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Freeware Reviews

What is FreeWare?

I can't always offer you true freeware, but if it's got strings attached, I'll generally tell you what they are.


If you have a favorite free program you don't see below, maybe you can write your own review of it.


Newer reviews are here: http://clif-notes.blogspot.com

Lijit Search


Recent (unfiled) reviews



Appetizer - portable and slick looking app launcher -

Muziic Player - a YouTube music video player

Play Doom, Hexen and Heretic in your web browser

Learn Out Loud - download MP3 audio books -

PhoneTray - block sales calls -

Firefox plugin: Drag & Drop.io -

Free OCR - online service -

PhyreFile - free image hosting is simple -

Monkey Puppet sings Michael Jackson tunes -




Do you have the Conficker Virus? -

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware - good anti-spyware and trojan scanner -

Gom Encoder - convert any video you can play -

Never give up, GET BACK UP! -

A little Skepticism is healthy -

What did a gallon of gas cost in 1960? -

Living with Pigs -

Do you dream of Electric Sheep? -




Comodo Antivirus - another free AV alternative

SUMo - software update manager

Launchy - stop searching for programs

Karen's Replicator - easy scheduled file backups

Will you like Internet Explorer 8?

Xenocode - Try all the web browsers without installing them

MenuMaid - clean up the right click menus



LastPass - you don't have to remember more than one password •

Pixlr - online image editor kicks mspaint to the curb •

Xenon Portable File Manager - lets you open apps on your thumbdrive, not the host pc •

TKexe Kalendar creates photo calendars of any size •

PCLinuxOS - great Linux live CD and installed OS •



Digital Clip Factory - easy to use photo to video tool •

WinSplit Revolution

Snowbird Search - still very fast but has a new look and new features • 

Can you replace Windows default search?postCount('RerouteXpSearch');

Freebyte Task Scheduler - small and portable automation • postCount('FreebyteTaskScheduler');

Print What You Like - website helps you save paper • postCount('PrintWhatYouLike');



Tabbloid.com - have RSS feeds sent to your email • postCount('TabbloidDotCom');

ActiveFreeStuff.com - all kinds of stuff, no money needed • postCount('ActiveFreeStuff');



SkyDrive adds more storage and bulk file upload toolpostCount('SkyDriveUploadTool');

Easeus Partition Manager - great free hard drive helper • postCount('EaseusPartitionManager');

NewsGator FeedDemon - the best of both online and on PC • postCount('FeedDemon');

Kantaris Media Player - open-source alternative to Windows Media Player • postCount('KantarisMediaPlayer');

Google Docs Uploader - an easy way to take your office docs into Google Docs • postCount('GoogleDocsUploader');

tinySpell - a tiny spell checker for Windows • postCount('TinySpell');



Download.com reveals the worst downloads of 2008postCount('WorstDownloadsOf2008');



How do you burn AVI files to a DVD or SVCD?postCount('HowDoYouBurnAviToDvd');

Advanced SystemCare Free - are tuneup utilities like this any good? • postCount('AdvancedSystemCareFree');

IconsExtract - free stand-alone tool to grab icons and cursors • postCount('IconsExtract');

MadEdit - lots of functions in a clunky looking interface • postCount('MadEdit');

Virtual Studio Technology plugins - links from a master musician • postCount('VstPluginLinks');



The Windows 7 Beta is out there, have you tried it?postCount('Windows7Beta');



50 Free Internet Tools for Tin-Foil Hat WearerspostCount('FiftyToolsForTinHatters');



Outlook Export - helps move emails to other applications • postCount('OutlookExport');

My time with Ubuntu - freedom isn't always easy • postCount('MyUbuntu');

Returnil Virtual System - super protection from malware or accidents • postCount('ReturnilVirtualSystem');

Iron - portable web browser without Google spies • postCount('IronChrome');

Golden Rules Organizer - java based project and contacts manager • postCount('GoldenRulesOrganizer');

Dexpot - up to 20 virtual desktops • postCount('DexPot');



Daves Freeware Forum - got questions or tips about freeware? • postCount('DavesFreewareForum');

Freeware Mission - how can you use only freeware? • postCount('FreewareMission');



SaveIt - Locking Programs and Files with a password • postCount('SaveIt');

Driver Backup2 - free portable Windows Drivers backup and restore • postCount('DriverBackup2');

PicPick - great free portable screenshot capture • postCount('PicPick');

Recuva - undelete and recover files • postCount('Recuva');

PagePlus SE - alternative to MS Publisher • postCount('PagePlusSe');



World Golf Tour - lifelike free online flash game • postCount('WorldGolfTour');

Views from the Hubble Telescope set to musicpostCount('LateralusHubble');

Beware Of The Doghouse - don't give lame giftspostCount('BewareOfTheDoghouse');



bLADE wiki - another great desktop wiki for quick notes • postCount('BladeWiki');

VDownloader - search, download and convert videos • postCount('VDownloader');

Easy Unicode Paster - adding exotic characters to a page • postCount('EasyUnicodePaster');

WinSonar - protection against unknown programs • postCount('WinSonar');

Windows Vulnerability Scanner - may not be useful for the average user • postCount('WindowsVulnerabilityScanner');

AnVir Task Manager - replace Windows task manager • postCount('AnvirTaskManager');

Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel - mount ISO files as virtual CDs • postCount('VirtualCdRomControlPanel');



Gmail Has ThemespostCount('GmailHasThemes');

Backup Your Gmail AccountpostCount('BackupYourGmailAccount');

GMail Drive - set up multiple free hard drives online • postCount('GmailDrive');



The Dutch Jewel - great organized list of freeware • postCount('DutchJewel');

Turkey Day VideopostCount('TurkeyDayVideo');

Shoplifting Seagull VideopostCount('ShopLiftingSeaGull');



ThinkFree Office - MS Office compatible and 1Gb of free document hosting • postCount('ThinkFreeOffice');

A First Look at OpenOffice 3postCount('OpenOffice3');

Portable Safari - take your Safari browser on the road • postCount('PortableSafari');

Opera@USB - use browser, emails, addresses, anytime, anywhere • postCount('OperaUsb');

Notebook - free portable wiki style notebook • postCount('NoteBook');

Note Mania - sticky notes, calendar and reminders on your desktop • postCount('NoteMania');

RadarSync 2009 - do your drivers need updated? • postCount('RadarSync');



Flash Security and Privacy Settings PanelpostCount('FlashWebsiteStorageSettingsPanel');



WebNotes - create unique web pages with no registration • postCount('WebNotes');

rssfwd.com - turn RSS feeds into email • postCount('RssFwd');

NapSounds.com - take a 20 minute nap to sounds from the net • postCount('NapSounds');



Seagate DiscWizard - is it a free copy of Acronis True Image? • postCount('DiscWizard');

RemoteKeys - hundreds of Windows automation commands • postCount('RemoteKeys');

AutoClip - retrieve text clips a few keystrokes • postCount('AutoClip');

QuickPaste - save text clippings as short links • postCount('QuickPaste');

Screenshot Captor - is this the best screenshot tool? • postCount('ScreenShotCaptor');

QeepIt - nice little text based PIM • postCount('QeepIt');

Zune Theme for XP - free Windows theme installer • postCount('ZuneTheme');

Billeo - assisting with shopping, billing and passwords • postCount('Billeo');



Where are the Best Free Fonts?postCount('BestFreeFonts');



Mothers of the YearpostCount('MothersOfTheYear');

Clif Notes For PresidentpostCount('ClifNotesForPresident');



IE Application Compatibility Images - virtual machines running XP • postCount('InternetExplorerVirtualComputers');

Some of the best free ScreensaverspostCount('BestFreeScreenSavers');

