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HaloScan - free comment system for websites and blogs


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Quote from the website

HaloScan∞ provides a free, easy-to-use commenting and trackback system for weblogs∞ and websites, allowing visitors to leave instant feedback.


By copying and pasting just two lines of code into your site, you will enable your visitors to easily leave their feedback, opinion or a comment on the subject at hand. Full install instructions are available for a wide range of blog publishing tools.


· Easy, two-step installation on any weblog or webpage

· View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page

· Ban offensive commenters by single IP or an IP range

· Customizable comment window through CSS or the HTML template editor

· Hundreds of user-submitted templates to pick from

· Worldwide time-zone and character encoding support

· RSS-XML feed/syndication

· Email notification of new comments

· And a lot more...


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September 23, 2006 articles.


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