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IconTweaker - dress up your desktop icons

review from BearBottoms, Nov 2006, permalink, _ Desktop Tools


I sometimes visit Alt.Comp.Freeware to see what's going on. I just happened to find this mention of IconTweaker in one of the threads.


From BearBottoms

IconTweaker allows you to customize Windows with different sets of icon themes. It comes with several themes to choose from and additional ones can be added later. You can choose to change all icons according to the theme, and also set different icons for selected files and/or folders. The program provides an easy to use interface, and can restore your original icons at any time.




Elis_Jay replied back

great icons. I downloaded over 50 megs worth


Quote from the website

Give your desktop a personal look by changing the default Windows icons. You can also modify individual icons of drives and folders to be able to recognize their contents easily.


Using the available themes you can apply set of icons at once. Designers can create themes to share their icons with other people. Many themes with beautiful icons are already included and ready to use.