MobaLiveCD - Runs Linux Live CDs Inside Windows • postCount('MobaLiveCd');

WinMD5Sum - checking to make sure you have a good copy • postCount('WinMd5Sum');

Everything - light and fast indexed file search • postCount('EveryThing');

MediaCoder - free Open Source audio converter and extractor • postCount('MediaCoder');



How to Install and Configure TrueCrypt Disk EncryptionpostCount('HowToInstallAndConfigureTrueCryptDiskEncryption');



Dreams of flying come truepostCount('WingSuit');

LibriVox - making public domain books into audio books • postCount('LibriVox');

Splicd.com - cutting up YouTube your way • postCount('SplicdDotCom');




Ewido Antispyware Micro ScannerpostCount('EwidoAntispywareMicroScanner');

Sophos Anti-Rootkit - easy to use scanner • postCount('SophosAntiRootkit');

Download Statusbar - Firefox addon for those who love downloading • postCount('DownloadStatusBar');

KeyMaker - another fine way to make safer passwords • postCount('KeyMaker');

Lastpass - you don't have to remember more than one password • postCount('LastPass');

Snowbird Search - finds files very fast • postCount('SnowBird');



Windiz Update - the Firefox alternative to Windows Update • postCount('WindizUpdate');

Epidemic of fake anti-malware threatens Internet userspostCount('FakeAntiMalwareVideo');



Tag Galaxy - a whole universe of images • postCount('TagGalaxy');

Mohawke's Best of the Best Free and Open Source Software CollectionpostCount('MohawkesBestOfTheBest');



Javascript password generator - don't use the same password everywhere • postCount('JavascriptPasswordGenerator');

Stickies - your desktop Post-It® notes • postCount('Stickies');

Hyperwords - take this off of your list of things to do • postCount('HyperWords');

Chromifox - add the Chrome browser look to Firefox • postCount('ChromiFox');

QuickTime Alternative - put Apple's bloatware on a diet • postCount('QuickTimeAlternative');

taskTome - a competent and intuitive task organizer • postCount('TaskTome');



Abbott and Costello - An Office With WindowspostCount('AnOfficeWithWindows');



Dropbox - 2 Gigs of free space for backups and sharing • postCount('MyDropBox');

Google Earth Videos - amazing things you can see from space • postCount('GoogleEarthVideos');



Google Chrome - did you ask for a new web browser? • postCount('GoogleChrome');

Revo Uninstaller - sure beats Add/Remove • postCount('RevoUninstaller');

Google Updates Picasa and Picasa Web AlbumspostCount('PicasaPhotoAlbums');

JavaRa - removing old Java versions • postCount('JavaRa');

SafeSpace - some protection from surfing with sharks • postCount('SafeSpace');



Adding Applications to the Lupo PenSuitepostCount('LupoPenSuite');




Take the Jung Typology Test - what kind of person are you? • postCount('JungTypologyTest');

Play with a live spider?postCount('LiveSpider');



F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Eliminator - be sure you are clean • postCount('FsecureBlacklightRootkitEliminator');

WinPatrol Flash Edition - protect any PC in a flash • postCount('WinPatrolFlash');

CleanUp! - flushing out the useless files • postCount('CleanUp4');

Johnny's Freeware Mission - running a freeware computer • postCount('JohnnysFreewareMission');

OpenWide - enlarge your open and save dialog boxes • postCount('OpenWide');



WOT says PC Doc Pro LiespostCount('PcDocProIsBad');

Why does Google want to Free The Airwaves?postCount('FreeTheAirWaves');

Internet Fixes - Kids And ComputerspostCount('InternetFixesKidsAndComputers');



Bedtime For Puppies - sing'em to sleep • postCount('BedtimeForPuppies');



Folder Guide - a guide to your favorite folders • postCount('FolderGuide');

Graptxt - copy text from Windows dialogs • postCount('GrapTxt');

Mp3tag - a great tool for tweaking MP3 tags • postCount('Mp3Tag');

LogMeIn - is their free service any good? • postCount('LogMeInFree');

Remobo: VPN, Chat, Filesharing, Remote Control All-In-One! • postCount('Remobo');

Styler - Style The Windows Explorer Toolbar Your Way • postCount('xxxx');

Anti-Malware Toolkit Keeps Your Arsenal Up-To-Date - but do you need it? • postCount('LunarsoftAntiMalwareToolkit');



Making Internet Explorer Safer - tutorial from bleepingcomputer • postCount('MakingInternetExplorerSafer');

50+ Free Online Photo ToolspostCount('FiftyOnlinePhotoTools');

The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites from PC MagazinepostCount('TopOneHundredUndiscoverWebSites');



EvaPhone - free VOIP phone in your web browser • postCount('EvaPhone');

Drop.io - my new favorite free file exchange • postCount('DropIo');

Windows Live SkyDrive - 5Gb of free file space in the cloud • postCount('SkyDrive');

Abandonia - abandoned software and games, resurrected and alive again • postCount('AbandoniaGames');

KickNotes - free self-destructing emails for any reason • postCount('KickNotes');



GParted - free open source partition manager • postCount('GParted');

Zoundry Raven - portable blog post editor • postCount('ZoundryRaven');

Malware Bytes Anti-Malware - good anti-spyware and trojan scanner • postCount('MalwareBytesAntiMalware');

Switch Audio File ConverterpostCount('Switch_Audio_File_Converter');



Free Tools To Keep Your Software Up To DatepostCount('FreeToolsKeepYourSoftwaresUptodate');



WriteToMyBlog.com - online blog post and HTML editor • postCount('WriteToMyBlog');

Google Street View is very nice, now a marriage proposal?postCount('GoogleStreetView');

England's Child Singing StarpostCount('EnglandsChildSingingStar');



Kid Protect your PC using Windows SteadyStatepostCount('SteadyState');

The Lupo PenSuite of portable applicationspostCount('LupoPenSuite');

VJPEG - quick and unique image viewer • postCount('VjPeg');

Mini-Putt - addictive putt-putt golf online • postCount('MiniPuttGolf');

Xpy - disable undesired XP settings and services • postCount('Xpy');



How to set up OpenDNS to surf faster and saferpostCount('SetUpOpenDns');

Goog-411 - another Google great • postCount('GooG411');



CommandWindows.com - great techie resource • postCount('CommandWindowsDotCom');

App-Stick.com - directory of portable freeware • postCount('AppStickDotCom');

PicReflect.com and WaterEffect.net - add reflections to images online • postCount('PicReflect');

BookMooch.com - exchange books for new reading material • postCount('BookMooch');

Giọt Mưa Thu - studying Vietnamese Music • postCount('Giọt Mưa Thu');



IrfanView - my favorite image viewer • postCount('IrfanView');

Bug Shooter - nice free screen capture tool • postCount('BugShooter');

Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning - best free calendar tools • postCount('SunBird');

Google Calendar - great online calendar for you or your organization • postCount('GoogleCalendar');

Desktop Calendar - sits right up front for easy access • postCount('DesktopCalendar');

AccelMan - Windows Explorer replacement • postCount('AccelMan');

AnVir Task Manager - replace Windows task manager • postCount('AnvirTaskManager');



Johnny's Freeware Mission - running a freeware computer • postCount('JohnnysFreewareMission');



VideoFetcher.com - searching for online videos • postCount('VideoFetcher');

4 Neurons - freeware that's small and useful • postCount('FourNeurons');



RUBotted - protection against computer bots • postCount('RuBotted');

John's Background Switcher - Windows wallpaper complete control • postCount('JohnsBackgroundSwitcher');

360 Desktop - a panoramic virtual desktop manager • postCount('360_Desktop');

SlickRun - shortcuts for getting things done • postCount('SlickRun');

