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Google Calendar - great online calendar for you or your organization

Posted by ClifNotes, Apr 2006, Updated July 2008, permalink Notes and Reminders


If you want a great online calendar, you'll find it hard to beat Google Calendars. GCal is well integrated into the famous online Gmail online email service and you can set up and manage multiple GCals all on the same page. You can even view and interact with other people's calendars. It's especially useful as a free calendar for groups, companies, and organizations, since everyone can see the same calendar.


Tip from a reader:

Google has a program that will sync the Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook's calendar. You can find it here.

Brian Robertson


Here's an old quote from April of 2006 when GCal first came out:

From Sarah in Tampa: Google Calendar is finally here! It's really easy to use, especially with the "natural language processing" technology of the "quick add" feature that allows you to enter events like "dinner Saturday with Joel at 8 pm." Each event can be edited with details about when, where, time, etc., but you can also make the event public or private and invite guests (bye-bye, Evite?) You can let the guests view the guest list or view the guest list and invite others to attend. Of course you can also configure reminders, which can come via email, SMS, and/or pop-ups. Outlook (.csv) and iCal calendars can be imported into Google Calendar and you can share your calendar with others. I signed up right away, now I just need events to enter!