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glJakal's To Do - helps you stay organized

Posted by ClifNotes, May 2008, permalink Notes and Reminders


People write me with tips all the time. I love it. Here's a tip from Blll. (or is it Bill?)


From Blll: This is a ToDo list which might be useful for people. Several users of The Master Genealogist program use it with TMG.


Note1: The Master Genealogist application looks great, but it's not free. Do you know about any free genealogy programs that are free and useful? (comment below)


Note2: I've been wanting to try another nice looking ToDo manager called Remember The Milk. If you have tried this Gmail Firefox extension, be sure to tell me about it in the comments below.


Note3: If you're a web 2.0 freak, you might like the Todoist web service.


Quote from the website

• Simple You don't need a degree in computer science to use it!

• Graphical Important tasks are marked in red, normal ones are in green and not-so-important ones are in blue. This way you can immediately identify what needs to be done first!

• Smart Gljakal's to do remembers your preferences, from the window position to the last file used, which is automatically open on start!

• Accessible Control every action with your keyboard, even when you don't have the to do window open!

• Printer friendly You can print your to do list, in case you need to share it with friends or colleagues.

• On Top If you want, To Do will be always shown over other windows.

• Detailed You can type a detailed description for every thing you have to do, using multiple colors and fonts!

• Hierarchical To do items are displayed in a tree-structure, so you can define a series of sub-projects and actions for each of your projects.

• 100% Windows XP™ compatible Your preferences are yours, not your sister's! That's why every windows user has his own "to do" settings.

• 100% free No hidden catch, no strings attached. Spyware and virus free