Tip for Windows 2000 update

from BillAllin, Jul 2006


Bill Allin wrote in with this valuable Win2k tip


Hi Clif,


Below is a note I sent to my international group about a Windows 2000 update problem that some computers have, while others don't. It's likely too long for your newsletter, but you could cut it down if you want.


If you dutifully downloaded the Microsoft security updates on Update Tuesday this month (the second Tuesday of each month) and your operating system is Windows 2000, you might have experienced a problem. One of the security updates easily installed in some Win2K machines, while it could not be installed in others. For the latter, the small globe-like icon in the system tray keeps trying to tell you that an update has been downloaded, but needs to be installed. Yet when you try to install it, the update doesn't install.


The problem is with Microsoft. That security update file was for XP. It was never intended for Win2K. So with some configurations of Win2K, the file simply won't install.


Microsoft has in the works a patch (it's in the hands of its developers now) that will become public about July 22-24. The patch will come out as a separate release. The patch will allow the security update that has been spinning its wheels for a couple of weeks to finally be installed.


Not that the installation will do any good, as Win2K doesn't have that particular security hole. But it will stop the annoying reminder icon from appearing in the system tray.


So watch for the next patch from MS on or after July 22.

Meanwhile, just ignore the reminder icon.



Bill Allin


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