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F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Eliminator - be sure you are clean

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Security Tools


I install and try hundreds of freebie programs every year. I can't recall the last time I was seriously infected with spyware or malware (keeping fingers crossed). I think this is because I can usually spot a scam program easily and I always use PC monitoring software like WinPatrol, backed up by a good anti-virus program like AvgAntiVirus and a good software firewall like OnlineArmor.


That doesn't mean I'm fearless. I am afraid of one malware type more than any other. That would be rootkits. I have tried several types of rootkit scanners over the last few years.


A few I've tried ...







I'm happy to say that F-Secure now offers a good free scanner. I haven't used the BlackLight scanner much but here is some info from PC World and from the F-Secure website.


PC World editor's review Source

One of the more esoteric but dangerous pieces of malware that might infect you is a rootkit. This software uses tricky techniques to shield itself from many anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-virus programs. A rootkit hides deep in your system, and allows someone to take complete control of your PC without your knowledge. Rootkits typically are spread online in a variety of ways, such as riding along on another download.


Some anti-virus tools, such as Avast, claim to detect and kill rootkits. Many don't. But even if you are using an anti-virus tool that claims to detect them, you can't be too safe. So you'd do well to download, install, and use F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Eliminator, a freebie designed to do one thing, and one thing alone: detect and kill rootkits.


Quote from the website

What is F-Secure BlackLight?


F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology detects objects that are hidden from users and security tools and offers the user an option to remove them. The main purpose is to fight rootkits and all kinds of malware that use rootkits. The F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology works by examining the system at a deep level. This enables BlackLight to detect objects that are hidden from the user and security software.

Software description

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