answerprint.org/ database,web library.

www.myacademiconlyhomepage.com MORE THAN 5,100 reference links on ALL subjects. Truly astonishing.

http://www.geocities.com/theskillspool/bookmarks.html A collection of extremely useful web sites, very ecclectic.

http://www.yourfreedirectory.com DITTO

//members.aol.com/jbjtutor/olhelp2w.htm#newspaper DITTO DITTO. HUGE.

www.onmybirthday.com Tells of who was born, who died and what significant events occured on your birthday.

www.fleamarketguide.com Locaes flea markets all over US.

http://www.paara.org Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association Foothill Flea Market dates will be posted here at the end of february.650-233-0843.

//html.ulib.csuohio.edu/tutorial/tech.html Great beginners tutorial on setting up a web page.

www.cwru.edu/help/introHTML/toc.html Another HTML tutorial site.

//cluster2.claritas.com/YAWYL/Default.wjsp?System=WL This is a site that will tell you what marketers (people who want to sell you something) think about the neighborhood of the ZIP code you live in. Great for investigating a potentionally new neighborhood.

//dhkbookmarks.home.attbi.com/main.html This site belongs to a guy who likes to collect tons of links and then likes to post them on his web site so that others can use them. A good place to start when looking for something. Huge amount of links to many search engines & phone books.

www.oanda.com/converter/classic 140+ country currency rate converter.

www.dictionaries.travlang.com Dictionaries and travel aids for 80 languages.(Nag screens).

www.m-w.com Dictionary & Thesaurus by Merriman-Webster. Click on speaker icon for audio promouncing function.

http://www,answers.com Dictionary with audio pronouncing function.

click speaker icon.

http://www.thefreedictionary.com DITTO

http://(????).dict.die.net Will find the word indicated by (????(. ust type the word you want in its place.

http://manacle.pitas.com Multi-language dictionary, crossword, and a lot more of everything related to wordsw, there origins, etc.

http://www.americandialect.org Awards prizes for the best new words of the year in various catagory's.

http://www.visualthesaurus.com/index.jsp As it says. A thesaurus that should be in your favorites even though it is a slow loader (3+minutes). Gives definitions and words origins.

www.spellcheck.net Hot key tupe of spell checker.

http://www.maxqnz.com/References.html More than a 100 dictionaries and word references, particularly australian & New Zealand. Very comprehensive.

www.yourdictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus, even better than M-W.

Has endangered languages section and shows how to write your name in hierpglyphics or Chinese.. 300 dictionarys, including foreign and 100 course links.

http://www.searchlanguage.com Many, many translation dictionary's.

http://qqq.voycabulary.com/p.cgi Click on word on web page and be linked to it or get definition. also translates foreign wordsd and not just to-from the major European languages but also the more obscure ones such as Dutch or Croatian.

http://www.travlang.com Foreign word of the day and other foreign languae dictionary's.

http://onelook.com Search engine for dictionaries in different languages.

http://www.onelook.com/reverse-dixtionary.shtml Enter a word, phrase or thought and this PRG will find words that fit the concept. Goes way beyond a thesaurus.

www.dict.org Online dictionary.

http://www.thesaurus.com Online dictionary and thesaurus.

http://www.dictionary.com Exactly the same site as above. DITTO.

www.alcodasoftware.com/downloads-dict.htm All sorts of spelling dictionaries in many languages such as British, American and Aussie English, Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal), Czech, German, French, Scandanavian, and many more. FREE downloads.

www.onelok.com Searches 500 dictionaries at once. Nag screens.

www.voycabulary.com Stays in background once loaded and defines word you click on. (Text to Hyperlink).

//world.altavista.com Babelfish is the 8 language tanslator and it will translate web pages also (crudely).

http://www.changedetection.com/monitor.html Sign up with this site, enter a URL that you are interested in and they will email when it is changed. (i.e. added somethig new).

http://www.watchthatpage.com DITTO DITTO

www.factmonster.com encyclolpedia/homework helper/Almlanac. Lots of raw data. Mainly for kids.

http://1911encyclopedia.org HUGE online, FREE encyclopedia.

http://www.opentopia.com Huge, searchable encyclopedia that is cross-referenced.

www.wikipedia.com Comprehensive encyclopedia w/search engine.

www.InfoPlease.com Related sites DITTO

www.firstgov.gov Online search tool for US government web sites.

www.archive.gov NARA National Archives & Recorxs Administration: Where government documents/records are kept. Has searcher.

//libraries.ucsd.edu/refshelf/refshelf-bio.html Biographical data of all kinds.

www.indo.com/distance Calculates great circle distances by latitude/longitude.

www.diynet.vom Broadbased do it yourself site, their experts will answer your questions and it is connected with the DIY radio program.

www.convert-it.com Quick Units Converts between diffrent measurement systems.

http://www.ehow.com/home/home.jsp DIY type of home info site. 15k of step by step how to do its.

http://www.888moneypit.com DIY & home improvement info. FREE newsletter.

http://www.improvenet.com/projecttools/index.html FREE estimators & project calculators.

http://www.kk.org/cooltools A great site with a searchable archive for all sorts of useful tools.

http://www.tutorialfind.com/tutorials Tutorials on ANY sunject w/searcher.

http://www.homeexpo.com DIY site to supply what you need. Huge database.

//doityourself.com More DIY sites

www.handymanwire.com DITTO

www.hometime.com DITTO

www.Irvinghome.com DITTO

www.robotics.com/chair Ultimate Computer Chair.

www.repairclinic.com DIY large appliance repair info and parts for same.

www.imdb.com Internet Movie Database Movie reviews,plot summeries,cast info incliding TV.


http://xe.net/currency Universal Currency Converter. Huge. OR

http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi SAME: DITTO

http://pac-info.com Access tons of public records databses.

www.panaga.com/clocks/clocks.htm Everything you always wanted to know about clocks.Time, time between dates, counters, VERY thorough and extensive. Use control "F" to find something specific..

http://www.timeanddate.com/counters/NewYear.html DITTO ALL sorts of calendars, timers, clocks, counters and anything else related to time.

www.allmusic.com Artist,song,title, album, style and recording label Database. Very comprehensive.

www.allwords.com language,crossword puzzle solver when you are stumped and also translates into Dutch, French. Italian, German and Spanish.

www.langtolang.com Translates foeign words to/from English. Quick, simple and easily.

http://translationz.paralink.com Translation between languages site.

www.everyrule.com Research the rules for any game.

www.guinnessworldrecords.com Research the more obscure world records.

tycho.usno.navy.mil/what.html Super accurate clock the updates with every reload. Has calculator for sidereal time.

http://sfpl.org a Enter my library card number; Select PROQUEST; use check boxs for the databases you want to check the click Continue. You can click on the "I" to the left of the boxes for more info on each database including a complete title list. San Francisco Public Library site.

http://sfpl.lib.ca.us For San Francisco Public Library catalog searches.

Library book sales 2st Friday of every month, 11am to 2pm. Also, fort Mason Center building "A": 4/21-22; 6/9-10 and 11/2-4th; 10-6pm.

www.FuckedCompany.com Lists, discusses and makes fun of failed dot coms.

www.sil.si.edu Smithsonian Institution Library, it's 20th. Look up phone numbers, ZIP codes and currency conversions, and MUCH, MUCH more.

www.britannica,com Free encyclopedia & search.

www.eb.com Same

www.m~w.com/dictionary.mtm WWWebsters Dictionary

www.infoplease.com Things like what are found in an almanac. And fact search engine. biographies, what happened on this date list. Very extensive.

www.thesaurus.com Roget's Thesaurus.

www.researchpaper.com Suggests subject for students term paper, writers tips * tricks, writers composition tips, "Ask eLibrary" button to find relevent articles, World's largest collection of topics.

www.writers-free-reference.com Huge, comprehensive reference site.

www.bartleby.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.factcheck.org Checks claimed facts in political statements and exposes those things that are NOT gfacts.

www.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/strunk Elements of Style

www.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/barlett Barlett's Quotations, 100 years old.


http://www.idiomsite.com Lists idions and there origins. Idioms are, in effect, a language within a language usually known only to native speakers

http://idiomatic.com DITTO

www.loc.gov U.S. Library of congress Home Page.

http://lii.org Librarians Index to the Internet Tons of reference links.

http://myclicker.com Mu;ti-link list of useful linnks. HUGE!

www.yil.com/url Links to all sites mentioned in Yahoo Internet Magazine.

www.yil.com/essentials Sites that Yahoo thinks should be bookmarked

www.yil.com/filters/loc/masterlist.html Index of back issues Yahoo Internet Life

http://babelfish.altavista.com English, Spanish, German, French, Portugese translator.

www.paralink.com Instant Messages translator, foreign word dictionary, English to foreign text translator. More.

www.terraserver.microsoft.com Satellite photo's by latitude/longitude. Now with Urban (color), Aerial and Topo & give Lat/Long. Poor quality. Also find homes offered by ZIP code w/price.

www.eplans.com Find o plans according to your specs: square footage, # of garage's, style, etc.

www.smallblueprinter.com/ver5.html An online, simple floor plan drafting CAD program. Simple, crude layouts w/printing.

www.ebuild.com Find house construction materials by manufacturer, category, type, style, function, etc.

http://reservations.amtrak.com Members save 60% one way. 3.5 days to NYC.

http://www.askthebuilder.com Radio show that offers answers to contruction and repair problems and questions on houses.




www.aphorismsgalore.com A search engine for aphorisms/quotes. Try Yogi Berra.

http://www.worldofquotes.com A quotes search engine by author, subject.

www.flags.com World, state, local, naval flags and country facts displayed.

//flagspot.net/flags Flags of the world.

www.bhglive.com Better Homes & Gardens encyclopedia of home repair site and for other info.

www.westerntool.com Post Tool's catalog site for contractors.

www.servicemagic.com recommends approved sub-contractors. But more important, you can use their reference/resource library for home repair.

www.doityourself.com Broad based quick info on home repair and just about anything else.

www.factsfacts.com/MyHomeRepair DIY home repair info.

www.pbs.org/wgbh/thisoldhouse PBS station has archive & search and lots of other info.

www.homegain.com/client Find a real estate agent. Get neighborhood comparable sales. Submitted request. Awaiting results.

http://www.hud.gov/homes/homesforsale.cfm Links to ALL government owned real estate that's for sale.

http://www.zillow.com Real estate Appraisels. Free real estate valuation srvice by ZIP code. It will take sales and add an area nmarkup and still be undervalued but remarkably close for all the houses in the neighborhood. Also provides aerial photo of your area.

http://www.RealEstateABC.com DITTO And will do the same as zillow only better and with more accuracy.

http://www.sfgate.com/homesales If you know the date of title closing you can find out what any home sold for in the Bay Area using info taken from the public record starting with May 1st, 2003 to date. For real estate appraisal purposes.

http://www.ziprealty.com Discount real estate agents in SF.

www.paintquality.com Industry's site. Helpfull site, but don't expect them to say anything negative between various brands/types of paint.

www.libraryspot.com Enormous database, wide ranging and if it can't find what you want it will transfer you to another link.

http://www.hotsheet.com Ton of practical, list of links for your life in many catagories.

//dir.yahoo.com/reference quick answers, try here.

//nist.time.gov Find accurate time to 6/10th s of a second and obtain free software to link to atomic clock. Useful to ping JUNO so that they don't shurt me down.

www.worldtimeserver.com/atomic-clock Get FREE PC clock reset from atomic clock.

http://www.world-calendar.com As it says. A calendar that covers four major religions, and most country's and shows their holidays.

http://www.timecalendar.com Scheduling calendar.

www.earth.com/calendar Answers to calendar questions of all sorts.

www.eaglewindows.com FREE wall calendar, a good one.

www.usps.gov/ncsc/lookups/lookups.html Find ZIP codes, postal rates. Official USA site.

www.postalrates.info Postal rates, time, currency conversion, weather, etc. are just some of the things found in this broad-based reference source for the WORLD.

www.m-w.com Dictionary, onine theasaurus, audio pronunciation,spelliing errors bring out near misses.

www.rhymezone.com Finds a needed ryhming word.

www.digitaldutch.com/unitconverter Converts area, volume, lengths between English/Metric.

www.about.com General info on numberous subjects from real people.

