How many browsers do you have installed?

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I recently saw a post in the Freeware Forum that I couldn't resist replying to.

How many browsers do you have installed?


There were 30 posts there when I entered. Often the comments included not only how many browsers that they had, but which were their favorites. Click the link above to check it out.


Here was my answer:


How many browsers do I have installed?


One and only because it comes with Windows. (IE7)


I don't install browsers any more, but I have several in fact.


I use Firefox for every day use because I love the addons (extensions). I also have Opera, Avant, Seamonkey, K-meleon, Chrome, OperaTor, OffByOne, Maxthon, Netscape, xB and maybe one or two I've forgotten.



Almost every browser you guys have mentioned above has a "portable" install.

(all links above are to a portable version)


In many cases, that means you simply download a zipped file, then unpack it into a folder on your PC. Next, you create your own link to the executable where you want it.


I always unpack my portables in a folder I named "Portable". Haha, rather unique name eh?

I have over 150 portable programs in my Portable folder.


Why would I want to use Portable apps?


1. No registry entries are written in most cases.

That means far fewer system errors due to invalid registry entries.


2. No new DLLs showing up in my system folder

Another huge cause of system crashes or unexplained problems


3. Easy to uninstall

Just delete the program folder


4. No hidden or "optional" installs

Don't you hate the Yahoo or Google toolbar "optional" installs?


5. Less chances of spyware or malware being installed silently with your app

The bad guys don't really like portable apps. They want to muck up your registry and hide stuff all over your hard drive.


Need help finding a portable app to use? Most are only a Google away. If you really have a tough time finding what you want, it's probably not an easy app to turn into a portable.


Good places to find portables? (some come in exe format, but still only upack in one location that you choose)

My fav?


Have fun!


What's your answer? You can either comment here below, or join up at the Freeware Forum. My old friend, Coathanger, the forum owner, is happy to see new faces.


Update: Since writing the above, I've also found PortableSafari and Portable IE7.