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Intercept - stop the mother ship or die

review from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Games


Here's another game from the author of MrBlocko. This game puts you in control of a one man ship that must defend it's city from an attack by a massive alien mother ship. The game is made more difficult because the author included some A.I. in the game which decides the attacks that are more effective against you.


The download is small and if you download the RAR archive, you don't have to install it. Just unpack the RAR into a folder and start strafing.


I love the game but I'm getting frustrated. The mother ship pwns me in the second level every time!

See the fast action below in this trailer.


Quote from the website

Defend the Earth from a huge battleship in this classic, bullet-hell shooter, akin to such games as Ikaruga and Giga Wing. Beware however, as the enemy will change its tactics dependingon its arsenal's effectiveness in battle, focusing its firepower on what actually works!