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Google Notebook - a clipboard for the web

Posted by ClifNotes, Jun 2008, permalinkWeb ServiceBrowser Tools


I've been using Google Notebook for several months now. I didn't realize how much I've come to depend on it until I thought I couldn't use the Notebook addon in Firefox 3. Fortunately, it works quite well in all versions of Firefox.


The Google Notebook service is simple to sign up for. If you already have a Google account or Gmail, it's even easier. Just go to the Google Notebook home page to get in on the action.


Once you load the Notebook addon to your browser, it's a fast and easy way to clip parts of web pages and store them for use later. Like many Google services, the Notebook is fully searchable so it's usually simple to find something you clipped weeks or even months ago.


Quote from the website

Clip useful information.

You can add clippings of text, images and links from web pages to your Google Notebook without ever leaving your browser window.


Organize your notes.

You can create multiple notebooks, divide them into sections, and drag-and-drop your notes to stay organized.


Get access from anywhere

You can access your Google Notebooks from any computer by using your Google Accounts login.


Publish your notebook

You can share your Google Notebook with the world by making it public.


To make Google Notebook really useful, you need to install the browser addon. It's available for Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Downloading this extension gives you access to the mini Google Notebook feature, which allows you to:

• Clip and collect information as you surf the web.

• Stay in your browser window.

• Organize your notes from the web page you're on.




Sign up for Google Notebook



Download the web browser addon