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instaSaver - create your own screen savers

Notes from ClifNotes, Jan 2008, permalink Desktop Tools


Here's a tip from Brandon Watts at Lockergnome.com.


Quote from the website

I used to be into screensavers back in the day, but nowadays, I don’t really care which one I use. I’ll usually just pick one that’s been included with the operating system, tweak one or two of the basic settings, and then call it a day. The only time that I’ll ever have to mess with it again is if something somehow goes wrong with it. Screensavers used to provide a good way to personalize your computer, and I suppose they still do, however, I don’t even remember the last time that I downloaded one. A Web service called instaSaver enables you to create screensavers that contain your favorite pictures, and it just might give me the push that I need to get back into these visual distractions.


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