//answers.google.com/answers/main Googles PAID research facility run by a Human being. In Beta testing.

www.searchshots.com Online search tool

www.searchwho.com DITTO

www.researchville.com/index.asp DITTO META-searcher

www.findarticles.com/PI/index.jhtml DITTO Finds articles as recent as 6 months old on any subject.

www.inquiremail.com DITTO

www.surfwax.com DITTO

www.teoma.com DITTO

www.cogitum,.com DITTO

www.firststopwebsearch.com DITTO

www.picsearch.com DITTO

www.pandia.com DITTO

www.searchebooks.com DITTO




http://www.diaaryland.org Keep a free public or protected private diary.

http://www.livejournal.com DITTO DITTO, and use it to find people with similar interests using the searcher. A lot like finding SIG's (Special Interest Groups).

http://www.blogger.com DITTO DITTO




www.nclnet.org/essentials/privacy.html E-ssentials offers info on how to keep your personal info private, password security, e-mail privacy, cookies and how to interpret a web sites privacy policy.

www.epic.org More or less DITTO.

http://www.microsoft.com/security/guidance/tools/default.mspx MS BASELINE SECURITY ANALYSER. Make sure you have an internet connection before running as there is additional stuff to download

www.ftc.gov/provacy/index.html Federal Trade commission site, DITTO.

http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/tcpa.html Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls.

www.spamfree.org Organization specific to fighting spam.

www.SamSpade.org Traces originators of spam. All sorts of URL searches. All sorts of web site technical info.

www.spamlaws.com Detailed info from other states and other countries about their laws in regards to spam.

www.spamlaws.com/state/summary.html DITTO, but a summary only.

www.cauce.org/about/resources/shtml About spam,related web sites, surveys, op-in e-mail, internet newsgroups.

www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/doznairt.html Dirty dozen of the worst scams on the web.

www.breakthechain.org Organization to stop the sending of chain letters.

www.nocards.com How supermarkets use your card info to follow your buying habits.

www.oxid.it Offers the freeware password finder called Cain & Abel.

http://tinyurl.com/60u7 83 items on password recovery tools (freeware,etc.)

www.antitelemarketer.com A funny and help site about tormenting your tormentors.

www.eff.org Resource page is worth reading.

www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/edcams/kidzprivacy/index.html A site set up for kids to visit on their level.

www.kidsprivacy.org For parents to visit to protect their kids.

http://grc.com/default.htm Go here and use free prg (Shields Up)to check your security. If an open folder has a hand on it, that means that it is available for file sharing. Lot's more from Gibson Research. Port checkers,ad blockers, server protectors, screen blankers, visit site again to see.

http://dslreports.com Another FREE security checking site like Shields Up. TYPING this URL: "file.//c:/" will bring up all files on my hard drive.

http://www.dslreports.com/faq/security Your DSL questions answered.

http://www.vulnerabilities.org Another FREE security checker that is slower that might time out, but is good. Second grade quality.

http://www.hackerwhacker.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.securityspace.com/smysecure DITTO DITTO

http://www.it-sec.de/vulchke.html DITTO DITTO

http://www.auditmypc.com Checks your firewall security, scans ports, via an online security check, reading library w/links & privacy check.

www.mikeshardware.com/report_hacked.html To find out how to (click) turn off FILE SHARING.

http://www.uksecurityonline.com/husdg/windowsxp/wxpp2.php Broadbased site on all facits of computer security. Lots of info.

//netsecurity.about.com/mbody.htm Info to pick a firewall.

http://www.pcflank.com/scanner1s.htm FREE firewall testor and diagnostic and other info. Win 98 PC my port is

www-new.the-cloak.com/anonymous-surfing-home.html This site allows you to surf the net anonymously and stores cookiew on its site which you can then delete.

http://www.spamotomy.com Dedicated to fighting SPAM. Evaluates various anti spam softwares. Lots of info, and you can contribute your thoughts.

http://www.wilders.org/free_tools.htm The best site for freeware firewalls, anti-spam, anti-trojan and anti spyware software.

http://100-downloads.com/ 100 best freeware downloads.

http://falcon21.h3nt.com/index.????? Last part unknown. Site deals with PC security.





Phone numbers to use after discovering identity theft to straighten out your credit:


Equifax 1-800-525-6285

Experian 1-888-397-3742 formerly TRW

Trans Union 1-800-680-7289

Social Security 1-800-269-6271

www.identitytheft.org A very helpful site for this problem.

http://www.cardcops.com Visit here and enter your credit card number to see if there is a problem with it, or if it is compromised.

www.flimflam.com discusses/finds out about all types of fraud.

www.scambusters.com DITTO DITTO ,hoaxes, real or fake viruses, urban legends, etc., Free newsletter alerts.





http://vil.nai.com/vil/default.asp McAfee's Virus Information Library

http://vil.nai.com/virusSummary.asp? virus=????? (????? equals virus number of the virus you're inquiering about).

http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/ McAfee quick cleaner for the most recent and notorious viruses, trojans and worms. Currently there are 38 virus's. Upgrade frequently.

http://HoaxBusters,ciac.org CSTC= Computer IncidentAdvisory Capabilityof the Computer Technology Center. They debunk hoaxes.

www.vmyths.com outstanding site to learn about malicious virus hoaxes, joke hoaxes, urban legends and more, etc.

http://www.snopes.com Urban legends, hoaxes, etc. exposed after evaluation.

//hoaxinfo.com/virusprevent.htm Info on virus letter hoaxes.

www.pandasoftware.com/activescan This outfit uses its own software on its own website to scan your complete system, reports and cleans. No software to install. Updated daily and it's free.

www.pandasoftware.com/library DITTO Their library of viruses site.

http://www.pandasoftware.com/beta Sign up here to try out their latest BETA software.

http://www.pandasoftware.com/download/utilities Download free, virus specific removal tools here.

//housecall.antivirus.com Another web based antivirus checker. Works like Panda software's site. Updated daily.

http://www.avast.com Another free anti-virus site.

http://www.grisoft.com A well recommended site for free anti-virus software.

http://housecall.trendmicro.com Another FREE anti-virus site. And you can also get a free spyware checkup now.

www.free-av.com Another free anti-virus site.

http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/default.asp?langid=idvenid=sym FREE anti virus check and FREE security (firewall) check. SLOW.

www.snopes.com Another hoax busting site.

www.snopes2.com URBAN LEGENDS in all fields discussed as to true/false.

www.scumware.com Searches for scumware which are not viruses but underline links in either yellow or green to get you or your kids to go to them.

www.pcflank.com Provides a number of free, scanning tests that test yur IP port, firewall and machine.

http://www.firewallleaktester.com FREE firewall tester.

http://www.sarc.com (Symantec AntiVirus Reseasrch Center). Free security checker, virus cleaners and lots of other info.




www.nolo.com/encyclopedia/ep_ency.html Free Self-help legal site for estate planning and more. For non-lawyers.

www.savewealth.com/planning/estate taxes, wills, living trusts probate and legal help

www.rushforth.com estate planning techniques.

www.lifenet.com/estate.html easy to read planning site.

www.nafep.com/estate_planning Helps you decide wheter you need estate planning.

www.calbar.org/2sec/3est/brochure/will.htm CA bar site for will info.

www.calbar.org/2sec/3est/3form.htm CA probate code and simple will form.

www.legino.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=prob&group=04001-05000&file=4700-4701 living will, medical power ofattorney and statements identifying my primery doctor and decalring my intentons regarding organ donation. Highly technical.

www.partnershipforcaring.org/Advance/documents_set.html easy to understand living will site.

www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.htnl Durable financial power of attorney. Clcik probate code, use search button & scroll down to 4400-4409 & 4450-4465.

www.ca-probate.com/chap_idx.htm Castleman law firm site for estate planning.

www.ca=probate.com/wills.htm Read wills of famous people.

www.missingmoney.com A free service to find out if there is any money being held in your name via escheat in some states coffers. Just claim it.

http://www.lentillem.com An attorney with a KGO radio show who specializes in trusts and elder law.







www.retrocity.com Used/imported clothing sale site. They have six stores in S.F., and the one that sells by the pound (cheapest) is Contact, 473 Valencia @19th, S.F.

www.outpost.com Clothing sales, outdors.

www.llbean.com Ditto Ditto

www.jcrew.com Ditto





www.zappos.com Shoes on the web.

www.shoesontheweb.com Cheap and/or atheletic shoes on the web.


www.niketown.com Noke shoe store

www.ghbass.com GH Bass shoes

//thestore.adidas.com Adidas shoes

www.birkenstock.com Birkenstock shoes

www.tiva.com Tiva shoes

www.kennethcole.com Kenneith Cole shoes.


www.myfreecar.com A site that will pay up to $500. per month of your car payments if you will allow them to place advertizing on your car. the advertizing is easily removeable without damaging your car, but I have a hunch that it is more than likely to be tobacco advertizing and my conscience would bother me if I accepted that kind of money.


www.monster.com A job finding site. Circulate your resume.


www.garagebonanza.com A site to find garage sales by city, ZIP code or by item. A place to list your garage sale. And it covers the entire USA. And why anyone would be interested in going to a garage sale more than 15 miles from home is beyond me.




www.cooking.com Cooking equipment sales, recipes, recipe searcher, free newsletter

www.gourmet.com Cooking info

www.digitalchef.com Ditto

www.winespectator.com Ditto

www.marthastewart.com 1,000 of her most popular recipes by course, season or main ingredient. Free.

www.epicurious.com 1,000's of recipes

www.foodtv.com DITTO Seems to have everything.

www.allrecipes.com/default.asp DITTO

www.yumfood.com DITTO

www.gourmetspot.com DITTO Huge & comprehensive.

//homecooking.about.com/library/archive DITTO

www.saladrecipe.com As it says.

www.food.epicurious.com Food sources, seasonal descriptions by areas, lots of more general info.

www.ethnicgrocer.com Ethnic cooking supplies.

www.americanspice.com All sorts of spices

www.importfood.com DITTO

www.thespicehouse.com DITTO

www.deananddeluca.com DITTO

www.food.com Global dining guide

www.soupsong.com About soup.

//100-top-sites.com/r/beef-recipes.htm 100's of beef cooking recipe's.

www.eatethnic.com Ethnic supplies.

www.globalgourmet.com Ditto

www.gumbopages.com/recipe-page/html Cajun recipes.

www.backofthebox.com For recipe's using prepared foods.

www.eatgreektonight.com Greek recipes.

www.tadka.com Indian recipes.

www.stickyrice.com Sushi recipes.

www.pai-kin-khao.com Thai recipes.

//unicity.net/reine/smoothie/# Recipe's for Smoothie drinks: yoghurt, ice, fruit, milk, etc.

http://www.drinkmixer.com 19,200+ drink recipe's but no Planter's Punch.

www.roadfood.com/Home/default.asp Diner, BBQ and restaurant food locations while on the road in all 50 states.

www.dinercity.xomindex.html DITTO

http://www.burritoeater.com Rates burrito taquerias in San Francisco using the mustash rating system. Very Good.

www.starchefs.com Recipes of celebrity chefs.

www.curanow.com/recipes/index.html Curacao Jewish recipes.

www.geocities.com/NapaValley/6654 The Death by Curry website

www.yumyum.comm An interesting cooking/recipe site.

//keepcook-n.com DITTO DITTO

www.recipezaar.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.iliveonyourvisits.com/sp/ A recipe site for SANDWICHES. Try listed recipes or submit yur own.

www.duncindonuts.com The Duncin' Donuts website.

www.KrespyKreme.com The Krispy Kreme donut web site.

www.candywarehouse.com Offers old fashioned type of candy from your childhood or the latest types. Sells only in bulk. Mounds vars are 55 cents each in bulk pack of 36.

www.zagat.com Finds restaurants to take outs in your city.

www.geocities.com/NapaValley/4079/Appetizers.htm This is the web site to visit for anyone seriously interested in Appetizers/hors d'oeuvres/Starters. Will help calculate quantities.

www.bettycroker.com About cooking section, recipes, equipment

http://www.kitchenmath.com units converter for cooking.

http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/conversions.htm Online conversions for cooks, bartenders, and other folks.

www.ucook.com Set preferences: type, region or holiday before going on to recipe's.

www.cooking.com About selling things, has high end content. Well organized recipe's.

http://homefair.com/homefair/calc/ls_basic.html The LifeStyle Optimizer: Best places to live. Comparator & Evaluator.

http://www.finfacts.com/costofliving.htm Finfacts Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2001.

www.finfacts.ie/costofliving.htm Cost of Living indexes world wide.

www.salary.com/CostOfLiving Cost of Living and Salary comparrisons for many, many US cities.

http://www.bestplaces.net Broadbased salery, climate, cost of living, etc. comparator for all US cities.

http://www.citytowninfo.com Demographics info by state to be used to make a decision as to where to live.

http://www.halfhill.com/inflation.html Calculate inflation from present day back or from previous day forward. Find out if your ssalary is keeping up with inflation.

www.bhg.com Better Homes & Gardens recipes. Can download special sectons as .PDF files as vitual cookkbook.

www.ivillage.com/topics/food/recipes/ Detailed recipes finder by criteria, preparation methods or special occassions.

www.deepfriedlive.com Animated cooking show run by an octopus. Good technical stuff. check out deep frying a turkey and also the archives.

http://www.foodreference.com/ Food reference website.

http://www.101cooking.com Recipe and cookbook site.






www.sanitarymaintenance.com/cleartp.htm Stain removal & cleaning tips

www.allabouthome.com Housecleaning tips, stain removal, etc.

www.howtocleananything.com As it says. cleaning tips.

www.allabouthouse.com House cleaning/stain removal tips.

www.arborday.org/index.html Join and get ten free trees.

