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Gizmo tries out HIPS protection programs

comments from ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink _ Security Tools


The last time I talked about this type of security software, I was calling it Intrusion Detection Software. This year it's being called HIPS, which means Host based Intrusion Prevention Software.


My favorite HIPS is WinPatrol, but I'm very interested in seeing what the newest security programs are doing. It looks like my software will have to be updated or added to sometime soon. There are some really wicked malwares out there and I've probably been lucky so far.


Gizmo, the editor of Tech Support Alert newsletter, has spent a great deal of time recently while he tried out six of the best programs in this field. I'd be wrong to ignore his findings and I hope you'll take time to read them.


The good news is that at least one he likes, Cyberhawk, is freeware.


Six HIPS Programs Reviewed and Rated


Quote from Gizmo

Products like WinPatrol and Prevx home are classic HIPS products. They are non-signature based security products that monitor specific program behaviors and alerted the user if there is a problem. For example when a new program starts the user is warned and asked whether the program should be allowed to run. Most users can get their head around that idea. They have used such products or experienced similar behavior from their firewall.