Desktop Stress Reliever - destroy your desktop game • postCount('StressReliever');

DreamMail4 - A portable e-mail client with full Rich Text support • postCount('DreamMail');



Is it ok to download pirated software, videos, or music?postCount('Is_it_ok_to_download');



Where the hell is Matt?postCount('WhereTheHellIsMatt');

Hitsquad's free musicware - for the penny pinching musician • postCount('HitSquadFreeMusicware');



HostsMan - blocking ads and bad web sites is now easier • postCount('HostsMan');

ID3 renamer - easily rename all of your MP3 files • postCount('Id3Renamer');

Process Security Manager - detailed information on running processes • postCount('ProcessSecurityManager');

Active@ ISO Burner - a simple and effective CD/DVD image writer • postCount('IsoBurner');

Kaspersky Rescue Disk beta - remove the really tough viruses • postCount('KasperskyRescue');

Kaspersky Virus Removal ToolpostCount('KasperskyVirusRemovalTool');

Firefox 3 is here!postCount('Firefox3IsHere');

Macrium Reflect - backup using a disk image • postCount('MacriumReflect');

Google Notebook - a clipboard for the web • postCount('GoogleNotebook');



How to Reinstall Windows XP Without ReformattingpostCount('NoFormatReinstallXp');

Security Threats in the Internet's Red Light DistrictpostCount('SecurityThreatsFromTheRedLightDistrict');



Journey's New Lead Singer was chosen on YouTubepostCount('JourneysNewSinger');



Spicebird - the Outlook alternative • postCount('SpiceBird');

TeamViewer - remote desktop sharing and conferernces • postCount('TeamViewer');

Sleipnir Web Browser - fast and customizable • postCount('SleipnirBrowser');

PrintMaster Express - card, posters, calendars and more • postCount('PrintMasterExpress');

ViStart - XP start menu replacement looks like Vista • postCount('ViStart');

RadarSync 2008 - scan for programs and drivers that need updated • postCount('RadarSync');

Phantasmagoria - transform your images with cool effects • postCount('Phantasmagoria');



Some really fun chalk drawingspostCount('ChalkDrawings');

Aionel's Software - games and utilities made in Poland • postCount('AionelsSoftware');




Ultra Explorer - the ultimate File Manager? • postCount('UltraExplorer');

Crunzh cmdMail - email from the command line • postCount('CmdMail');

xB Browser - easy anonymous surfing • postCount('XbBrowser');

Mikogo Free Online MeetingspostCount('Mikogo');

LemonScreen - just your smile is all you need to login • postCount('LemonScreen');

SMOz - Start Menu Organizer • postCount('SMOz');




Anonymous in the Internet?postCount('AnonymousInTheInternet');

Don't go to ZangopostCount('DontGoToZango');

Musopen - Classical Music Radio Station • postCount('MusOpenRadio');



Konradp.com - some very good freebie apps • postCount('KonradpFreeware');

A Faery's Tale - fun scarey video • postCount('FaerysTale');



ObjectDock - a better start menu replacement • postCount('ObjectDock');

K9 Web Protection - free internet filtering for young surfers • postCount('K9WebProtection');

Azulstar Wireless Wizard - gives you more info on WiFi networks • postCount('AzulstarWirelessWizard');

Streaming Radio Alarm Clock - wake up to your favorite radio station • postCount('StreamingRadioAlarmClock');

IExpress.exe - create self-extracting archives with this XP utility • postCount('IexpressDotExe');

SysExporter - extract infromation from any program or window • postCount('SysExporter');

LocatePC - Free Theft Recovery Software • postCount('LocatePc');



Bob's list of Online File Storage and Collaboration ServicespostCount('BobsListOfOnlineFileStorageAndCollaborationServices');

Vulnerability Management for Dummies - free E-book • postCount('VulnerabilityManagementForDummies');



Dirty Car Art - Tip from Tiffany • postCount('DirtyCarArt');

Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music • postCount('MusOpen');

BitDefender Online Scanner - be very careful with this one • postCount('BitDefenderOnlineScanner');




Sentry Lite - monitor your children or your spouse • postCount('SentryLite');

HP Smart Web Printing - organize web clippings before you print • postCount('HpSmartWebPrinting');

SS-Tools - free portable security utilities • postCount('SsTools');

An overview of free turn-based strategy and war gamespostCount('FreeTurnBasedStrategyGames');

DriveImage XML - free disk image backup • postCount('DriveImageXml');

GetIcons - scan your hard drive for thousands of icons • postCount('GetIcons');



List of commercial games released as freewarepostCount('CommercialToFreeware');



MediaFire - free file hosting made simple • postCount('MediaFire');



Genealogy Freeware - tips from the readers • postCount('GenealogyFreeware');

Vista Start Menu - replace your tired old start menu • postCount('VistaStartMenu');

Index.dat Suite - the hidden truth about Internet Explorer • postCount('IndexDatSuite');



Avant Browser - Single handed at it's best • postCount('AvantBrowser');

Unknown Devices - a quick way to find drivers for pci devices • postCount('UnknownDevices');

Technitium MAC Address ChangerpostCount('TechnitiumMacAddressChanger');

andLinux - running Linux in Windows • postCount('AndLinux');

Sebran's ABC - fun learning for children • postCount('SebransAbc');



My journey from Windows to LinuxpostCount('MyJourneyFromWindowsToLinux');

Sentry Lite - is it safe to monitor your children? • postCount('SentryLite');



Tell Microsoft you want to Save XPpostCount('SaveXpDotCom');

The Webware 100 winners - according to Download.com • postCount('Webware100Winners');

Pixel2life - 18,000 tutorials • postCount('Pixel2Life');

The Bee Hive - HistorypostCount('BeeHiveHistory');



QuickMonth Calendar - hover over the system tray to see it • postCount('QuickMonthCalendar');

CloneSpy - duplicate file finder and cleaner • postCount('CloneSpy');

Free Zune Video Converter - save tons of time uploading to Zune • postCount('FreeZuneVideoConverter');

DesktopZoom - magnify the entire desktop • postCount('DesktopZoom');

Extora - calendar, agenda and note taking software • postCount('ExtoraFree');

Windows Live Contact Importer - upload contacts to Hotmail • postCount('WindowsLiveContactImporter');



Segway's Strange New RobotpostCount('StrangeRobotSegway');

How to find a freeware gamepostCount('HowToFindFreewareGames');

Screen Capture Shootout for WindowspostCount('ScreenCaptureShootout');



Yanobs Online Notepad - your notepad on the road? • postCount('YanobsNotepad');

Ramps Flash Game - so simple and so fun • postCount('RampsFlashGame');

Top 50 Open Source AlternativespostCount('TopFiftyOpenSourceAlternatives');

DotWhat - for unknown file extensions • postCount('DotWhatDotNet');

Wanokoto Labs Image Aging ServicepostCount('WanokotoLabs');



Browzar - your private web browser? • postCount('Browzar');

Incognito - live CD for anonymous surfing • postCount('Incognito');

Clip2Net - easy way to publish screenshots • postCount('Clip2Net');

Screen Recordster - capture audio and video from your desktop • postCount('ScreenRecordster');

PDF-XChange Viewer - faster than Adobe • postCount('PdfXchangeViewer');



List of nice free E-book librariespostCount('EbookList');

Koma-Mail - A Portable and Useful Email Client • postCount('KomaMail');

IdleBackup: Backup your files when you're not doing anything else • postCount('IdleBackup');

Zoolou - screen magnifier and capture • postCount('Zoolou');



Moor Computer ProductionspostCount('MoorComputerProductions');