//householdnotebook.com/forms.shtml#basic Print your own household forms: to-do lists, address book, phone number, checklists, etc.

www.officedepot.com/BusinessTools/forms All sorts of FREE business forms to print.

http://www.crabcandy.com All sorts of household stuff. Reference site.



www.sewing.org monthly sewing lessons or search archive by topic. Print out lessons to hard copy to put next to sewing machine.

www.discountneedlework.com/convert.asp Try's to match thread colors based on manufacturers name and color number.Thread color conversion tool.

www.costumes.org Click 'pages', then click 'patterns' for all sorts of links to costume patterns, including vintage/ancient.

www.octopus.com Gets all your favorite sites on one page.

www.qb.com Ditto Quick Browse.\



www.onepage.com Ditto




www.yodlee.com Ditto

www.efind.com Comprehensive search engine for just about anything. Uses the inktomi search engine.

www.epilot.com ditto ditto


www.kozmo.com delivers anything to your door from videos to food.

www.webvan.com Delivers supermarket items within 30 minutes of you're www.ethnicgrocer.com placing an order on their web site. (their claim).

www.netgrocer.com fast delivery.

www.mysap.com My soon As Possible for business's.



www.KPonline.com Kaiser-Permanente's on line web site for making doctors appointments, getting info, etc.

www.kponline.org Kaiser-Permanente's onlne discussion group. Members only.

www.kaiserpermanente.org/california Public web site.


Vacations and traveling::




www.nps.gov Info on our national parks.

www.aaa.com AAA travel books on line.

www.gorp.com Great Outdoors Recreation Pages.

www.goski.com For those who want skiing info.

www.embassy.org index for phone #'s, web sites and e-mail addresses for all embassy's in Washington. D.C.

www.zolotrips.com Book last minute tours.

http://www.511.org Site to find out about traffic jams, bicycles, road conditions, etc. Or you can dial 511 to find out.


Last minute departures:


www.lastminutetravel.com Bargains for unsold space.

www.11thhourvacations.com ditto ditto

www.moments-notice.com ditto ditto

www.travelweb.com/TravelWeb/clickit/html ditto

www.smarterliving.com ditto ditto & Last minute departures.

www.lowestfare.com Offers lowest air fares and cruises. Also, offers even lower LAST MINUTE airline seats/cabins that still haven't been sold.

http://www.bestfares.com Cheap Air Fares.

www.site59.com Specializes in air fare/hotel combo's only including last minute trips. Consolidated list of tours & packages.

www.travelocity.com Last minute departures w/good search engine.

www.FarAway.com Cheap Air Fares by a DotCom that does not squander it's money on ads!!

www.airtreks.com For planning and getting info on iniseial itinerarys.

www.lonelyplanet.com To find others interested in travel who will share their ideas. Plus tips, city guides, wide support and info.

http://www.city-data.com Complete data for all US cities.


Name your own price:



www.priceline.com As it says. Find the lowest fare, then make offer. Use for very last minute departures, bid for seat & they will respond in one hour if you've got it.

www.hotwire.com DITTO Based on your criteria input.

www.skyauction.com less. They are selling unsold seats.

www.bidtripper.com ditto ditto

www.premiertraveldeals.com ditto ditto


Sort Notice,cheaper fares direct from the airlines:


www.flightarrivals.com Check flight arrival times for all of US.

wwwr3.aa.com American Airlines Sales Alert

www.americwest.com/specials/sp_subscribe.aso. America West's Surf & Go

www.flycontinental.com Continental's C.O.O.L. Specials.

www.nwa.com/travel/cyber/cyber.html. Northwest 's Cyber Savers

www.southwest.com/hotfares. Southwest Airlines click N' Save Specials.

www.1.twa.com/dcspecials Trans World Airlines speicals.

www.usairways.com US Airways E-Savers

www.ual.com United Airlines E-Fares.


www.travelocity.com They sell airline tickets.


Quick air fare check:


www.expedia.com A quick, free site to check on air fares.

www.travelocity.com DITTO

www.sidestep.com DITTO The best for getting lower fares.Free download. Switches you direct to a particular airlines site.

www.lowestfare.com DITTO, but these are not as good or efficient.

www.cheaptickets.com DITTO DITTO

www.OneTravel.com DITTO DITTO

www.AmericanExpress.com DITTO DITTO

www.orbitz.com Not the cheapest tickets, but more choices.

http://www.jayak.com Mass Meta search engine for travel stuff: aur fares, hotels and car rentals.






www.mapquest.com Local maps and more.

www.moversguide.com US Postal Service site. Has maps and lots of other useful moving info and check lists. As it says, primerily related to your moving.

www.delorme.com/CyberMaps DITTO

www.earthamaps.com Also uses the DeLorme engine.

www.maptech.com Paid complete, including topo's, map service.

www.geographynetwork.com Good, but wasn't working when I tried it. Many free maps.

http://www.randmcnally.com More printable maps. Like MapnGo and is very nice.

http://www.mapngo.com Printable maps. Delorme site. No free maps.

//maps.yahoo.com Maps

www.mapsonus.com/index.cgi/refsrc=SB.direct Maps, local

www.mapblast.com/myblast/index.mb DITTO AND it gives you lat/Longitude of the house/street address. Now dead. Taken over by:MSN

http://mappoint.msn.com MSN (Microsoft) map site. does a good job.

www.earthmaps.com DITTO

www.landnetusa.com Free maps by lat/long, zip, county, etc. And photo's. Lot's of stuff available. More for country land than city.

http://gazetteer.hometownlocator.com Has Aerial, Local, Regional and Topo maps of any areqa in the US by , town or ZIP code. Also does air mile distance calculations by the foregoing criteria.

http://www.city-data.com Has tons of info on 1,000 plus US cities. Weather, Area codes, ZIP codes, space views, schools, crme an other statistics. all the info you would need to compare cities that you are considering moving too.

www.timezoneconverter.com Tells you the local time in any city in the world.

www.whattimeisit.com DITTO, for anywhere in the world.

http://earth.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/efs/categories.htm Download earth satellite images from space by City/area. Earth from Space. Hi or low.

http://terraserver.microsoft.com Space imagery or topo maps.

http://www.utexas.edu/maps/map_sites/route_sites.html Comprehensive map site index for various US and world wide map sites.

http://www.maporama.com World wide map site.

http://www.driving-directions.com/North_America.htm Maps and driving directions for US & Canada. Good.





www.weather.com Weather around the world and by ZIP code.

http://weather.myway.com Another weather site that uses the above in a different way.

www.accuweather.com ditto

www.worldclimate.com ditto, Statistics

//inbox.weather.com ditto, but with lots of nag screens.

http://www.anythingweather.com Great weather site. Also gives lat/Longitude of any location that is input.

http://www.wunderground.com Excellemt and detailed weather reporting site by ZIP.

http://www.weather.gov The BIG government weather site.

Sampling of other reader-recommended US sites of interest:










http://www.intellicast.com/ For all sorts of activities, boating, golf, etc.








Travel Guides:


www.timeout.com Guides available on line.

www.fodors.com ditto

www.frommers.com ditto

www.ersys.org 1300 US cities profiled. Huge amount of info.

www.roughguides.com Guides available online.

www.lonelyplanet.com ditto free

www.ricksteves.com ditto free

www,amtrak.com 150 mph bullet train between Washington and Boston, including NYC, fares, schedules and info.


Hostels/Bed & Breakfast:


www.hostels.com lots of info on hostels around the world.

www.bedandbreakfast.com as it says

www.rvamerica.com for those interested in recreational vehicles.

www.roomsaver.com Obtain coupons for room discounts.


Travel websites::


www.DriveThere.com maps, regional guides, ATM locator, road conditioon info.

www.MapQuest.com Door to door driving directions in U.S., Canada and Europe.

www.Zip2com find a business, locate a person and get instant online directions.

www.freetraveltips.com As it says.

www.frommers.com/tips As it syas.




www.escapeartist.com info on living/working abroad.

http://www.escapeartist.com/global/telephone.htm World telephone number search engine.

www.liveAbroad.com DITTO

www.Outpost Expat.com DITTO

www.GoAbroad.com DITTO Schools & jobs.

www.SolutionsAbroad.com DITTO

MexPatriot.net DITTO for Mexico

www.medibroker.com Health insurance for those living abroad.

www.Overseasdigest.com lots of info, including Europe & Japan.

www.Employnow.com Teaching English jobs in Mexico

www.itc-training.com Ditto in other parts of the world.

www.StudyAbroad.com Go to college/university abroad.

www.GoAbraod.com DITTO

http://www.quirks.com/focus/search_focus_geo.asp Finds nearby focus groujps that ofer part time work.







www.homeexchange.com (1991) 5,000 memebers, large. $49.95/year.

www.swapnow.com or www.homelink.org (1953) vacatioon Home Exchangen Club. 12,000 LISTINGS. $60.

WWW.IHEN.COM (1993) International Home Exchange Network. 1,500 MEMBERS. $29.95

WWW.INTERVACus.COM (1952) 10,00 LISTINGS. $60..00



WWW.HOMEBASE-HOTELS.COM $45.00/year/ London based.

www.invented-city.com $40.00/year ????

www.exchange-of-homes.com Switzerland based. $39.00 ????

www.seniorshomeexchange.com $60.00/year. ????




www.acaution.com The Alemeda County car auction site. find out rules and what's up for sale at next auction.

http://www.autoauctions.gsa.gov US Government sale of surplus vehicles will be found here and you can read about teh current inventory in your area by ZIP code.


www.theman.com A site to sell things to men. Kind of like Playboy's way of marketing.


www.Iwant.com A site for finding specific things. Seems well organized.

www.wantlist.com Ditto, but under developement.

www.wanted.com Ditto, but still under developement.




sfrm-changes-request@lists.best.com To find out latest calendar changes.

sfrm-ads-request@lists.best.com For classified ads/promotional annoucements of Mensa. No commercial ads.

sfrm-debate-request@lists.best.com For Mensa debate/discusions.

dstetson@jdsa.com For SRP dinner e-mail announcements.

http://www.us.mensa.org The national Mensa site.Password through Aug.02 ID: WhatMakes PASSWORD: MensansTick (case sensitive).

( 8PLHVI ) Special National Mensa access code.

www.euthanasia.com/Mensal.html British Mensa site, very comprehensive, lots of stuff, humor and puzzles.

www.highiqsociety.org This (NOT Mensa) HIGH IQ Society is looking for the smartest person in the world and there are a number of FREE IQ tests on thier web site that you can take.

http://www.pressanykey.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/pak/jquiz.cgi Take the DENSA test here.

http://us.mensa.org National Mensa site 1000260 + fruit getss me in.




Free software (freeware) and free demo's of shareware::Very Buzy. Use after midnite.





http://www.freewarepub.net/Freeware.htm Lot's of freeware and great multiweblink page.

http://downloads.csnnow.com/index.html Top 5 freeware downlaods each month plus archive will be found here. This is good stuff.

http://makeashorterlink.com FREE converter turns long URL's in to shorter ones. Saves typing.

http://www.freeware.intrastar.net More freeware available here by catagory.

http://www.freewarearena.org Offers The Freeware Book which reviews, tells all about freeware only. Has numberous download atagories, also.

http://woundedmoon.com/win32_freeware.html Here is a site that bills itself as, "Freeware programs that either went commercial after these versions or were discontinued, or are hard to find or just plain good:"

Old Programs, but good ones.


www.stampsonline.com U.S. Postal service stamp sales.




www.amihealthy.com/home.asp Health self tests to self track symptoms and to better be able to describe to your doctor.If you register, it will keep track for you over time. It's FREE.

www.scorecard.org Evaluate neighborhoods from a safe, environmental point of view by ZIP codes.

www.onhealth.com About getting and staying healthy. Aging, chld care, allergies, etc.

www.glycemic.com This may not be a valid web site. Search with keyword glycemic index. Rates foods as to how fast they become blood sugar, information to be used by diabetics. White bread, potatoes and most rice are fast converters and are therefore bad for diabetics.

