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Internet Explorer Fitted-Width Printing

Website - Freeware

comments by Christopher, Jack and Clif on 28 Oct 2005



Notes from Clif

Apparently, it's sometimes aggravating to print from Internet Explorer. This program looks so simple that maybe Christopher's comments are perfect. I rarely print out pages in Internet Explorer, but if I did it often, I'd sure give this one a try.


Comments from Christopher

I'm using the visiontech it works.


Comments from Jack at "Ask Jack"

Internet Explorer for Windows is terrible at printing, and it still does not have the "shrink to fit" option that is in IE5 on the Mac. This won't be fixed until IE7 appears for Windows. Fortunately, Visiontech Ltd has written a little add-on to do the job ...



Quote from Visiontech

Have you ever printed a web page only to find that the right-hand edge is missing? This is for you. First, this download page will install the control. After installation, close the browser window and reopen a new one. You should have a new printer icon with a small 'W' next to it on the toolbar. Press this to bring up a print dialog which will then print the page fitted to the width of your paper. Alternatively, hold down the Control key while pressing the button and you will get a print preview instead.