Photoshop Express - free photo hosting and image editing • postCount('PhotoShopExpress');



Netscape Navigator - good bye old friend • Comments (View)

Portable Flock - an easy way to try it out • Comments (View)

Cool MP3 Chopper - chopping up those long mp3s • Comments (View)

Kid WatchComments (View)

Sizer - resize active windows to exact specs • Comments (View)



Best Firewall for 2008? • Comments (View)

The 13 Best of the Best Free File Hosting OptionsComments (View)

Microsoft Not Sure Of Its Own FuturepostCount('Microsoft_Not_Sure_Of_Its_Own_Future');



WaveMyPic - Apply the lake effect to your pictures • Comments (View)

Wowio - download free e-books • Comments (View)

WRASAP - free hosted contact form • Comments (View)





Auslogics Registry DefragpostCount('AuslogicsRegistryDefrag');

Free Video to Flash Converter - simple but powerful• postCount('FreeVideoToFlashConverter');

2008 Planner - realistic looking yearly planner • postCount('2008_Planner');

Digital Calendar - simple calendar with built in MP3 player • postCount('DigitalCalendar');

Flash this - convert WMV, AVI, MPG to SWF or FLV • postCount('FlashThis');

Windows XP Security ConsolepostCount('WindowsXpSecurityConsole');

Office Live Workspace vs Google DocspostCount('GoogleDocsVsOfficeLive');

Popuload - RSS feeds to prevent boredom while waiting • postCount('PopuLoad');



10 Tips to Manage Photos Better using Google PicasapostCount('ManagePhotosBetterUsingGooglePicasa');

Sometimes You Have To Dance - video tip from Tiffany • postCount('SometimesYouHaveToDance');

How To: Maintain A Lean Mean Computing MachinepostCount('HowToMaintainaCleanComputer');

How to get into your computer's BIOSpostCount('HowToGetIntoYourComputersBios');

Earth Hour is coming soonpostCount('EarthHour');

Special Hot Air BalloonspostCount('SpecialHotairBalloons');



SendSpace - sending and sharing large files is easy • postCount('SendSpace');

Karen's Power ToolspostCount('KarensPowerTools');



3d Room Planners - are better than moving a couch around • postCount('ThreeDeeRoomPlanners');

Actual Booster - does it really boost anything? • postCount('ActualBooster');

Cetus Wordpad - an abandoned wordpad replacement • postCount('CetusWordpad');

Enhance online TV-Watching: Zorro 1.4postCount('ZorroVideoFrame');

Wink - easily create your own flash animated tutorials • postCount('WinkFlashTutorials');



What's an EFX file and how do I open one? • postCount('EfaxViewer');

What is a winmail.dat file and how do you open it? • postCount('WinmailOpener');

5 Free Screencasting Apps for Creating Video TutorialspostCount('FiveScreenCastingApps');

Top 10 Free Programs to make the most out of your MP3 CollectionpostCount('TopTenProgramsForMp3Collections');



Graboid - no underground monsters, just full length movies • postCount('GraboidDotCom');

Talkster - free long distance? • postCount('TalksterFreeLongDistance');



HobComment - a better way to add file and folder comments • postCount('HobComment');

Windows Home Server - how to make it work for you • postCount('WindowHomeServer');

Pocket K-meleon - web browsing with no install and no tracks left behind • postCount('PocketKmeleon');

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - did you lose your Windows login password? • postCount('OfflineNtPasswordAndRegistryEditor');

DivX Web Player - better videos in your web browser • postCount('DivxPlugin');



PC Tips on Security from TopFreewarepostCount('SpywareAdvisoryFromTopFreeware');

Ten Must-Have Plug-ins to Power Up PidginpostCount('TenPluginsForPidgin');

Tips from Geert Moernaut - runscanner and lansweeperpostCount('TipsFromGeertMoernaut');



Tower Bloxx - a simple online game that's fun and challenging • postCount('TowerBloxx');

Free Mac Ware - great site for free OSX stuff • postCount('MacFreeware');

Gate2Home - your universal keyboard • postCount('Gate2Home');



jZip - a free WinZip alternative • postCount('JzipArchiveTool');

TeraCopy - a better copy and move for Windows • postCount('TeraCopy');

AnnotSX - file annotator shell extension • postCount('xxxx');

SurF - unique Explorer replacement • postCount('SurF');

VirDir Manager - assign drive letters to folders • postCount('VirDirManager');

Waluigi World - Mario is missing? • postCount('WaluigiWorld');



VHS to DVD in Six Steps - online course for you • postCount('VhsToDvdInSixSteps');

Your MySpace Web Browser is ComingpostCount('YourMySpaceWebBrowser');

The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD BurnerpostCount('BestFreeAlternativesToNeroBurner');



DizzyWood - virtual play-world for kids • postCount('DizzyWood');

Learn new languages online: BabbelpostCount('BabbelDotCom');

ExtractVideo - download online videos fast • postCount('ExtractVideo');




MediaCoder - free Open Source audio converter and extractor • postCount('MediaCoder');

Movie Organizer - get your collection organized • postCount('MovieOrganizer');

VideoSpin - create your own videos in minutes • postCount('VideoSpin ');

[KantarisMediaPlayer|Kantaris Media Player - open-source alternative to Windows Media Player • postCount('KantarisMediaPlayer');

NewsGator FeedDemon 2.6 - the best of both online and on PC • postCount('FeedDemon');

ComicRack - comic ebook reader and manager • postCount('ComicRack');



Unlikely FriendspostCount('UnlikelyFriends');




Top 10 Anti-Malware ToolspostCount('TopTenAntiMalwareTools');

Freeware Bulletin Board - nice place to browse • postCount('FreewareBulletinBoard');



DeepBurner - create usable CDs, not drink coasters • postCount('DeepBurner');

Kryptonite - helps you learn HTML while you design • postCount('KryptoniteHtmlEditor');

Docx2RTF - convert Office 2007 formats to something you can use • postCount('Docx2Rtf');

WinLibre - a collection good freeware with a pick and choose installer • postCount('WinLibre');

Google Docs Uploader - now an easy way to take your office docs into Google Docs • postCount('GoogleDocsUploader');



Last.fm helps to free the musicpostCount('LastFmHelpsToFreeTheMusic');

Lifehackers Exclusive Line of Productivity SoftwarepostCount('LifehackersExclusiveLineofProductivitySoftware');

Redneck Power WindowspostCount('RedneckPowerWindows');




MeeMix - web radio exactly as you want to hear it • postCount('MeeMix');

Verify Email Address - who emailed you, are they real? • postCount('VerifyEmailAddress');

instaSaver - create your own screen savers • postCount('InstaSaver');



AllChars - easy addition of special accent characters when writing • postCount('AllChars');

NetSetMan - manage multiple network setups easier • postCount('NetSetMan');

MooPlayer - small, simple and portable video viewer • postCount('MooPlayer');

BurnAware - stand aside Nero • postCount('BurnAware');

Wavosaur - does some jobs better than Audacity • postCount('WavoSaur');

Zipeg - see images in your zipped files before you unpack them • postCount('ZiPeg');

Portal - flash version of a popular game • postCount('PortalFlashGame');



10 Useful Plugins for Windows Live WriterpostCount('TenUsefulPluginsForWindowsLiveWriter');

2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Save as PDF or XPSpostCount('MicrosoftOfficeAddinSaveasPdfOrXps');



Portable apps at TopFreewarepostCount('PortableTopFreeware');

Kwout - a brilliant way to quote • postCount('Kwout');



tinySpell - a tiny spell checker for Windows • postCount('TinySpell');

WOT - plugin helps identify bad websites • postCount('WotPlugin');