Reliable health info. There is a huge list of sites in the 3/4/2001 issue of ACCESS Magazine.

http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/ San Francisco's Dept. of Health's website.

http://www.drugsnapper.com Comparison shop drug prices. Enter drug name in search box.

http://www.dph.sf.ca.us/SFRx/canadian_pharmacy_links.htm List of Canadian Drugstores that export to US and which have been checked out by either the Minnesota, wisconsin or New Hampshire Health Departments. And here are 3 of them::

http://www.OnlineCanadianPharmcy.com/ococart/default.aspx RECOMMENDED

http://www.crossborderpharmacy.com/Total-Care-Pharmacy/totalcarepharmacy.html DITTO DITTO

http://www.canadadrugs.com DITTO DITTO

www.webMD.com Detailed health site with excelent search engine.

www.drkoop.com info

www.webmed.com Ditto

www.onhealth.com Ditto

www.thriveonline.com Ditto

www.achoo.com Ditto


www.healthcentral.com Ditto

www.sutterhealth.org/diabetes Their library/database open to the public.

www.aad.org American Academy for Dermatology Get info on skin cancer.

www.diabetes.org American Diabetes Society

www,eyenet.org American Academy of Opthamology

http://www.magnifiers.org THE primere site for anything to do with poor vision and computer screens. This site has 30 items of screen magnification software and 22 items of text to speech readers.

//nhic-nt.health.org National Health Information Center

www.niddk.gov Nicck (sic) Web Server (also try this spelling).

www.cis.ohio-state.edu Diabetes FAQ's

www.nd.edu DITTO

www.cruzio,com On-Line Resources for Diabetes.

www.nursinghomeguide.org All of California's nursing homes are listed and rated.

//riteaid.rebateplus.com Rite Aid's URL for e-rebates at end of month. Just enter store number, cash register #, tranaction # and date and receive ONE check in 2-3 weeks.

www.1-800-222-1222.info Web site for the Poison Emergency Center. The phone number is 1-800-222-1222. SEE!

www.checkbook.org Consumer Reporting PAID service (typically %15.00 per report). Health, cars, repair, most everything.

http://www.calpatientguide.org All of a CAlifornia citizens rights, & what to do if they are comjpromized. Very extensive.

http://www.lifeclinic.com Tons of health info. weight or blood pressure calculations.

http://www.centerwatch.com Go here to participate in clinical drug trials, some paid. Whether you are healthy or have a specific desease/

http://www.memotome.com/index.asp (Memo To Me) For patients with memory problems. It will send you e-mail reminders that you have previously created via schedule you set. ANY type of reminder.

http://www.scirus.com A search engine specific to medical info and health.

http://happyhub.com/network/reflex Tests your reflexs'. I tested out as good as 0.33 seconds responce reraction time.

http://www.medicare.gov Check out "Select Prescription Drug and Other Assistance Prgrams". Here is where I can find out about getting a prescriptiono drug discount card either for free or for $30. per year.

http://www.emedicinehealth.com Health info, drug recalls & alerts, symptom search/diagnoses. Lots of other info.

http://www.rxlist.com Works like the PDR though more abbreviated. Lots of drug info.

http://www.be-free.info/index.asp A comprehensive site that deals with all types of child abuse.




http://www.usadentaldirectory.com/form1.asp To find a dentist.

http://www.dental-resources.com/dentist2.html DITTO

http://www.dentalplans.com/search1 Low cost discounted dental plans.

http://ada.org/public/disclaimer.asp American Dental Association official site. Very careful about giving out info and therefore, not much,

http://webdentristy.com Some age/education info.

http://www.dentists.com search_results.php Lots of info.

http://www.directory-dentist.com DITTO

http://dbc.ca.gov/license_verification.html Verify if a dentists license is current and if there arre any actions against him.





www.planetRX.com Mainly drugstore items. It is primerily for refills and re-ordering. You have to buy their bar code scanner and use it on your existing bar codes and then send the order in if price is acceptable.

www.cvs.com Prescription drug refills.

www.walgreens.com DITTO

www.drugstore.com DITTO

www.homepharmacy.com DITTO Goes to www.drugstore.com I ordered from them, periostat.

www.peoplespharmacy.com Primerely drug info.

www.tonytina.com A weird site that sells makeup based on 'vibrational harmony' as to sight, sound, color, type. Let's a woman do a virtual makeover.

http://www.380meds.com Discount drug site from US or Canada. Requires annual fee.

www.aarp.org/bulletin For seniors American Association of Retired Persons. You can get info on drug discounts, here. And lots more.

http://www.pharmacychecker.com Check and compare pharmacy prices in the US, Canada and Mexico.



www.thecanadianpharmacy.com A Canadian drugstore located in Dauphin, Manitoba that sells prescription drugs at deep discounts to US citizens. I will have to fill out a form, give my medical history and have my doctor sign another form to take advantage of this. No controlled drugs that can't get through US Customs. Otherwsie easy.

www.thecanadiandrugstore.com DITTO, except prices about the same and easier to use. Same as www.tcds.com

www.canadameds.com DITTO, Canadian Drugs, now one of many.

http://www.rxinternational.com Another Canadain drugstore.

www.adv-care.com Another Canadian drug store recommended by Harriet.

http://www.americarx.com For prescription, non-prescription and other drugstore items. No sales tax and there is free shipping over $60.orders. AmericaRx has large inventory in each catagory. Not as good as I first thought.Wouldn't ship!

http://www.pwclub.com/en-us/dept_434.html All sorts of drugs and drugstore items at very cheap prices. Swan's mouthwash at $1.36/33 oz. But they are crooks: Never do business with them again. Swan's is EXACTLY formula identical to Listerene.

http://www.walgreens.com prescriptin.non-prescription drugs and mouthwash. Lots more here.

http://www.priceking.com/default.htm Great bulk prices here, but there is a $200.00 minimum. 24 oz. Landers clear mouthwash= 75 cents.

//cbs.medscape.com/homepage All sorts of health/drug info.

http://nhm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drugsinformation.html Government drug info site.

http://www.drugdigest.org/DD/home Non_Commercial drug info site. Also, perscription drugs, viamins, Seniors, Very thorough and comprehensive.





www.bcm.tcm.edu/pa/flucenter.htm Baylor College of Medicine

www.FamilyDoctor.org Moreinfo, symptom checker

www.cnn.com/health/cold.flu Ditto



www.mayohealth.org/mayo/0010/htm/fluvacine.htm vaccine ino





www.Nutrio.com Use Food Analyser to look up food content.

www.Navigator.tufts.edu An expert guide to nutrition web sites.

www.Thriveonline.oxygen.com/nutrition Body mass index calculater, vitamin guide, and inter active salad bar and other nutri-tools.

www.NutritionFocus.com Comprehensive healthy-eating resource,encyclopedia like.




eDiet.com answers questions, encourages, etc.

www.DietSmart.com customized diet plans, excersize and chat, message boards articles and live advice.

www.CyberNet.com DITTO

www.cyberdiet.com DITTO calorie/fat counters, fast foods.

www.caloriecontrol.org DITTO

http://www.thecaloriecounter.com Lists calorie content of various foods and offers other xdieting advice.

http://www.nutritiondata.com/index.html DITTO






www.searchpdf.adobe.com Makes it easy to find texts in .PDF formaat (Portable Document Finder). In technical reports, annual reports, government reports, etc., files that you might otherwise overlook.

www.learn2.com Free tutorials on every subject under the sun and mainly non-computer things.

http://www.expresspdf.com Translates MS Word or HTML documents into PDF.

www.techts.com Helps you find answers to technical computer problems. Largest collection of free tutorials on the web., plus tech tips, white papers, FAQ's,etc.

www.allsitecafe.com/internet.html Tips/tricks/tweaks info, and a lot of it.

http://www.mdqx.com Tips, tricks and tweaks list.

http://www.freeanswers.com Answers to computer questions & operating systems.

http://www.ask-leo.com Site of a guy who is very generous with his time in solving computer technical problems.

http://kisser.net.au/tontodan/mytips950.html Tips/tricks for WIN 95 & 98.

http://www.aczone.com/TECH Tips/tricks for Linux.

http://www.tipssdr.com Lots of WINDOWS tips here WIN 2k and others.

http://is-it-true.org/nt/xp/index.shtml Tons of WIN NT/WIN 2k/WIN XP tips & Tricks.

http://funwithxp.com DITTO DITTO

http://www.bilmck.freeserve.co.uk/Software.htm#AD Software Questions answered. Lots of interesting stuff.

http://www.bilmck.co.uk/Help%20Library.htm DITTO and Help on all computer supjects. MAIN HELP.

http://www.ittips.com/index.php DITTO. Lots of Help on various computer problems.

http://th99.pley.org/ Over 18,000 motherboard, drive, card JUMPER settings. The biggest source of jumper info. (Or plev)

http://www.UKTSupport.co.uk/reference/idhware.htm ID's Graphic, video and network cards by manufacturer and more.

http://is-it-true.org/nt/xp/hottips.shtml shows you the most-accessed tips, which gives you a clue either to what the most common problems are, or what the best tips are.

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2k/experiences/create/ THE place to go that links to all of MS WIN2k stuff. Downloads, SP's,Tools, etc.

http://www.infopackets.com/windows+newsletter.htm tips/tweaks/forums and other help articles.

http://www.ntfaq.com FAQ's answered for WIN 2k and WIN NT questions.

http://www.activewin.com/tips/nt/index.shtml WIN NT & WIN 2k answers & help.

http://www.chami.com/tips/windows/ WIN NT & WIN 2k answers & help. Tips & tricks.

http://www.purepergormance.com DITTO OS tech support; tips & tricks.

http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com DITTO.

http://www.dailyrotation.com/index.shtml Links to 100's of tech newsletters. You can select which ones you want o have headlines searched, or you can review all of them. One sentence descriptions of articles to link to or contact.

http://www.techsupportalert.com Links to tech support sources, evaluations, etc.

http://www.litepc.com/XPlite_manual REMOVE W2k & XP components (lite).

http://www.windowsreinstall.com/index.htm Great Win 2k tech stuff here. Lots of info, forums, etc.

http://microsodt.technet.com/technet/ tech support for tech specialists.

www.hplearningcenter.com/?mclD=ez6 Hewlett Packards FREE learning center w/24/7 tutorials on many subjects including MS WORD * EXCEL.

http://www.exceltips.com Tips,tricks,tweaks for Excel. Ask questions & submit your tips on EXCEL.

www.howstuffworks.com A general technical tutorial.

www.CBTNuggets.com A+ IT technitian certification CD's for sale.

www.cramsession.com DITTO DITTO

www.alistapart.com Alternative internet tutorials. All sorts of info to deal with web sites. To modify, write, etc. (also: ?mclD=ez7).

www.mvps.org/word/downloads A ton of MS Word add-ons, template,etc.

www.gadzette.com Check archives for lots of MS Office suite tutorials.

http://www.mvps.org/sramesh2k/ XP/2K tips, tweaks & fixes. Excellent.

http://www.word-answers.com Answers to MS Word questions and other info.

http://wordtips.vitalnews.com A ton of useful tips on using MS Word. Answers will be found here.

http://exceltips.vitalnews.com A ton of iseful tips for MS Excel. Lots of answers to your questions.

http://www.archive.org Software Archive.

//members.tripod.com/MR_LEGO_JOE/free_online_tutorials.htm Free online tutorials on all sorts of hardware/software computer stuff.

//researchindex.techrepublic.com/tr_index.jsp Computer stuff research index.

http://www.oldstuff.com.myagora.net/powerload Source for old software, OS, drivers, dll files.

http://www.bootdisk.com DITTO DITTO And tech info.

http://www.microsoft.com/security/protect/cd/order.asp Link to recieve the MS upgrade disk through Oct. 03 of all service packs and upgrades. There is another sitte to obtain the same for MS Office.

http:office.microsoft.com/en-ud/templates MS Offiice calendar templates and other templates.

www.infopackets.com/ FREE windows tech support.

<http://www.dougknox.com/> Doug Wilson XP tips & Tricks.

