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Furl - Social bookmarking service

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reviewed by ClifNotes in Oct 2005



I've recently been playing with a few of the social bookmarking services. The first I tried was StumbleUpon and then Del.icio.us, and now I've tried Furl. Hazie, one of the readers here recommended it and I have to agree that it's a great free service.


Unlike some of the other services like this, it doesn't require an installed toolbar to use it. In fact, it works in almost any browser that supports java script. Furl provides you with a java bookmark that you can drag onto your personal link bar or put into favorites in your browser. When you click on the "Furl It" bookmark, a small window pops up and allows you to add information about the page you are surfing on at the moment. All the members of Furl can see each other's public bookmarks and share them if they want to. The signup process is simple and you can keep private bookmarks there as well as your public ones. Take a look at my Furl to see what it looks like.


My recent Furls. The # signs are my comments on the Furled (bookmarked) pages.



Furl will archive any page, allowing you to recall, share, and discover useful information on the Web. Browse your personal archive of Web pages, and subscribe to other archives via RSS.