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Gom Encoder - convert any video you can play

Posted by ClifNotes, Apr 2009, permalink Video-Encoders-Converter


This week, I was searching for a good portable version of Gom Player. I never did find a good one. There are some stand-alone versions available on the net but I've noticed that the Portable Freeware site says that they leave registry entries behind. So I more or less gave up on it.


While I was searching, I found out that Gom has a great encoder tool and they claim that any video you can play in the Gom Player can be converted using their Encoder. Super!


I downloaded and installed it. No problems there. However, the very first video I tried to convert didn't work. I wanted to convert a SWF file into AVI. I can play the SWF file in GOM, but the encoder couldn't convert it. Big FAIL, unless I did something wrong. I also noted that they embed a small Gom Encoder logo into the first few seconds of the video. That's fine with me, but I'm sure there are a few people who'd object to it.


On the up side, I had no problem converting other file types and you can see the results of one conversion here:

 IceAge3 Movie Trailer  AVI to FLV then uploaded to Fliqz


I can very much recommend Gom Encoder for it's ease of use and it's the perfect companion for the Gom Player which has been recommended to me many times by some of the readers here. 



GOM Encoder Features

  • Convert any video files that can be played with GOM Player
  • Embed subtitles to the video (you can see subtitles on the resulting video even if your device doesn’t support subtitle)
  • Encode just once to convert your video files into MP4/3GP/SKM format playable on your mobile phone, PSP and iPod
  • Convert video files to AVI format playable on PMP and DivX players
  • Convert video files to WMV format for your homepage or blog
  • Convert video files to OGM/AVI for your PDA
  • Convert video files to Flash format (FLV)
  • Stable encoding
  • Fast encoding (even faster on Dual Core or Hyper-Threading CPUs)
  • Convert only parts of a video
  • Adjust playback speed on the resulting video file
  • Supports 2Pass encoding, resulting in higher quality video output
  • You can convert any movie files that are playable on GOM Player to AVI, MP4, WMV/ASF, OGM, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MP3 and etc.
  • You can enjoy the files you've converted on your cell phone, MP3 player, iPod, PSP/PS3, PMP, navigation or other multimedia devices.