<http://www.activewin.com/winxp/tips/index.shtml> On line forums and latest tips and tricks for XP

<http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/supergeek/story/0,24330,3338109,00.html> TECH TV A lot of interesting tips on XP. For example: Find out where Net Meeting is hiding in the O/S.

http://www.techtv.com/callforhelp/answerstips/archive/ Answers & Tips.

http://www.winxpfix.com Tips and tricks and other info on WIN XP. some Win 2k.

www.americatoday.com/hanar WIN 95 TIPS & TRICKS. Lots of info.

www.mhs.ox.ac.uj/geometry/content.htm The Mathematics of War. Calculate cannon ball trajectory's, mediveal fortifications, etc.

http://www.allexperts.com Irving Stein, who's one of the online computer experts.

http://www.phonespell.org Checks your phone number for spelled words.

http://wheel.compose.cs.cmu.edu:8001/cgi-bin/browse/objweb Converts all types of file extensions or URL's.





www.thoundercloud.net Computer tutorials

www.intg.org DITTO

//istg.rootsweb.com DITTO

www.K12.hi.us DITTO

//readplease.phpwebhosting.com DITTO

//web.aacpl.lib.md.us DITTO

//libray.albany.edu DITTO

www.baycongroup.com DITTO





www.alexa.com paid archive of the whole internet

www.alexa.net Free Ditto

www.archive.org/index.html Archive of the web. Use their WAYBACK search engine to find old web sites and to read them. Huge inventory.

9,000+ books in the public domain will be found here.

www.promo.net/pg Project guttenberg site of books in the public domain.

www.eserver.com booksd in the public domain, though this one is more of a reference site.

http://www.dukgeeek.net (yes, 3 e's) Multi-links for finding things. Search engines, directories, etc.

www.wikipedia.com An encyclopedia started from scratch by volumteers. Anyone can cotribute and not all of it is quality work and things must be taken with a grain of salt.

http://www.archive.org/Internet/Index.html To trace dead web pages that have been around since 1996. Find links if they have been changed.





www.cnbc.com Search for insider stock sales info.

www.finance.yahoo.com All sorts of financial info. Pull up any stock, get charts and learn of any splits. Excellent site.

http://www.ceoexpress.com/defailt.asp Link for VEO's interested in investing and business. Very comprehensive site for this purpose.

www.etrade.com Purchase/trade stocks and bonds on the internet

www.ameritrade.com DITTO DITTO cheapist

www.datek.com DITTO DITTO

www.clearstation.com Stock market info

www.quicken.com/investments/stocks/search DITTO

//netzero.smartmoney.com/funds Quotes on Dreyfus CA Tax Free Bond Fund & others. Nearly as good as Schwab.

www.schwab.com All sorts of stock and bond info including free quotes. Dreyfus CA tax free bond Fund code is (DRCAX), with chart.

www.harrisdirect.com DITTO Stock quotes

www.cnnfn.com/markets/bondcenter DITTO

http://www.BigCharts.com Very good stock/bond chart info.

http://money.CNN.com Financial info and quotes.

http://money.cnn.com/grapevine/ Investing, calculators.

www.silentwat.com/tips/sf/focus.html Focus/interview on products type jobs available. All sorts of unusual jobs.






www.iPing.com Will give you a wake up call with your choice of the news, weather or your horiscope. Or notify you of important meetings or when to take a pill.


www.jump.com Organizer with todo lists, address book, calendaar,etc.

http://www.StumbleUpon.com Meet new people and share your URL finds with like minded people.

www.MyEvents.com Has Web calendars,e-mail reminders, obline


www.fotki.com Share digital images/photo's with friends.

http://www.flickr.com Share your digital images on line. Searchable by keywored or tag.

http://www.justlikeed.net/StripDir/ Strips images out of web sites and enlarges them. Mostly used on porno sites.

http://www.StripDit.com/sd DITTO

http://www.baco.nu/randompicture.shtml Most people do not rename their digital iamges and this site pulls up randomly selcted images based on the taking cameras number code. Double click on image to see more images by the same photographer. Slight chance of hitting on porn.

www.guruNet.com Gets facts fast with just one click on a word or phrase you don't understand. Also has dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia and real time info (sports, news, weather and stock quotes). Download it: It's free.

http://www.didyouknow.cd Facts on any subject, jokes, quotes, and a hell of a lot more.

www.etour.com surf for web site by any number of keywords. Sports, hobbies, topics, whatever. No more long lists of search engine results to pore over. Free, but does require registration.



www.give.org Great info on more than 400 charities, accurate, detailed info, weekly charity reports and philanthropy guidelines, and a quick reference guide. Reports compares fundraising & administrative costs and executive salaries.

http://www.give.org/reports/index.asp Specific info on rated charities.

www.star.org Displays info on charities as to which ones are well run and honest and what percent of their receipts are actually used for charitable purposes. Deals heavily with celebrity's charity's.

http://www.charityfrogs.com DONATE your car, RV, real estate, etc.




www.policy.com/issues Learn about issues


www.vote-smart.org Search candidat4ees voting record.

www.speakout.com/selectsmart qui9z to see which candidate shares your views.


www.publicintegrity.org Find out who'se financing who/whwww.


Corporate Sabotage::::


www.RTMark.com Playfull corporate sabotage that doesn't injure people, destroy property or create excessive legal problems. For example, they arranged for the Barbie doll voice box to be installed in a number of G.I.Joes dolls , "I want to go shopping.", and vice-versa. They pay anonymous cash prizes for really good jokes and they are motivated by the fact that corporations are not really liable when they screw up, unlike people, they just pay a fine and keep on doing it.




www.lockergnome.com/techspecialist/20020815.html Input your date of choice or use search.

http://www.lockergnome.com/issues/daily/20020815.html DITTO

www.langa.com/newwsletters/2002/2002-08-15.htm Input your date of choice or use search.

//groups.yahoo.com/group/philmoke Click on issue wanted.

http://www.techzonez.com Tech newsletter collection, resources & forums.

http://briansbuzz.com/ tech newsletter & search.




//www.com A good seaarch engine for finding answers to hardware problems.

//notesbydave.com/toolbar/doc.htm Dave has developed a toolbar search engine add-on that is really useful. Go here for manual & to download.

//images.google.com An excellent search engine for finding images (photo's) in ANY category, type, style, location, subject. etc.

www.metacrawler.com Multi search engive, usually for stuff you have to pay for

//labs1.google.com/keys Google's keyboard short cuts.

http://labs.google.com/gviewer.html Displays pages found with Google search as a scrollable slide show and at the speed you set and with synopsis. Also see what Google is working on now, such as shortcut keys.

http://www.logogle.com Make your own Google like logo's for emails and otherwise.

http://www.google.com/options Tells you all about the latest feaures that Google has to offer.

http://www.googleguide.com/ Learn to use google more effectively on this awesome fansite.

http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html The here and now. Shows searching trends by other google users.

http://directory.google.com Brings up a broadbased directory structure for you to search for the most common things, interests, etc.

http://groups.google.com sEASRCH GROUPS. .alt AND OTHER PREFIXES.

http://googlism.com Type in a word or phrase. then click either "Who; What; Where or When".

http://google.com/intl/uz/help/features.html# What Google offers definitions.

www.picsearch.com Another excellent search engine for finding images. It had 100's of images of Sandra Bullock alone.

http://www.imaging-resource.com Lots of detailed info, reviews, prices, etc. on digital cameras.

www.profusion.com DITTO but usually free.

www.overclockersclub.com Hardcore hardware reviews & tweaks.

http://www.sailcat.com/windowstweaks.htm All sorts of Windows tips and tweaks & tune-ups. Forums, also.

http://www.tek-tips.com Multi-forums for both hardware, software & OS. Very extensive and my handle is kdt15. For professionals of high experience/very skilled administrators.

http://longhorn4008.proboards18.com A separate forum for each flavor of OS. More important, there is a forum that allows people to post valid, software install keys or OEM keys.

http://www.the-it-mercenary.com/forum/Windows98/posts/359.html Site

where you can get actual Product Keys posted by forum participants.

www.freshdevices.com/downfiles.html FREE download manager, sytem info/diagnostic tool and system tweaker.

www.tweakers.com.au Tweaks/tips and performance improvements.

http://www.annoyances.org DITTO, but also join the free forums on computer OS (Win 95 thru WIN XP), and there are lots of tweaks/tips to get rid of annoyances in these operating systems.

http://www.theosfiles.com Lots of info on comparing various OS with each other. And more.

//intel.com/design/motherbd/active.htm Reports on your motherboards fan and the chip temperatures. Diagnostic.

www.motherboards.org ALL about motherboards, forums, download BIOS upgrades, drivers and manuals. Reviews and much more.


http://www.pchardware.ro/Download/index.php?catid=5 Low-Level diagnostics

http://www.google.com/search?q=motherboard+diagnostic DITTO

www.windowsxp.com All versions of tweakui can be gotten here.

www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/tutorials/31/1 Info on installing a new hardrive.

www.about.com Go to pcsupport.about.com/library/weekly/aa121399a.htm for more info.

http://www.benchmarkhg.ru Huge, comprehensive site to find benchmarking tools, benchmarking news, search function.

www.isiinc.com Windows NT/2K tweaks & resources, tips, etc.

www.sysinternal.com WIN OS UTILS, various types of useful shareware for system analysis, tweaking, monitoring, checking, registry, etc.

//members.fortunecity.com/computingx OS tweaking:lots of freeware.

www.pcguide.com/proc/phyinst/hdd-c.html Is another site to go to.

www.VirtualDr.com Obtain repair info.

//experts-exchange.com v.v.g site where technitians exchange repair info.

www.practical-tech/com/index.htm Professional tech site for info

http://secretguide.net Secret Guide to Computers. An E-Manual that is neither to simplistic or to dense (boring). Organized by catagories.

http://www.practicallynetworked.com Good hardware firewall info and other info on networking. Help, forums, sales, etc.

http://www.homenethelp.com Ditto, but more for home useage networking.

www.wown.com Networking help/info site.

www.2000trainers.com Tech info source.

www.extremetech.com DITTO.

www.bioscentral.com/misc/debug.htm Wipe CMOS. Start over. Root is source of much info. beep codes; error codes; forums; free BIOS related downloads. For IT's.

//members.tripod.com/~EasyMTU Free modem tweaking software.

www.cablemodemhelp.com Help & info on cable modems.

http://www.modemhelp.com More free modem help & info.

//members.cnx.net/reboot/modems Free modem drivers/software.

//home.cfl.rr.com/eaa/Bandwidth.htm Bandwidth speed tests, 3 dozen of them. Collection of online speed tests.

//gemal.dk/browserspy/ ALL sorts of tests for your modem, software, browser,connections, digs out 30+ types of info. Questions about, answered.

http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.asp?bhcp=1 Supplies all technical info about your browser.

http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/browserSpeed.html#testresults Gives all sorts of speed iinfo on various browsers for Win and Mac. Very thorough.

www.cdrfaq.org Get all your questions answered on CD-R's & CD-RW's and how to transfer files.

http://www.clir.org/pwbs/Reports/pub121/contents.html Tons of info on CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R life of and care of and survival of data on this type of media. (could be pubs)/

//aumha.org/a/xpcd.htm Ton's of info on CD-R burning. Downbload a copy of cdgone.zip which helps recover from CD-R drive problems.

//members.dingoblue.net.au/~teef/resources.htm Manual to read/download that tells all about burning CD-R's

http://www.accessmedia.com Discount, bulk CD-R disks available here.

www.everythingusb.com Help & everything you wanted to know about USB.

http://www.usbman.com DITTO

www.usb.org DITTO

www.USBgear.com All sorts of connecting hardwar for USB.

www.informationweek.com/story/IWK20021003S0007 Fred Langa's article on how to hook up USB to non=USB and vice=versa. Lots of links and other info.

www.TheGuestBook.com Offer your own opinion on computer subjects.

//computergripes.com/index.hym For both venting and hard negative news on problems with specific types of hardware and software. i.e. See if others are having the same problems.

www.osnews.com Tech news site for operating systems. Strictly news.

www.demolinux.com Go here if you have a recordable CD drive so that you can make your own Linux boot disk to run without installing.

www.cheapbytes.com Linux site for info and downlaods.

http://ibiblio.org/collection Broad reference database, special for Linux.

http://www.theopencd.org FREEWARE for Linux. 675 Mb., ISO file of freeware for Linux.

http://secure.netroedge.com/~lm78 Linux stuff, info drivers, more.

http://tldp.org Linux Documetation Project: Linux Help.

www.systemtools.com/free.htm FREE Utils for NT/2000 users only.

www.watchingmicrosoftlikeahawk.com A site for all sorts of news about Microsoft, especially negative stuff.

www.microsoft.com/ms.htm Microsofts home page that leads to everything.

www.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/default.htm THE SITE for up to date MS OS upgrades. Check here first for latest info.

www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloads/default.asp For ALL WIN 95 upgrades, while it lasts.

//oldversion.com Pick up older versions of more than 25 different PRG's if the newest version doesn't work on your old machine.

http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware To download older versions or the last freeware version of different software items.

