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Quote from the website

Incognito can be used from either a CD or a USB drive and has several Internet applications (Web browser, IRC client, Mail client, Instant messenger, etc.) pre-configured with security in mind, and all Internet traffic will be anonymized. To use it, you simply insert the CD or USB that you have installed Incognito on in a computer and restart it. Incognito should then start as an independent operating system instead of Microsoft Windows or whatever operating system you have installed. It is also possible to run Incognito as a guest operating system inside Microsoft Windows by simply inserting the media while Windows is running which should present you with a menu.





Incognito - live CD for anonymous surfing

Posted by ClifNotes, Apr 2008, permalink - Security Tools - Operating System


Drop this CD or USB stick into a PC and presto! Once it boots, you will be inside a PC that can surf the web anonymously. Good for public PCs and Internet Cafes.


Here's a bit of an article from the Anonymous Living blog.

Incognito is yet another Linux Live-CD for network anonymity when you are on the movie. It’s based on Gentoo Linux and boots into a complete Linux system where all the network traffic goes through the Tor onion router.


The CD comes in a “small” version with Firefox, Fluxbox as as window manager and Tor/Privoxy and a full version with KDE and a whole lot of network security tools.

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