Fireflix - a Firefox addon for Flickr • postCount('FireFlixPlugin');

UltraDefrag - open source Windows defragger • postCount('UltraDefrag');

OperaTor - portable anonymous surfing • postCount('OperaTor');

Total Text Container - open source PIM • postCount('TotalTextContainer');

Lux - blasting balls of light for a big score • postCount('LuxGame');




One in five PCs infected with rootkits? • postCount('OneInFivePcsInfectedWithRootkits');

Lifehacker's 2007 Guide to Free Software and WebappspostCount('Lifehacker2007GuideToFreeSoftwareAndWebapps');

50+ open source or free alternatives to AcrobatpostCount('FiftyFreeAlternativesToAcrobat');

Process Library updates two free toolspostCount('ProcessLibraryUpdates');

Firefox can be dangerous if ...postCount('DangerInFirefoxAtSomeSites');



Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art GallerypostCount('CalvinAndHobbesSnowArtGallery');





Online Armor - top rated firewall and intrusion prevention • postCount('OnlineArmor');

Prevx CSI Free - a stand-alone malware scanner • postCount('PrevxCsiFree');

Fire Uploader - Firefox extension for uploading images • postCount('FireUploader');

New England Snow Screen SaverpostCount('NewEnglandSnowScreenSaver');

Flickr Uploadr - fast and easy photo uploads • postCount('FlickrUploadr');



Creating Photo Slideshow MoviespostCount('CreatePhotoDvds');



Cownter - see how many surfers are on the same page • postCount('CownterWebtracking');

Draw Anywhere - work on group drawings online • postCount('DrawAnywhere');



NexusRadio - streaming audio player and recorder • postCount('NexusRadio');

ReminderCube - nice calendar and reminder plus much more • postCount('ReminderCube');

ClipMagic - a good free clipboard manager • postCount('ClipMagic');

Mozilla Prism - web apps on your desktop • postCount('MozillaPrism');

ProjectForum - free collaboration server on your PC • postCount('ProjectForum');



Download SnagIt & Camtasia for FreepostCount('FreeTechSmith');

Vista Will Die in Four YearspostCount('VistaDiesInFourYears');

Windows Live Calendar is now available (beta) • postCount('WindowsLiveCalendar');

5 Tools to Make Windows XP Look Like VistapostCount('MakeXpLookLikeVista');

Yahoo! has new version of WidgetspostCount('NewYahooWidgets');



20 Fantastic Open Source DownloadspostCount('TwentyFantasticOpenSourceDownloads');

DVDVideoSoft - full of free video software • postCount('DvdVideoSoft');



EasyCapture - screenshots with great editing options • postCount('EasyCapture');

GoogleHacks - collection of handy file search tools • postCount('GoogleHacks');

SandBoxie - nagging and auto-starts now a problem • postCount('SandBoxie');

Miro - The only video player you need? • postCount('Miro');

Better Gmail 2 - even better for heavy Gmail users • postCount('BetterGmail');

Free Music Zilla - download tunes from social services • postCount('FreeMusicZilla');



3 Excellent Sites to Get Free Document TemplatespostCount('FreeDocumentTemplates');

The 5 best, free tools to remove junk filespostCount('The_5_best_free_tools_to_remove_junk_files');



Lala.com - a place to grow your music • postCount('LalaDotCom');

Songza - free streaming music with a nice interface • postCount('SongzaDotCom');

StartForce - web desktops that look and feel like Windows • postCount('StartForce');




CA Internet Security Suite 2007 - free offer for RoadRunner customers • postCount('CaInternetSecuritySuite2007');

PC Tools Firewall Plus - free edition • postCount('PcToolsFirewall');

BitDefender Free Edition - antivirus scanner • postCount('BitDefenderFreeEdition');

NeoCrypt - Encryption solution • postCount('NeoCrypt');

QT TabBar - useful and cool Explorer add-on • postCount('QtTabBar');

HobComment Explorer Extension - comments a file from the right click menu • postCount('HobComment');

Clickster - search and download MP3 files • postCount('ClicksterMp3Search');



Rebuild Your Mac with 20 Useful DownloadspostCount('RebuildYourMacWith20UsefulDownloads');

Flock is somebody's favorite browserpostCount('FlockFavoriteWebBrowser');



Odeo - subscribe and listen to PODcasts on your PC or MP3 player • postCount('Odeo');

Downloadpedia.org - great download lists • postCount('DownloadpediaOrg');

Words and Phrases that Should Exist but Probably Don'tpostCount('WordsAndPhrasesThatShouldExist');

Senduit — Quick One-Time File Sharing • postCount('SenduitDotCom');



trakAxPC - multimedia creation tool • postCount('TrakAxPc');

Shock 4Way 3D - 4 virtual desktops • postCount('Shock4Way3d');

Poster Forge - free fun with posters • postCount('PosterForge');

Hott Notes 4 - easy desktop sticky notes • postCount('HottNotes');

WinInizio PenSuite - choice collection of portable apps • postCount('WinInizioPenSuitePlatinum');

QeepIt - nice little text based PIM • postCount('QeepIt');

Gios PDF Splitter And MergerpostCount('GiosPdfSplitterAndMerger');

Gadwin PrintScreen - screen capture utility • postCount('GadwinPrintScreen');

FEBE - backing up all of your Firefox addons and settings • postCount('FirefoxEnvironmentBackupExtension');




Watching your video downloads on TVpostCount('BurnStreamingVideo');

Adding Comments To Your FilespostCount('AddingCommentsToYourFiles');




Make Use Of - Free Non-Crappy Web and Mobile AppspostCount('FreeNonCrappyWebAndMobileApps');

Make Windows InvinciblepostCount('MakeWindowsInvincible');

Here's some total Momsense - video • postCount('TotalMomSense');





Doctor Spyware Cleaner - too new to have an opinion • postCount('DoctorSpywareCleaner');

SiteAdvisor - privacy policy change • postCount('SiteAdvisor');

Flikr Foldr MonitrpostCount('FlikrFoldrMonitr');

Cookie Monster - it will eat cookies you don't want • postCount('CookieMonster');

RamBooster - "out of resources" no more • postCount('RamBooster');

Essential PIM - managing your personal info • postCount('EssentialPim');

WinSplit RevolutionpostCount('WinSplitRevolution');



What is the best free iPod manager? • postCount('FreeIpodManagers');

List of Freeware Anti-KeyloggerspostCount('ListOfFreewareAntiKeyloggers');




Building Stonehenge - Michigan man solves the mystery • postCount('StonehengeMysterySolved');

I see giraffespostCount('SeeTheGiraffe');

SlideShare - is like YouTube for slide presentations • postCount('SlideShare');

Superb Photos - a great slideshow • postCount('SuperbPhotos');

More than 100 Web 2.0 Online GeneratorspostCount('OnlineGenerators');



Lotus Symphony - the new kid in free office suites • postCount('LotusSymphony');

Open Office - MS Office alternative • postCount('OpenOffice');

WinAmp - multimedia player to the max • postCount('WinAmp');

GemSwap - a free clone of Bejeweled • postCount('GemSwap');

Firefox Wonder EditionpostCount('FirefoxWonderEdition');

ThreatFire - protection against zero-day threats • postCount('ThreatFire');


tips and feedback

How to clean an LCD screenpostCount('CleanLcdScreen');

One last word on security - from Bill Webb • postCount('LastWordOnSecurity');

Microsoft creates more nightmares for itselfpostCount('LastWordOnSecurity');


cool websites

micado - create reusable multiple choice exams on-line • postCount('MicadoOnlineTests');

Encyclopedia Mythica - the myth lives on • postCount('EncyclopediaMythica');