//pcmag.com/article/0,2887.s=1479&a=2647400.asp Site for Registry Robot which makes a back up copy of your registry before it lets you tweak the registry.

www.dslreports.com Settings Tool for DSL.

www.dslnuts.com Forum & tech info on DSL.

http://www.internettrafficreport.com/main.htm Reports on internet traffic, speed and packet failures from around the world.

www.SharkeyExtreme.com Computer articles and reprints.

www.internet.com/wiz Another way to get to WWWIZ Magazine.

www.jsware.com Shareware that enables you to recapture your WIN95 product key number directly from your installed WINDOWS. You shouldn't mis-place this number. It should always be typed on a label and then placed inside the jewel case facing outwards. If you have a legal, registered copy, but which is screwed up, then call MS customer service at 1-800-426-9400.

//i-want-a-website.com/anout-microsoft/humor Repository of anti-microsoft/Bell Gates jokes. If it isn;'t here it hasn';t been tld yet.

http://search.support.microsoft.com MS's Support site.

ftp://ftp.microsoft.com MS's download site.

http://www.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q193/85.asp Windows upgrade info, lots of details.

//support.microsoft.com/default.asp?scid=kb;En-US;281770 How to perform a clean boot trouble shooting as to whether it is the OS or a running PRG that is the problem.

//support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q164539 How to determine which version, or version upgrades of Internet Explorer that you have.

http://www.microsoft.com/security/security_bulletins/ms03-026.asp INFO on security problems on Windows.

http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp For actual Win 2k upgrades and security patches.

http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/search.aspx?displaylang=en Alternative source for upgrades if above source is buzy.

http://W2KSP4.microsoft.com/isapi/pstream3.dll/Win2000/SP4.en Service Pack 4 download for Win 2k.

http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/index.htnl An extra source for software patches for all variaties of Windows and also other software APPs.

http://www.cnet.com/internet/0,10000,0-3774-8-2832644-1,00.html Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks.

http://searchwin2000.techtarget.com Info, tips, tricks, help, forums for WIN 2k server.

http://searchtechtarget.techtarget.com Search everything else. DITTO.

//support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;Q322755 Probably the correct URL to read about how to correctly to back up WIN 95 registry. Enter the "Q" number into GOOGLE and it will take you right there.

Microsoft provides some general information for manually removing any

desktop icon (via a Registry edit) at:


http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article05-013 But a better site, offering click-to-run Registry patches that automatically remove the Recycle Bin icon in Win95 / 98 / ME / 2K / XP,

http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article05-013 But a better site, offering click-to-run Registry patches that automatically remove the Recycle Bin icon in Win95 / 98 / ME / 2K / XP,

In that case, there's a fix for stripping out the entire Recycle Bin

structure. Upon reboot, the Recycle Bin then rebuilds itself from

scratch, and that usually fixes the "cannot delete any file" problem.

For WIN 98.

http://www.ecora.com/ecora/products/patchlite/default.asp The names recently changed a bit: The free version is now called "PatchLite" This software verifies that your patches installed correctly.

http://www.langalist.com/search.htm Standard Edition Search Site/archive.

http://www.langalist.com/Plus/archives/archives.asp ) Plus edition search site/archive.

http://www.freetune.com/most_popular_pages.htm and at

http://www.informationweek.com/LP/columnists/fredlanga.html . All sorts of Win 98 info. Leads, tips, tweaks, etc.

http://www.langa.com/baclups/backups.htm Everything you've ever wanted to know about making backups, imaging a hard drive, scheduling, the whole Magilla on backing up.

http://www.langa.com/cleanup_bat.htm Everything you've wanted to know about cleaning up your hard drive and get rid of junk files.

www.langa.com/search.htm To search the Langa List site.

www.paessler.com/products/ieb/index.html IE booster tools/add ons to imprve IE's performance and they are freeware.

http://www.storageadmin.com All about hard drive storage. Lots of tech info.

//support/microsoft.com/support/vbasic/runtime.asp Where you go to get those VBASIC runtime files that you always need, version by version.

www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/notify.asp Microsoft's e-mail alert service to notify you of any security problems relating to any Microsoft product.

www.nu2.nu/bootcd Lots of info on making bootable CD's, system info/re-install CD's to quickly recover from a major crash.

www.kbalertz.com This web site will alert you by e-mail when something that you are particularly interested in appears in Microsoft's kb.

www.support.dell.com Dell's equivelant.

www.pcnineoneone.com Computer tips, help, how to, tutorials, more,etc. (911 help).

//georgedillon.com/web/freeware.shtml This guy does a thorough job of listing what he considers to be his to 50 items of freeware.

www.safelink.net/danrose/aw.html Lists 'Abandonware' which is software more than 5 years old and is no longer supported.

www.askdrtech.com PAID technical support company's.Subscription is $49 to $79. per year.

www.pcsupport.com Ditto Ditto

www.8wire.com Technitians site, newsletter.

www.everythingcomputers.com DITTO DITTO

www.DSLreports.com Everything you've wanted to know about DSL including the names pf bad providers.

www.partition-recovery.com/partition.htm . For a $30, charge,, they will help you recover a lost partition.

www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,6170,00.asp DITTO,free

//windows.about.com/cs/diskpartitionsw/ DITTO, but FREE

http://www.ntfs.com ALL about ntfs & FAT32 partitions.

http://www.informationweek.com/LP/columnists/langa/2001/06.htm for

lots more on CPU temperature software.

www.freedownloadscenter.com/Utilities/Disk_Maintenance_and_Repair_Utilities/indext.html DITTO, but FREE

www.diydatarecovery.nl/~tkuurstra/other.htm DITTO, but free

www.eio.com/public/harddrv Hard drive recovery info, free.

http://www.techrescue.net/drives.asp Links to hard drive makers and other tech stuff, plus more tech info.

www.google.com/search?q=free+unformat FREE data recovery software.

www.restorer2000.com $49. software highly recommended for recovering data from damaged NFTS hard drives only.

http://www.hgst.com/support/index.html Drivers, info, tech support, specs, and more on Hitachi and IBM drives.

http://quantum.com/AM/support/default.htm DITTO for Quantum drives.

http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/index.html Ditto for Seagate.

www.devicemuseum.com For OLD software/hardware Drivers.

http://drivers.on-line.net.nz Comprehensive site for old drivers indexed by maker.

www.perfectdrivers.com Alphabetized source of various drivers.Large.

http://www3.driverguide.com Lots of drivers here. ID "driver", password "all".

http://cdrom-drivers.com/drivers/ As it says. All sorts of CD-ROM drivers.

www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/ Library of many, many boot disks for all sorts of hardware combinations.

http://www.technick.com Calculator for impedence & capacitance, BIOS beep code, cable pinouts and you can find other tech info here.

www.thetechboard.com Source of tech support, forums, trouble shooting, drivers, tech support humor and much more.


http://www.springfieldtech.com/support Lots of tech support, forums and info on various MS products and lots of HELP.

http://jimdinger.pro-sig.com/index.php?act=idx WIN OS forum, help, newsletter & other good stuff.

http://lists.gpick.com/index.html A List of Lists for all sorts of freeware and other computer stuff.

http://www.missouriscenicrivers.com/unrelatedlinks.html An eclectic List of lists, or links. There is some very weird stuff here.2k+ links.

www.filelibrary.com/find.shtml3 This site for finding FREE, old files.

//in.skycn.net/down/DtempWinDrvExpert.zip FREE PRG to back up ALL your systems G.INF files.

http://www.driversearch.com Search engine that is specific to finding all sorts of drivers.

http://Monitor-Drivers.com Site specific to finding all sorts of drivers in various catagories.

www.drivershq.com/dd/ddtechrepublic.html Source of FREE driver upgrades. Have your system searched to find out if there are upgrades.

Drivers Detective, ver. 2.0. Scans your hard drive and gets version number and makers name. You then use search engine to fnd out where you can download the latest version.

http://www.windowsxp-drivers.com HUGE source of driverxs in all catagories.

http://www.driverscollection.com Another source for drivers of all types. Enormous quantity available and of all types.


http://www.dll-downloads.com Obtain .DLL; .OCX; .VBX & .DRV files free.

http://www.dll-files.com DITTO Good!

http://www.dynamiclink.nl/index.shtml DITTO

http://www.5starsupport.com/info/dll.htm DITTO

http://www.briansbuzz.com/search WINFIND search engine specific to Windows sources.

http://hmdejong.myweb.nl Outstanding site for over 1,500 freeware sites described and checked weekly. Also lists a number of free driver/DLL sites and gives recommendations for 'must have' freeware. Also, free and free graphics. A great site.

http://www.1001freefonts.com FREE FONTS.

http://www.acidfonts.com FREE FONTS

http://www.getfonts.com FREE FONTS

http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/ Tons of free fonts.

http://abstract.top20free.com DITTO

http://www.fontsville.com And more,

www.e4all.info Free drivers in all types, audio, video, modem, etc. as well as motherboard drivers and bios info. Download drivers. eMachine site.

http://cl.com.com/Click?q=18-WhnzI98QBXpDODpT6tOwqmGiCRRR Get the latest drivers for your hardware:

www.computerhope.com All sorts of drivers, software and other info available here.

//website.lineone.net/~phoenix_uprising/Sniper/Sniper.html DEVICE MANAGER error codes list. Explained. When there is a problem with either drivers or componets an error code is displayed with brief explanation. This site offers detailed explanations and suggests fixes. You can view drivers, display/change their properties, update, configure driver settings, and, if necesary, uninstall them.

http://www.generation.net/~hleboeuf/index.htm MS ERROR messages explained. Indexed by # and by .DLL name.

www.lifesci.utexas.edu/staff/zain/PAPRPORT Great place for .DLL files and other drivers.

www.analogx.com/contents/download/system/dllarch.htm DITTO

www.winguides.com Source for registry info, tweaks, drivers, anything for learning about windows. Also:http://www.winguides.com/registry/

www,accessmagazine.com Comprehensive list of tech support phone numbers. Click on HELP desk, then click on UNIVERSAL HELP.

accessmagazine.com Also for a list of dial up ISP providers list.

www.Expertcity.com A fee based cosulting service for computer repair. They can check your computer directly through your modem.

www.Protonic.com Computer questions answered within 24 hours.

www.majorgeeks.com Forum,, idea exchange, get FAQ's, questions answered. not necessarily high level. Lots of downloads nearly half of which are freeware.

http://www.blackviper.com (or www.blkviper.com) DITTO.

www.utilitygeek.com free diagnostics and utils. Lots of tech help/info.

http://www.sillyeagle.com Comprehensive tech/help site for computers.

http://www.compu-help.com Lots of tech help/info.

http://pcpitstop.com FREE diagnostics for the PC.

http://webservices.cnet.com/bandwidth/ bandwidth speed testor.

http://www.cyberwalker.net/archives.html Computer help site.

http://www.pctechguide.com Tutorials & tech help.

http://pcin.net/help/articles/index.php Tips, tricks, tweaks & HELP.

http://www.answersthatwork.com About what's running in the background. Computer tech info with archive. Lots of computer help.

http://www.infopackets.com/ Windows help desk, seems quite extensive and has searcher.

http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/utilities.shtml#top Hich tech, sophisticated utils for NT & WIN 2k. For a high level technitian.

www.PimpRig.com A MAJOR geek site with many tech links. For people who like computers 24/7.

www.labmice.net/articles Tech info/articles site.

www.CNETHelp.com Advice on everything from software to digital cameras.

www.CNET Catchup.com is now dead. It auto-upgraded your computer.

www.bigfix.com Is the upgrade service now recommended by Fred Langa.

http://www.langa.com/newsletters/2000/2000-11-09.htm#1 Reader-Recommended Update Sites

http://cl.com.com/Click?q=2d-OxXyIbKV-PjsHF-VM4LwkzUkrRRR - Get the latest software updates in our New Releases section:

//support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;EN-US;q142574& MS KnowledgeBase article on how to use mybriefcase in WIN 95 & WIN 98.

You can transfer files between two computers via direct cable.


windows2000/en/professional/help/where_mybriefcase.htm This LONG URL is Microsoft's detaled knowledge base that explains mybriefcasase in WIN 2000. W/links.

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/proddoc/default.asp Win2k HELP info to download.

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/reskit/Tools/default.asp Win2k RESKIT info & downloads. Win 2k RESKIT is included on the Win2k OS install disk (but not any OEM disk).

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/reskit/rktour/server/S_tools.asp 300+tools available on the Win2k SERVER disk and some of them are available here for free.

www.steelbytes.com/software.html Diagnostic Utils; FTP connection Utils; File transfer Utils and more, all FREE.

www.websitetips.com As it says. tips for web sites.

