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Gmail's spam filters - how good are they?

tip from BillWebb at LockerGnome, Sept 2006, permalink


Here's another great article about spam prevention from Bill's Webb. He has set up a system that is close to 100% effective at eliminating spam.


Quote from Bill

This is about Gmail’s spam filters. I just did a month of informal checking. I have about a dozen Gmail accounts, all filtering into one “master” account that I never use online. (Gmail allows you to forward everything to one account, and your replies to those messages automatically go out from the original address; no one knows where you sent it from.)


Some of my addresses, such as eldergnomie at you-know-where, collect as many as 2000 pieces of spam a month, and a couple collect that in less than a week. In the 30 days prior to Sept. 1, the total from all accounts was 15,687 pieces - roughly 520 a day. In addition to those, 276 got through to the master account ... read more


Thanks for collecting this information Bill. I think the filters are good, not perfect but much better than Yahoo's and at least as good as Hotmail's.