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JumpKnowledge - emailing webpages and ordered discussions

review by Edgar Javison, Phillipine Islands, Mar 2006


Clif, here's a review I wrote about JumpKnowledge. Hope you find it useful.


I have come across many websites that allow one to "send to a friend" the page you are viewing. However, when you do this, what your friend receives is a link to that page, not the page itself. This is worse especially if that page is password-protected.


Thus, every time I want to send a page I’ve visited to my friends, I used to copy the entire page and paste it on the email message I am composing to them. In some cases, the images on the webpage I am sending can be copied to the email messages. In other instances, it can’t.


Not until I stumbled across JumpKnowledge. As

Relevance Technology (the author of JumpKnowledge) says,

jkn.com is JumpKnowledge, a collection of free services to enhance email. Use jkn to email a web page or use jkn to have an orderly discussion. jkn uses your existing email accounts for a seamless, transparent experience. Once you start using jkn, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.


With JumpKnowledge, you can email any web page (the entire page, mind you, without having to cut and paste), or a link (if you so desire), and even have an email discussion with somebody (the email you receive will show your entire discussion from the moment it started, thus saving you the trouble of looking for the previous email that caused the reply. It’s just like chatting with somebody - but on email!)


Not only that. You could choose to add a toolbar to your browser, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape. In Internet Explorer, it adds three buttons to the LINKS toolbar (email page, email link, email message). In Firefox, it adds the Amazing Webpage Emailer extension (which can be accessed through the File menu of Firefox). I haven’t tried it in Netscape, as I’m not using that browser.


When you register at the site, you are provided with an address book that allows you to add the email addresses you often send pages to. You can import the email addresses from Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail and Plaxo, among others. They say they don’t save passwords when you do this. (Site Advisor gives the site a green mark - which means it is safe.)


I’m glad I found this site. Now, I can forward pages debunking many hoaxes and urban legends that my friends are fond of forwarding to me, without having to fill the clipboard (and my Clipboard Diary) with copied pages!


Try JumpKnowledge


Edgar Javison