//bookmarklets.com Tiny PRG's that go in the favorites folder to work like specialized Utils and they are in JavaScipt.

www.whatis.com defines every baffling internet term you will ever encounterin a way mere mortals can understand.

www.Webopedia,com Online dictionary for tech terms.<http://www.crosstouch.com/techtionary/index_in.html> TECHtionary to define all technical terms.

http://www.computeruser.com/resources/dictionary/dictionaty.html Dictionary of computer terms explained.

http://www.stack.com/file/extensions Identify's file extensions and tells you how to deal with them.

www.pcwebopaedia.com DITTO DITTO

www.techweb.com/encyclopedia/ DITTO DITTO

www.starcomm.com/pages/glossary.html DITTO

http://whatis.techtarget.com Explains and defines computer terms and identify's file extensions.

http://www.glossarist.com A ton of glossary's for all sorts of purposes.

www.techtv.com/screensavers/downloadoftheday/archive TechTV tv show's archive site of freeware.

www.Key3Media.com Runs most of the computer shows in the Bay Area.

http://wwwiz.com Computer newspaper specializong in the Web/Internet.

www.thefreecountry.com Free software & tons of other free stuff for web designers and programmers & others interested in the subject. Programming languages stuff for FREE>

http://www.thefreecountry.com/Security/encryption.shtml More of above.

http://netsquirrel.com/combatkit Hoax Busters Clearng house for false anything.

http://HoaxBusters.clac.org DITTO DITTO

www.sendfakemail.com Use to send SPAM. Conceals location of original soyrce.

http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/forwards To discuss/forward e-mail jokes.

www.jumbo.com download trial versions

//thundercloud.net FREE wallpaper, screen savers and e-mail stationary.

http://www.digitalblasphemy.com Lots of really beautiful screen wallpapers.

//kickme.to/OTBsoft/ Out of the Box utils. 20 not necessary utils plus links to 9 other guys who write free software.

www.karenware.com/powertools/powertools.asp Rather good, 20 FREE UTILS

www.modemdoctor.com Sharewar for diagnosing modem problems, drivers, setup's.

www.Warp2Search.com FREE downloads, and other tech support, drivers, etc.

//freepctech.com/.index.php Free tech support and downloads, especially tech/diagnostic/support stuff.

www.thetechboard.com free tech support/info/kb's etc.

www.experts-exchange.com Forum for PC technitians. advice/help/ideas/ suggestions. Ask questions. Has keyword searcher.

www.helpwithpcs.com Free tech support for PC computers.

www.xvl.com Sells stuff, free stuff.

http://webforia.com Web Organizer ($99.95) and Reporter ($149.95) works and sorts what's alrady been found so that you can use it easily and quickly.

www.soft ??? Hot Swapping. Swap an IDE drive (but not "C" without re-booting. Can be tape drives, ZIP or LS120 drives, but not CD drives.

www.SharkyExtreme.com Articles and reprints.

www.internet.com Web newpaper.

www.yil.com Yahoo Internet Life Magazine Huge quantity web site indo

www.ZDnet.com Ziff Davis Publications: Huge amount of computer info including free downloads, tons of them.

www.idot.com computer isales site, cheap.

www.z-buy.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi Computer Technitions buying site.

www.crucial.com memory site. DITTO

www.pricewatch.com Buy anything at all for a computer, cheap. Compare prices/search.

http://www.shop4tech.com Sale of computer stuff, good prices, particularly in media. SAME AS PRICE WATCH.

www.techbargains.com A constantly chaning, last minute web site of really steep discounts on computers. You have to act fast.

www.switchouse.com To buy/sell new/used stuff, computers & otherwise. Not an auction.

www.download.com CNET FREE downloads.

www.eznet.com ZDnet link for lots of info.

www.softwareutilities.com/pkindex.htm Perfect Keyboard and other downloads.


//members.cox.net/scotterpops/downloads/system.html This and above have lots of useful utilities and system tweaks/repairers/diagnostics /editors and more.

http://quinntech.com/finder.gtml Country code finder.

www.refill-FAQ.de Site for answers on refilling ink cartridges on inkjet PRN's.

www.USA.CANON.COM Canon Printer/computer store site.

www.microsoft.com/downloads/search.asf?releaseid=32392 DOWNLOADS.

www.cooperstown.com/tips/ Can be a better way to get at MS's FREE downloads with better explanations.

www.gateway.com/index.shtml Gateway Products site. 5075 Junipeiro Serra, Colma, CA.

www.mundocorp.com Batteries and other parts for older Gateway computers.

<http://www.atbatt.com/search.asp?keyword=NEC+CP-570-61001&x=27&y=10> As a source forLi-ion batteries for lapiops.

<http://www.primecell.com/qli-Ion.htm> All that you could possibly want to know about Li-ion batteries.

www.securityfocus.com Get subscription to Bugtraq MS security failures exposed. & weaknesses.

//fixyourownprinter.com Good. They sell kits to repair common problems with LaserJets and other printers. They had kit for LaserJet feed problem.

www.alohabob.com Like LapLink. For transfering files between computers via a cable.

www.windows2000faq.com Answers to NT/2000 questions.

www.tweakxp.com/tweakxp For tweaking Windows XP I should check for older windows versions. EXCELLENT.

www.blackviper.com Rantss & raves for NT/2000/XP

www.neowin.net newsletter on 2000 & XP subjects.

www.annoyances.org ton of info from WIN 95 up and covers all sorts of problems. EXCELLENT.

www.xp-refresh.net All about refresh rates for gamers.

www.activewin.com/awin/default.asp Windows newsletter related to ActiveX

www.jsiinc.com/reghack.htm (sic) For windows NT/2000/XP only & only if paid. Searchable databsse of tips, tricks, tweaks. WIN 2k tips.

www.tipsdr.com Win 3.1 thru WIN XP tips. Covers all windows subjects & MS Office, MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS,and lots more. Very thorough. EXCELLENT.

www.pindersoft.com/Freeware.htm EXCEL workbooks, tips & tricks.

//researchindex.techrepublic.com/tr_index.jsp Computer research index.

www.infopackets.com FREE windows tech support.

www.NTcompatatible.com EIN NT/2000/XP stuff & info.

www.monitorsdirect.com/toolkit Software on this web site can test your monitors performance by running various tests and it tells you how to make adjustments. FAQ's and also sells monitors.

www.toast.net/performance FREE tests of your modem/computers thorughput performance.

www.efg2.com Computer lab & reference library.

www.karbosguide.com Computer reference/tutorials for hardware.

http://etcs.ext.missouri.edu/innercircuits/feb/feb00comptips.shtm Some computer tips of general interest.

http://www.ctips.com/ DITTO

http://malektips.envprogramming.com/ DITTO

http://www.com computertips.com/Default.htm DITTO w/search engine

http://www.boogiejack.com/computer_tips.html DITTO

http://www.worldstart.com/tips/index.htm DITTO

http://www.secretsof.com/computertips/ DITTO

http://www.thelaughin.com/tips.htm DITTO

http://www.dak2000.com/whatsdrewimages/2monitorpage.htm You can run two monitors from the same computer with WIN 98 or better. Mouse will move between the two just as if it was one big screen.

http://www.dak2000.com/GeekImages/Bacgroundprinting.htm Save toner, ink and time, by not printing the backgrounds.

http://www.tinyurl.com To save typing time on long URL's, go here, enter the long url ONCE. The site will assign a 4 number suffix which you write down so that you can go back any time you want without limit.

http://tinyurl.com/6185 Leads to lots of Google info on the Print Screen key.

http://www.maxpatchink.com/epsonclean.htn?pmnl Cleaning supplies and tricks to clean Epson and other inkjet printers printing heads.

www.digitalnowhere.com forums, tech adviced, downloads, news, reference, anti-virus, POP3 e-mail(free), and a lot more.

http://www.dvddecrypter.com/download.asp FREE software to copy DVD's and CD's, and the drivers to run them.

INFO: 1x CD-ROM's transfer at 150 kb/sec. 1x DVD's transfer at 1.35 Mb./sec.

http://cdinfo.com All you could possibly ant to know about CD's.

http://www.DVDForum.com FAQ's and all about different types of DVD.

http://www.DVDRW.com DITTO

http://www.dvddemystified.com DITTO

http://www.vcdhelp.com DITTO

http://www.anandtech.com DITTO More info....

http://support.microsoft.com/default.asp?scid=KB;en-us.q282784 Is the place to go to find out if you have all your Windows 2000 upgrades/updates installed and it tells you how to check. (Qfecheck).

For WIN 95 (Qfecheck) substitute q145990

For WIN 98 ditto substitute q206071

http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;319585 The place to go to if you have trouble with updates.

http://members.hyperlink.net.au/~chart/pci.htm PCI, AGP & CardBus info, reports system usage, andlots of other info. Covers PCI thoroughly.

http://www.webstrider.com/computer/ A portal with tons of links for anything related to computers.






www.ezboard.com For access to read Usenets/newsgroups without your ISP needing to supply you with its NNTP name. JUNO recommended.

www.talkdungeon.com DITTO DITTO.

//webmail.juno.com To get my JUNO e-mail from any computer in the world.

www.earthstation9.com More than just newsgroups. HUGE amount of links to all sorts of reference material and all tied in with newsgropus, etc.

http://www.faqs.org/faqs/index.html FAQ's re;lated to USENET.

http://newshub.com/tech/news-feeds/rightaway Re:n Tech, home: All types.May be errors in lat two sections. go to home.

//news.google.com Googles's newsgroup for fast breaking news.

www.botspot.com Get free bot utils for news groups, usenet groups. images downloading, etc.

http://www.webshots.com/home.html 31+ millions of FREE digital images to view and to use as desktop wallpaper.

http://www.myimager.com Online digital image editor, full featured, but limited to 200k .GIF's & .JPEG's.

http://www.gifworks.com DITTO, but .GIF's only.

http://angelfire.gifworks.com SAME, Manipulate .GIF's.

http://www.3dtextmaker.com Text maker for images, full featured.

http://www.cooltext.com DITTO.

http://www.flamingtext.com DITTO>

http://www.kodak.com/US/en/nav/takingPics.sh of digital images on this site from the folks at Kodak.

http://www.jgraff.addr.com/printpix.htm Easy Jpeg Printer saves paper. photo printing software.

http://www.netoffices.com/articles/software/iomegaphoto.htm Another alternative is Iomega Photo Printer.

http://atlantic.photoisland.com/photosharing/pprinterLE.html Yet another alternative is PhotoPrinter, but it's a large program.

http://www.digitalmediadesigner.com/splash/tutorialssplash.htm High tech imaging tutorials from Digital Media Designer.

http://clients.net2000.com/au/~johnf/fa.html FAQ site for news group as follows: news.alt.comp.freeware. For free news readers, go to:







wwws.sun.com/software/star/starsuite Version 6.0 of open source office suite. (Actually costs $29.00)

wwws.sun.comsoftware/staroffice/5.2/get/get.html Version 5.2 of above totally free. Requires 64Mb. RAM and 250 Mb.hard disk space.

www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/source/download.html Open Soutce download site for this Office Suite.

http://www.ooomacros.org/files.php?type=macro All sorts of different macros for Open Office, all of which are free.





www.harmsy.freeuk.com/SciRep/graphs/paper.html FREE printable graph paper.

www.farm.kuleuven.ac.be/pharbio/gpaper.htm DITTO

http://www.incompetech.com/beta/plainGraphPaper/ All sorts of free graph paper.




www.basicelectronnics.com Info on electronics.

//webhome.idirectcom/~jadams/electronics/index.htnl More electronics info.

www.electronictutorials.com More electronics info.

//twystedpair.com/index.html DITTO

www.iserv.net/~alexx/lib/tutorial.htm DITTO

//bftgu.solarbotics.net/starting_elecbasics.html DITTO

//webhome.idirect.com/~jadams/electronics DITTO

www.proaxis.com/~iguanalabs.Begtut.htm DITTO

http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/ DITTO

http://control.gsnu.ac.kr/~f007dan/cicuit/homepage.htm DITTO

www.epanorama.net Lots of info on electronics.

http://jever.phys.ualberta.ca/~gingrich/phys395/notes/node1.html An instructional page full of information on basic electronics.

http://www.chipcenter.com/onlinetools/main.htnl Online calculators, simulators and wizards for electronic design.

http://www.exlexp.cpm Electronics hobbiests tips & tricks.





www.monash.com/spidap.html Links to & all ratings, FAQ's, tutorials and info on search engines. Very thorough.

www.searchenginewatch.com info on search engines/evaluations. everything you've always wanted to know about search engines,lists, ratings, how each works.

