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JetLinks - multibrowser bookmark manager

review by ClifNotes, Jul 2006

a reader asks, and a reader answers


Last week, I posted a question from Rick C about combining bookmarks from his multiple browsers ...


between IE, Firefox and Opera i have acquired in excess of over 3500+ favorites on my favorite list between all my computers and browsers, i would like to combine them all together and be able to access ALL of them from any computer perhaps via e-mail would be the best, alphabeticallized would be great. Do you know of any such program?


Peter read this question and wrote me with the answer he's been using ...


I have been using a free program called Jetlinks from: http://www.dahlhoff-it.com/13.html

It does everything I need including combining Favourites fron different browsers etc. Very good application.


Note: the author's website is gone. JetLinks is still available here:



I decided to try out JetLinks and I have to agree with Peter. It's a very good program. It supports importing bookmarks from 3 different browsers, IE, Netscape, and Opera. I found that I was able to import Firefox bookmarks by opening up the bookmark manager and exporting the bookmarks to a bookmarks.html file. Once that was done, I made JetLinks import the html file as if it belonged to Netscape.


I also found that JetLinks can export to those three browsers as well. If the export format isn't what you want, it can save the bookmarks as a "JetLinks" file, whick is actually an XML file. Generally, once you have an XML file, the information in the file can be easily accessed by other applications.


Finally, I played around with the JetLinks program and copied it's program folder to my thumbdrive. It seems to work ok as a stand-alone or portable application so you can take it with you wherever you go.



Quote from the author's website

General information

All complete JetLinks downloads contain the main JetLinks program files and complete online help. Online help is only available in english. The main JetLinks program can speak english AND german. JetLinks is essentially freeware, please have a look at the license information displayed during installation for details. JetLinks does not contain any kind of SpyWare.


Personal reviews from Download.com



The author's website



Comments from Mike B

You might start by looking at these products:

Powermarks www.kaylon.com

Linkman www.outertech.com

LinkStash www.rosecitysoftware.com

Bookmark Buddy www.bookmarkbudy.net

urlBase www.terriadev.com

netmarks www.wetasoft.com (may be out of biz)


I am still looking for an easy to use and logically searchable bookmark utility.


Comments from Philip G

I have a similiar problem but not to the same extent! Mine only go into the hundreds.


I mainly use Firefox, so that is my main bookmarking tool. When ever I find a site that I like in another browser, I cut and paste into the Firefox toolbar, click, and add to favourites.


The reason for this is my favourites in Firefox are organised into an alphabetical list of folders and then filed as subjects eg space.com is in the Astronomy folder, which is filed in the A folder.


Every now and then I sort them alphabetically by using the Windows sort feature on the actual folder.


I also export the favourites to My Documents. When Firefos exports My Favourites, it exports the as an HTML file, sorted as they appear in the browser.


Hopes this help and not confuses!


Comments from Eli C

To combine the bookmarks I would simply install a Mozilla based browser and then get it to import bookmarks from all the different browsers on the system one by one, until you collect all your bookmarks in one Mozilla HTML Bookmark file somewhere in your application data folders.


On my Firefox, when I select the import bookmarks feature, these are the options I get:


Comments from Aggie75

I stopped using bookmarks several years ago for this very reason. I now only use tags in del.icio.us with my Firefox del.icio.us extension. Any webpage you want to bookmark, just click on the "tag this" icon, select some tags (del.icio.us provides you a suggested list)and click on save. Now you can access your "bookmarks" from any computer by signing on to your del.icio.us account (free of course). Added bonus is all the websites available to you that others have tagged. My advice -- ditch the bookmark concept and go with tagging!