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Insert ToggleKey - making the insert key behave

recommendation from Ocean, Sept 2006, permalink


I occasionally stop by and visit alt.comp.freeware to see what's happening there. Last week, I got involved in a discussion about the freeware from Mike Lin (all good). Ocean posted what she considers a must have for herself.


From Ocean

InsertToggle Key (ITK) is on that same page by Mike Lin. It's a neat little utility that I cannot do without. I'm always hitting the Insert key accidentally. Now I hear a beep whenever I do it, so I can press the key again to turn off Overtype. Just create a shortcut for ITK in your All Users Start Menu/Startup folder, and it'll start with Windows for any user that logs on.



http://www.mlin.net/files/itk_setup.exe (77k self-extracting setup)


Ocean (Seamaiden)

Freeware Researcher


*Oceans of Freeware - Your Resource for Everything Free*




Thanks for the great tip Ocean!


Be sure to drop by and visit Ocean's website. She doesn't have much there yet, but it's an eye pleaser. Don't be concerned if you see a SiteAdvisor alert for her site. Her host domain has the bad marks, not her website.