//search.yahoo.com/search/syntax? Info on advance searching on Yahoo.

www.buyersindex.com Particulaarly for electronic items.

www.lookoff.com This is the search engine of search engines with tips/tutorials. Birddogs you to specific search engines for specific things.

www.phibot.com Search engine specifically for things scientific or mathematical.

www.alltheweb.com Good search engine, but not as good s Google. But now much better and like Google, will search for images, groups, etc.

www.itools.com s web pages, foreign words, into 24++ languages, currency converter, quotations, biographical data, graphical data, shipping rates and e-mai lists. Comptehensive Search Engine.

www.famous-quotations.com Quotation finder.

//creativequotations.com DITTO

//quotations.miningco.com DITTO]

http://www.famousquotes.com DITTO

www.weeks-g.dircon.co.uk/there_you_have_sought_on_a.htm DITTO

www.refdesk.com/factquot.html DITTO

www.startingpage.com/html/quotations.html DITTO

www.quoteland.com DITTO

www.4degreez.com/quotes/quotes.html DITTO

www.motivationalquotes.com DITTO

www.cyberquotations.com DITTO

www.nypl.org/research/chss/grd/resguides/quote.html DITTO (chk q's & g's)

http://www.famous-quotations.com Famous quotes by author, subject, group, etc.

www.timelesshemingway.com/hemquotefinder.shtml Quotes from Ernest Hemingway.

http://www.biblegateway.com Holy Bible search engine. Search for quotes, passages, concurance, etc.

http://phrases.shu.ac.uk Phrases, quotes, sayings, and cliche's & thier origins.

www.daypop.com Search engine for news sites.

www.iLor.com Uses Google technology, but goes one better by letting you create a list of links without leaving the results page.

www.Teoma.com Sorts results by sub-topic and lists them accordingly.

www.ditto.com Searches for pictures.

www.yahooligans.com Features kid appropriate sites.

backwash.com Sorts by personality type (film buff, empty nestor, Frat Boy).

www.kryltech.com Searches with many search engines at the same time, works in background and sorts by relevance. Much faster and more efficient.free lite or $29.95 registered.

www.directhit.com Good search engine.

www.HotBot.com Very extensive searcher for anything. Extremely comprehensive. Free.

www.hotbot.com Poor search engine. 'You Figure'.

www.metor.com European meta-search engine. Searches simultaneously with 8 engines.

www.alltheweb.com/advanced Meta-searcher engine which uses 8 engines simultaneously. Very good. Ranks them by relavance.

www.absolutetrivia.com GREAT search engine for all kinds of trivia.

www.recommend-it.com Search by 'word-of-mouth' recommendations.

www.thelinkhaven.com 1000's of various links, and not just limited to: Windows Resources; What's Cooking; .WAV Links (audio files); Home Works; Freeware, ETC.;

www.4comtech.com/vb/index.html Various custom search engines for special purposes such as: Reference, freeware, sports, news.etc.

www.brokescholar.com Search engine for finding college scholarships.

www.mysearchengines.com Allows you to set up your own personal page of the search engines of your choice.

www.ask-it-here.com Answers to any type of question from 400+ volunteer experts.

http://www.allsitecafe.com/search.html ALL search engines and Meta search enfines all on one page. Includes travel and MP3 and much,much more.

http://www.allsitecafe.com/software.html Software sites list.

http://www.allsitescafe.com/internet.html Internet sites/links.

www.askjeeves.com great search engine.

http://www.answers.com/ A very good search engine that is very similar to 'Ask Jeeves'.

www.ask.com for personal jeeves.

http://answerbus.com/cgi-bin/answerbus/answer.cgi Another GREAT search engine that works like sk Jeeves.

http://brainboost.com:444 A question type of search engine similar to Ask Jeeves. Very good.

www.learn2.com For quick answers on anything.

http://virtuallrc.com Virtual Learning Resources Center is a Meta Search Engine organized along the lines of the Dewey Decimal System

www.google.com this one searches 1.4 billion Web pages. Considered to be one of the BEST s.

http://www.googleblaster.com Google's multi-thread searcher. Meta-Search.

//toolbar.google.com To download the latest Google toolbar add-on for later versions of IE/OS's.IE

//labs1.google.com/keys Google's keyboard short cuts.

http://googleguide.com Learn to use google more effectively on this awesome fansite.

http://www.googleguide.com/search_by_number.html Find anything by a number: Area code, ZIP code, Aircraft N number, VIN number, KB number and more.,

http://www.nanpa.com Frequently updated area code list.

http://www.google.com/search?=keyboard+shortcut+windows+2000 (or 98)Links for Windows keyboard shortcuts. OR!

http://www.google.com/search?q=windows+keyboard+shortcuts will bring up 343,000 hits on this subject.

http://labmice.techtarget.com/article/keyboard.htm Ezxtensive list of Win2k keyboard shortcuts.

http://www.internet4classrooms.com/winkeyboard.htm3F1 windows KEYBOARD

keys fully explained using a picture of a keyboard. Just click on a key you are interested in to learn all its functions. Or change to .html#12

http://seoconsultants.com/windows/tips/keyboard-shortcuts.htm DITTO Keyboard shortcuts explained in full.

www.kartoo.com An excellent search engine that indexs with a map and that's by relevance using button size. Exceptionally well done.

http://www.touchgraph.com/YGGoogleBrowser.html Works like Kartoo, but with branches, and leads into Google. Requires Java JRE ver. 1.3.

www.juno.com/search Searh engine, not yet tried.

www.searchenginewatch.com Rates/compares various search engines and meta serach engines.

www.searchiq.com Web site to find search engines by catagory's. Very good.

www.ixquick.com finds the most 'top 10' placements among 14 search engines.

www,vivisimo.com Another highly rated meta-search engine that appears very good.

www.queryserver.com Ditto, ranks as to relevance.

www.metor,com DITTO DITTO

www.yahoo.com Best for browsing within a topic.

www.altavista.com DITTO

www.gurunet.com Within your document clickable, context sensetive search engine.

www.zapper.com Ditto Ditto

www.metacrawler.com Ditto Search engine for a bit of everything. Dis-prganized, you have to rummage.

www.SuperPages.com Business type of yellow pages w/maps. White pages also for people and usually gives an address w/map.

www.zagat.com find bistro's, cafe's, take-outs, coffeehouses, diners, hotels.etc.

www.mrwakeup.com A free service that does reminders:wakes you up in the morning, reminds you when to take your medication,etc.etc.

www.warbirdresourcegroup.org Warplanes research site.

www.ProFusion.com Another search engine.

www.topdownloads.net downloads and portals in many subjects. Quite comprehensive.

http://www.copernic.com/desktop/products/agent/compare.html You can see exactly what each version does and doesn't do in a comparison chart. The new 2002 Copernicx Agent fast search engine.

http://www.copernic.com/desktop/support/upgrade/index.html And if you're a current Copernic user, there are multiple upgrade options, too: Generally, if you have any 2000/2001 version of Copernic, you can upgrade to the same new Agent version for free. Upgrade details are listed here.

http://www.searchenginecollossus.com The ultimate collection of search engines by country, or by purpose. This is huge. International Directory of Search Engines.

http://www.anzwers.org/free/smitty An enormous number of links to places where you can find specific things. Kind of like Bob Marks web site. A search engine that can get you there fster and specifically.

I get frequent requests from frustrated acquaintences, as, and ezine readers who can't find what they're looking for with search engines. Here are some helpful web sites:

http://webquest.sdsu.edu/searching/fournets.htm Four Nets for Better Searching.

http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Help/search.html Search the Internet.

http://www.searchenginewatch.com/facts/index.html Searching Tips.

http://www.monash.com/spidap4.html A Helpful Guide.

http://www.rice.edu/fondren/tmp/netguides/strategies.html Strategies.

Tips for Searching. http://www.sws.uiuc.edu/search/ixtiphlp.asp

http://www.google.com/help/ Google Help Central.

http://www.googuide.com/ gooGuide is dedicated to all things Google.

http://www.search.com Searches many search engines at once. Effective.

http://www.momma.com Ask Momma. general search engine. Effective.

http://allonesearch.com/all1srch.html Good software search engine.

http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestions/ Enter a search term and this one will suggest all other search terms in the same catagory.





www.lindows.com Official Lindows site.

http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,587751,00.asp Lindows 2.0 review.




www.cdstomper.com Makes labels for CD's/ Most desireable &

be bought

www.BEneato.com DITTO

http://wordlabel.com/pages/template_1.htm FREE download of label templates for your label printing program, indexed by the Avery number and by their own.

www.memores.com DITTO Least desireable.




www.Real.com To download free copy of RealPayer which is sometimes need to play movies and other multimedia.

www.windowsmedia.com Ditto

www.quicktime.com Ditto

www.accessmagazine.com Comprehensive site for all kinds of info, freebees, games, etc. related to the web.

http://www.addictinggames.com Hundreds of different computer games, Tetris, etc.

http://www.20q.net The old twenty questions game on the computer. You can play it against the computer.






www.rinkworks.com/stupid Click on Nice Try section to read gross stupidity.

www.techtales.com/techroom.html More stupidities.

www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~moose/sysadmin/pricelist.html More.




www.plastic.com Without redeeming social value

www.suck.com DITTO

www.lonelyplanet.com Almost without DITTO

www.justsaywow.com/mil.htmFF May have some value if only I could get the links that I clicked on. Reall weird animals drawn in human form.

http://www.justlikeed.com/stripdir Strips digital images out of URL's

http://StripDir.com/sd DITTO, same place.

http://fusker.lewww.com/ DITTO

http://www.proxify.com Use to visit sites you do not want yur boos/spouse to know your visiting.

http://mailinator.com/mailinator/welcome.do Throw away email addresses.




http://www.makeupalley.com Reviews products and online stores.

http://www.beauty.com Online store.

http://www.sephora.com Online store.

http://www.makeupdiva.com makeup advice and info.

http://www.maq.com DITTO

http://www.mvm.com/mvmhome/jsp/home.jsp? My Virtuqal Model web site. It provides you with your own virtual model according to your body style (male or female) and demensions. Then you can visit various online, catalog retailers and try on their clothing in virtual mode.

http://www.stellure.com 3D hair styles virtual model to try different hair styles and/or colors. It can even use digital images of your own head so that you can become your ow virtual model.





www.maptech.com Terrain Navigator, download/print topo maps.

www.trailsillustrated.com topo help, tearproof maps,National Geographic site.

www.topo.com Sells Topo!GPS software and seamless set ofmaps w/elevation profiles.

www.cgrer.edu.uiowa.edu/servers/server_references.html HUGE index of all kinds of maps worldwide & aerial photo's all free.

www.waypoint.com Waypoint registry to register your campsite, business, etc.

http://www.topographix.com Waypoint lists for all 50 states. CA has 88,612 entrys. FREE.

http:////swopnet.com/waypoints/index.html Database of waypoints all over the world. Even for meteor craters.

www.gpss.co.uk Free windows mappiing software and digital maps for more than 100 contries.

www.gpsy.com/gpsinfo FAQ's and a massive index of links.




www.gps4fun.com Compares differnt units by intended funciton.

www.thegpsstore.com DITTO DITTO

www.navtechgps.com GPS printable link list, books,videos, tracking systems and deep technical expertise.




www.junkbusters.com Anti-junk mail, spam or anything else relatedly tyhat tries to take advantage of people and harass them.

http://www.Cloudmark.com Spamnet anti=spam PRG

http://mailfrontier.com/ ), MailFrontier.com's Matador

http://nocall.doj.state.ca.us To get on the national NO JUNK PHONE CALLS list.




http://www.spychecker.com/ FREE Anti-Spyware, firewalls, IE cleanup, cookie managers, encryption & MORE. info/software sites.

http://www.tom-cat.com/spybase/spylist.html DITTO

http://cexx.org/adware.htm DITTO

http://home.tvd.be/ws36178/security/spylist.html DITTO

http://www.simplythebest.net/info/spyware.html DITTO

http://www.spywareinfo.com Info on defeating spyware.

http://www.pestpatrol.com All sorts of anti-spam stuff.

http://www.pestscan.com online spyware search tool, free, from above.

http://doxdisk.com/parasite Another good, recommended FREE spyware checker.

http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_antispyware.htm Warns of false or trickster type of anti-spyware type of sitew.

http://www.geek-girls.com/net_hijack.htm This site primerily deals with your computer being hijacked, and what to do about it.




If your wallet is stolen it is best to notify everybody right away, especially the credit reporting services, so that they know you azre acting in good faith. And also file a police report immediately.


Equifax 1-800-525-6285

Experian (formerly TRW) 1-888-397-3742

Trans Union 1-800-680-7289

SS administration (raud) 1-800-269-0271

Visa card 24/7 customer service# 1-800-423-4343