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How do you burn AVI files to a DVD or SVCD?

Posted by ClifNotes, Jan 2008, permalink CD-DVD Burning Tools


This week I was trying out freebie tools that were supposed to convert an AVI movie. I wanted to burn it to a SVCD so that I could watch it in a DVD player.


In case you weren't aware, an SVCD is a digital format for storing video on standard CDs that's supposed to work just like a DVD in most DVD players. This would be great for me since I don't have a DVD burner on any of my computers.


Each time the tools I tried would fail at some point into the process. The options and details needed to do this are very confusing to me. I even found a great tutorial at AfterDawn to help me do it.


Here are the tools I tried.





Those were all free solutions but none worked for me. Do you have any suggestions?


Quote from the Doom9 website

A while ago DVD2SVCD got another feature: create (S)VCDs and DVDs from AVI sources. DVD2SVCD is pretty flexible towards this account and it can even handle AVIs with AC3 sound (thought AVIs with multiple audio sources, OGMs and subs aren't possible - actually subs are possible but it's outside the scope of this guide). Though starting out from a non DVD source is really not such a great idea, you'll notice what I'm talking about when you watch your SVCD on your PC and compare with the original.