Survival Against All OddspostCount('SurvivalAgainstAllOdds');

Google Presentation - web enabled Power Point clone • postCount('GooglePresentation');



Is Trend Micro's HijackThis Spyware? • postCount('HijackThisSpyware');

WinTabber - Tab your terminal, shell, browser or favorite application • postCount('WinTabber');

Knytt Stories - sequels can be better • postCount('KnyttStories');


Cool Websites

VirusTotal - upload a file for an online virus test • postCount('VirusTotal');

Docufarm - find and view uploaded documents • postCount('DocuFarm');

Contactify - don't post your email address, post a link instead• postCount('Contactify');

Goodbye Pidgeons - a unique solution • postCount('GoodbyePidgeons');

Homemade Rube Goldberg ContraptionpostCount('HomeMadeContraption');



Yodm 3D - cool virtual desktop manager • postCount('YetanOtherDesktopManager');

Spybot Search and Destroy - malware scanner and remover • postCount('SpyBot');

Stellarium - a star could be in your future • postCount('Stellarium');

DownloadHelper - to download streaming video, and more • postCount('xxxx');

TC Spy - is it good at catching spyware? • postCount('TcSpy');

PeaZip - portable compressed file utility • postCount('PeaZip');

Photo to Sketch v3.5 Standard EditionpostCount('PhotoToSketch');

AutoPatcher killed by Microsoft • postCount('AutoPatcher');

Miro - The only video player you need? • postCount('Miro');




Sincerely Annoyed with Windows VistapostCount('SincerelyAnnoyedWithVista');

Firefox Email HelppostCount('FirefoxEmail');

10 Must Have Online Office ApplicationspostCount('TenMustHaveOfficeApps');

Online Applications for StudentspostCount('OnlineAppsForStudents');

Google Earth's Flight SimulatorpostCount('GoogleEarthFlightSimulator');

Smart Image ResizingpostCount('SmartImageResizing');



The Best of Hubble ImagespostCount('BestOfHubble');

Gorilla RockpostCount('GorillaDrummer');

Conversion Central - find out how to convert almost anything • postCount('ConversionCentral');

Comparing Media Players - how many do you know about? • postCount('ComparingMediaPlayers');

Karen's Power ToolspostCount('KarensPowerTools');

SkreemR - finding favorite MP3s and more • postCount('SkreemR');



Flightsimx web game - paper airplanes • postCount('FlightSimx');

FileMenu Tools - lord of the right click menu • postCount('FileMenuTools');



Search FreewareArena - most respected • postCount('SearchFreewareArena');

Search Snapfiles Freeware - best organized and best comments • postCount('SearchSnapfilesFreeware');

Search NoNags Freeware - great selection • postCount('SearchNoNags');

Search alt.comp.freeware - advice and new finds • postCount('SearchAltCompFreeware');

Block all bad sites - where is this program at? • postCount('BlockAllBadSites');



WinPatrol - puts you back in control of your PC • postCount('WinPatrol');

HijackThis - free analysis tool helps identify malware • postCount('HijackThis');

Alcohol 52% - 6 virtual CDs on your PC • postCount('Alcohol52Percent');

Google Pack adds some real treatspostCount('GooglePack');

Secunia Personal Software InspectorpostCount('SecuniaPersonalSoftwareInspector');

Anim8tor free animation studio • postCount('Anim8tor');



Gtalk has group chat feature? • postCount('GtalkGroupChat');

Did you know Opera has widgets? • postCount('OperaWidgets');

The Tale of The Killer BiscuitspostCount('KillerBiscuits');




Perpetual Motion Found - an endless energy source? • postCount('PerpetualMotionVideo');

Scam Warners websitepostCount('ScamWarners');



TrendProtect - new protection from bad search results • postCount('TrendProtect');

Tidy Start Menu - a quick way to organize your programs • postCount('TidyStartMenu');

Snowbird Search - finds files very fast • postCount('SnowBird');

Solway's Internet TV and Radio PlayerpostCount('SolwaysInternetTvAndRadioPlayer');



GetHuman.com - contact real people • postCount('GetHumanDotCom');



QuickTime Alternative - put Apple's bloatware on a diet • postCount('QuickTimeAlternative');

Passion Audio Player - audio that gives you chills • postCount('PassionAudioPlayer');

ClearProg - clearing your tracks • postCount('ClearProg');

Internet Window Washer - erase your surfing histories • postCount('InternetWindowWasher');

A-Squared Anti-Dialer - gives bad dialers the busy signal • postCount('AsquaredAntiDialer');

Stick - add personal tabs to your desktop • postCount('Stick');

Raptor - save your eggs • postCount('Raptor');



What free software do you need? • postCount('WhatDoYouNeed20070715');

Returnil Virtual System Personal EditionpostCount('ReturnilVirtualSystemPersonalEdition');




Cool Websites

GCAst - create your own podcast station • postCount('GCast');

Game Giveaway of the DaypostCount('GameGiveaway');

DonationCoder Newsletter - awesome • postCount('DonationCoderNewsletter');



Plasma Pong - a new twist on the oldest video game • postCount('PlasmaPong');

TubeSucker - a unique way to snag and play videos • postCount('xxxx');

Unplug - download the hidden media on web pages • postCount('UnPlug');

YouRipper - download videos or listen to Shoutcast music • postCount('YouRipper');

SyncToy - Folder Sychronization Tool • postCount('SyncToy');

Chromium B.S.U. - fast paced space shooter • postCount('ChromiumBsu');



Startup Monitor - an old solution for unexpected startups • postCount('StartupMonitor');

What are M4A files?postCount('WhatAreM4aFiles');



The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows! • postCount('OssWin');

Laughing Girl - she watched last week's video • postCount('LaughingGirl');

Eagle VS Fox - who wins? • postCount('EagleVersusFox');

Starship Groove - computer animated music • postCount('StarshipGroove');



Ad-Aware 2007 - new look but no major improvements • postCount('AdAware');

Safari 3 beta - Apple's new web browser for Windows • postCount('SafariBrowser');

Opera 9.21 USB - excellent portable browser • postCount('Opera921UsbBrowser');

JkDefrag - a unique and handy defrag tool • postCount('JkDefrag');

MessenPass - getting lost IM passwords from your PC • postCount('MessenPass');

Free WMA to MP3 Converter - as simple as it sounds • postCount('WmaToMp3Converter');

Word Processor Review from Zaine at Donation Coder • postCount('MegaWordProcessorReview');



The Quintessential Guide to Creating High Quality MP3spostCount('CreatingHighQualityMp3s');

Why DRM Doesn't WorkpostCount('DrmDoesntWork');

Dad at the Comedy BarnpostCount('DadAtTheComedyBarn');



Vista-Themes.net - free themes, icons and wallpapers • postCount('VistaThemesDotNet');

WebRide - discuss the web • postCount('WebRide');



Living Screensavers - pretty, simple and free • postCount('LivingScreenSavers');

ScribeFire - a better blog tool for Firefox • postCount('ScribeFire');

Accenter - for help with accented text • postCount('Accenter');

Better Gmail - shortcuts, skins and more • postCount('BetterGmail');

Meebo Rooms - Meebo adds chat rooms • postCount('MeeboRooms');

Securemaker - the death of All-in-One Secretmaker • postCount('SecureMaker');




Easy Money in your Mail - NOT!postCount('EasyMoneyNot');

McAfee reports on Web securitypostCount('McAfeeWebSecurityReport');




Txt2HTML - free help publishing text online • postCount('Text2Html');




Torpark - surfing the net in anonymity • postCount('TorPark');

Gom Player - Simple, Free & Light multimedia player • postCount('GomPlayer');

ZenKEY - shortcuts and macros for Windows • postCount('ZenKey');

