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Google Pages

by SarahInTampa, Feb 2006



News from Sarah

Just when you thought Google had slowed down there for a minute....well, they're at it again! The latest offering from the web giant is Google Pages. Google Pages is an online WYSIWYG editor for creating and publishing "useful, attractive web pages in just minutes." Google Pages are hosted by Google, of course, at ( http://yourgmailusername.googlepages.com ). As of right now, they are not taking any more signups, but you can fill in your email address to be notified when they are ready. Who wants to bet this will soon be integrated into Gmail somehow? I'm betting that Google Pages/Gmail users' website URLs will automatically show up in their Gmail contact information form -- a field that is still curiously missing, forcing you to store this info in the "notes" section. Not too handy for business contacts, is it?


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