StickWiki - a portable wiki to help you manage info • postCount('StickWiki');

Intercept - stop the mother ship or die • postCount('InterceptGame');

Mr. Blocko - tetris with a cool twist • postCount('MrBlocko');

Parental Control BarpostCount('ParentalControlBar');


Tips and Feedback

How do I copy an entire web page? • postCount('CopyWebPages');

Can a snake lift a cow? • postCount('SnakePullingCow');


Cool Websites

Play Ogg - free yourself from MP3 • postCount('PlayOgg');

Jewel - an online game similar to Bejeweled • postCount('JewelGame');



BackRex Internet Explorer Backup • postCount('BackRex');

DLL Archive - another great tool from AnalogX • postCount('DllArchive');

SuperEdi - super text editor • postCount('SuperEdi');

Free Spider 2005 Solitaire Collection - free and hard to beat • postCount('FreeSpider');

AviScreen Classic - capture your own desktop movies • postCount('AviScreenClassic');

DVD Flick - burn your video files to DVD • postCount('DvdFlick');



Terry recommends Open Office softwarepostCount('TerryUsesOpenOffice');

Save Internet Radio - part two • postCount('SaveInternetRadio');



Security Advisor Glossary - great resource when you need it • postCount('SecurityAdvisorGlossary');

Free Web Hosting - search for free website providers • postCount('FreeWebHosting');

Spammer Alert - a community fighting spam • postCount('SpammerAlert');



IE7Pro - add-ons for IE7 that you might love • postCount('Ie7Pro');

Wakoopa - a social network of software geeks • postCount('WaKoopa');

db4 Font Viewer - fast, small and handy • postCount('Db4FontViewer');

Comic Life - make your home photos into a cartoon • postCount('ComicLifeForWindows');

PhotoWipe - removing objects from an image • postCount('PhotoWipe');

ZippyLock - secure password manager • postCount('ZippyLock');


The war over Vista certificationpostCount('WarOverVistaCertification');

What are BotNets?postCount('WhatAreBotNets');


Learn Firefox - A Visual Guide to the Firefox Web Browser • postCount('LearnFirefox');

Ubuntu Unleashed - an online how-to book • postCount('UbuntuUnleashed');



ShellExView - master the right click menu • postCount('ShellExView');

Tales Animator - make your own cartoons • postCount('TalesAnimator');

LimeWire - great file sharing application • postCount('LimeWire');

The IM Client Formerly Known As GAIMpostCount('TheImClientFormerlyKnownAsGaim');

PasswordSafe - open source password manager • postCount('PasswordSafe');

Clipperz - keep it to yourself • postCount('ClipperzPassword');

FastStone Image Viewer - better than IrfanView? • postCount('FaststoneImageViewer');

G.ho.st - online virtual PC • postCount('GhostOnlineVc');

Aggrega - online music videos • postCount('AggregaMusicVideos');

Neave.TV - a very cool way to watch videos • postCount('NeaveTv');


YackPack - voice chat at PBwiki.com • postCount('YackPack');

XP SysPad - Editor's pick at Freeware Arena • postCount('XpSyspad');

Wubi - the easiest way to Linux? • postCount('WubiLinux');

KompoZer - A Freeware WYSIWYG Editor • postCount('KompoZer');

ZipGenius 6 - great archiving tool • postCount('ZipGenius');

XSPF Web Music Player - more goodness from Source Forge • postCount('XspfWebMusicPlayer');

Clickster - search and download MP3 files • ; postCount('ClicksterMp3Search');



The fastest way to defragment your hard drivepostCount('TheFastestWayToDefragment');

Disable Taskbar Grouping in XP and VistapostCount('HowToDisableTaskbarGrouping');

How to backup your Gmail accountpostCount('HowToBackupGmail');

New Music Store Allows Non-DRM DownloadspostCount('MusicStoreAllowsNonDrmDownloads');



Media Convert - free online converter • postCount('MediaConvert');

Memory Alpha - enter the Star Trek universe • postCount('MemoryAlpha');

Public Domain and Free Image ResourcespostCount('PublicDomainImages');


Ditto - clipboard extender from SourceForgepostCount('DittoClipper');

The File Research Center - another good source to keep your PC lean • postCount('FileResearchCenter');

PCTools Firewall Plus - a free firewall, is it right for you? • postCount('PcToolsFirewallPlus');

Play DVD - freeware DVD player • postCount('PlayDvd');

OETool - an Outlook Express addon • postCount('OeTool');

Universal Extractor - don't want to install it, then extract it • postCount('UniversalExtractor');

Abiword - forget WordPad, use a Portable App • postCount('AbiWord');


How to burn ISO filespostCount('HowToBurnIsoFiles');

Windows One Care fails to live up to it's name • postCount('WindowsOneCareFails');


ChampsGames.com - play free games on your pages • postCount('ChampsGames');


Process Scanner - what's running on your PC? • postCount('ProcessScanner');

BPM Notepad - scrolling notepad for musicians and public speakers • postCount('BpmNotepad');

TextMorph - powerful text formatter • postCount('TextMorph');

Pixie - an on screen colour picker • postCount('PixieColorPicker');

Zzoom - screen magnifier, color picker, screen capture • postCount('Zzoom');

Google Talk - best integration between chat and email • postCount('GoogleTalk');




Is freeware doomed when we switch to Vista? • postCount('IsFreewareDeadOnVista');

How to create your own Strange Windows WallpaperspostCount('StrangeWindowsWallpaper');

David Letterman's tribute to Bill GatespostCount('LettermansSaluteToBillGates');


Links from LesleypostCount('LinksFromLesley');


Windows Communicator - chatting at home on your LAN • postCount('WindowsCommunicator');

IcoFX Icon Editor Reviewed • postCount('IcoFx');

KMPlayer - CD, DVD, MP3, Playing Streaming and Ripping • postCount('KmPlayer');

Network Traffic MonitorpostCount('NetworkTrafficMonitor');

Songbird - music to the ears of Mozilla fans • postCount('SongBird');

Remote Selector - play DVD's with no worries about region codes • postCount('RemoteSelector');



TweakGuides.com - for the geek in us all • postCount('TweakGuides');

Freecycle.org - another man's junk can be your treasure • postCount('FreeCycle');

Screen Cleaner from Microsoft? • postCount('ScreenCleaner');



Chow.com - recipes, photos, cooking tips, yum yum • postCount('ChowDotCom');


Explorer Breadcrumbs - making MS Explorer a little better • postCount('ExplorerBreadcrumbs');

Xyplorer - better than Explorer can do • postCount('XyPlorer');

Network Traffic MonitorpostCount('NetworkTrafficMonitor');

PageBreeze - a free WYSIWYG webpage editor • postCount('PageBreeze');

Little Setup Builder - create your own installers • postCount('LittleSetupBuilder');

Asteroids+Plus - the game I wish I had way back when • postCount('AsteroidsPlus');

Sumatra PDF viewer - better than Adobe bloatware? • postCount('SumatraPdf');


Daylight Savings Time Bug? • postCount('DaylightSavingsBug');

Online Word Processor ComparisonpostCount('OnlineWordProcessorComparison');


Omnidrive - 1GB of free file space for sharing online• postCount('OmniDrive');

Freeware for the Kids - the PricelessWare list for kids • postCount('KidsFreeware');


DriverMax - back up all of your WinXP or Vista drivers • postCount('DriverMax');

XMPlay - great internet radio and mp3 player • postCount('xxx');

Moveit - move installed applications to another hard drive • postCount('MoveIt');

Yugma - web conferencing software • postCount('YugmaWebConference');

[LetterSwapper|Letter Swapper - free game to flex your spelling muscles • postCount('LetterSwapper');

World upon Worlds - space theme for your desktop • postCount('WorldsUponWorlds');


Reactions to Distractions - can drive you to distraction • postCount('ReationsToDistractions');

How do I overlay music on pictures?postCount('HowDoIoverlaySoundsOnPictures');



Carol's Corner Office - Microsoft Office tips and help • postCount('CarolsCornerOffice');

[VisitWithTemerc|A visit with Tom Mercado • postCount('VisitWithTemerc');


Dial-a-fix - fixes a few Windows foul-ups • postCount('DialaFix');

FileZilla - monstrous powers to transfer files • postCount('FileZilla');

Sharpshooters Miniature Golf - play and design your own courses • postCount('SharpShootersMiniatureGolf');

Donation Coder Review - Altiris SVSpostCount('DcReviewAltirisSvs');



Did you know? - a glimpse into the futurepostCount('TipsFromTiffany');

Website Change Detection Tools - when there are no feeds • postCount('WebsiteChangeDetection');



PhishTank - Out of the Net, into the Tank • postCount('PhishTank');

The COOLSITES Newsletter - find the coolest links here • postCount('CoolSitesNewsletter');

Windows Live Contacts (Beta) - trying it out • postCount('WindowsLiveContacts');


Snap Preview Anywhere - do you like it? • postCount('SnapPreviewAnywhere');

ZuluPad - notepad on crack • postCount('ZuluPad');

RootkitRevealer - shedding light on hidden programs • postCount('RootkitRevealer');

GNU Solfege - music practice makes perfect • postCount('GnuSolfege');

Ad-Aware SE Personal - scans your PC and removes adware and spyware • postCount('AdAware');

ImageBot - instant image hosting • postCount('ImageBot');

ERUNT - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT • postCount('EruntRegistryBackup');

John Hood asks what you want to pay for softwarepostCount('JohnHoodCostAnalysis');

CyberGuide is replaced by CyberNirvanapostCount('CyberNirvana');

Freebie Wiki - doing more than I can• postCount('FreebieWiki');

Making Music: A big list of FREE music making software!postCount('MakingMusicTheBigList');

Midieval Tech Support - have you had trouble opening your text? • postCount('MidievalTechSupport');

LearnHowTo.tv - videos that make sense • postCount('LearnHowToDotTv');


Windiz Update - the Firefox alternative to Windows Update • postCount('WindizUpdate');

Jarte - a compact free WordPad replacement • postCount('JarteWordProcessor');

RipIt4Me - backup your DVDs • postCount('RipIt4Me');

CallingID Toolbar - protection from getting caught by a Phish • postCount('CallingId');

Jott - just dial 877jotitdown • postCount('JottItDown');

BrainCast - record your voice memos by phone • postCount('BrainCast');

FrontPage Express - old freeware web page editor • postCount('FrontPageExpress');


A Search for an easy HTML editorpostCount('SearchForEasyHtmlEditor');

Configuring OpenOffice for a Microsoft Office worldpostCount('ConfigureOpenOffice');


PhET Simulation software - online learning simulation tools • postCount('PhetSimulations');

The Audio Freeware House at DontCrack.compostCount('AudioFreewareHouse');


WinPatrol 2007 Beta - Scotty is on patrol with a new feature • postCount('WinPatrol2007Beta');

Desktop Sidebar - have it all at your fingertips • postCount('DesktopSidebar');

Browster - previewing links is easy • postCount('BrowsterAddon');

Chatango - add free live chat to email or web pages • postCount('ChatangoFreeLiveChat');

Box Widget - file sharing at blogs, MySpace, and more • postCount('BoxWidget');

X-Cleaner Micro Edition - now and then, a quick scan really helps • postCount('XcleanerMicroEdition');

Stinger - remove the sting from virus and trojan infections • postCount('McAfeeStinger');


Wiki-Site - free MediaWiki websites • postCount('WikiSite');

Midomi Music Search - hum that tune • postCount('MidomiMusicSearch');

ImageShack - fastest image hosting in the west • postCount('ImageShack');

Freepims.com - one stop shopping for personal information management • postCount('FreePimsList');

KVR'S Free Software Mega ListpostCount('FreeSoftwareMegaList');


The Zen Penguin - Bill tries Linux • postCount('TheZenPenguin');

Wrestling the Dragon - Comodo Firewall vs Bill Allin • postCount('default');

Vista Freebies for XP - for the Vista look and feel • postCount('VistaFreebiesForXp');

YouMail - cellphone answering service (free during beta) • postCount('YouMailCellPhone');


Cooliris Previews - Firefox's handiest little blue dot • postCount('CoolIrisPreview');

Potty Pigeon - seeing it from the bird's point of view • postCount('PottyPigeon');

Purplenova - your personal web server • postCount('PurpleNova');

Anti-spyware cage match - see Dave's results • postCount('AntiSpywareCageMatch');

Chat With Me Now - mixing full chat with email • postCount('ChatWithMeNow');

Windows XP Winter Fun PackpostCount('WindowsXpWinterFunPack');

Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing tool • postCount('Scribus');


Security tips from LusherpostCount('SecurityTipsFromLusher');

Tips from Tiffany - Dance of a Thousand Hands • postCount('1000hands');


Mitch Keeler blogs on freewarepostCount('MitchKeeler');

Open Source Applications for Windows - the blog • postCount('OpenSourceApplicationsForWindows');


Cooliris Previews - Firefox's handiest little blue dot • postCount('CoolIrisPreview');

Potty Pigeon - seeing it from the bird's point of view • postCount('PottyPigeon');

Purplenova - your personal web server • postCount('PurpleNova');

Anti-spyware cage match - see Dave's results • postCount('AntiSpywareCageMatch');

Chat With Me Now - mixing full chat with email • postCount('ChatWithMeNow');

Windows XP Winter Fun PackpostCount('WindowsXpWinterFunPack');

Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing tool • postCount('Scribus');


Security tips from LusherpostCount('SecurityTipsFromLusher');

Tips from Tiffany - Dance of a Thousand Hands • postCount('1000hands');


Mitch Keeler blogs on freewarepostCount('MitchKeeler');

Open Source Applications for Windows - the blog • postCount('OpenSourceApplicationsForWindows');



PricelessWare 2007 - the best of 2006's freeware • postCount('PricelessWare2007');

Amp Tile Viewer - viewing tiled backgrounds • postCount('AmpTileViewer');

PC Decrapifier - cleans out the stupid free programs you don't want • postCount('PcDeCrapifier');

PDFCreator - Print to create PDF copies of almost anything • postCount('PdfCreator');

EverNote - say good-bye to scraps of paper • postCount('EverNote');

ReciPC - old school recipe collecting • postCount('ReciPc');

Enigma - game from the 90's • postCount('EnigmaGame');

Advanced WindowsCare Personal - malware scan, registry scan, system tweaking • postCount('AdvancedWindowsCarePersonal');

Outlook Express Quick Backup - backup your Outlook Express email and settings • postCount('OutlookExpressQuickBackup');

OutlookHelper - additonal features for Outlook Express • postCount('OutlookHelper');


Links from Giorgos in GreecepostCount('LinksFromGiorgos');


Software for Starving Students - a website and CD full of good freeware • postCount('SoftwareForDotOrg');

TTCS OSSWIN CD - a collection of Free/Open Source software • postCount('TtcsOsswinCd');



2007 Battle of the CalendarspostCount('BattleOfTheCalendars');

UXTheme Multi-Patcher - changing XP's Desktop Visual Styles • postCount('UxThemeMultiPatcher');

Terragon and Swistakowy Klopot - strain your brain • postCount('Terragon');

GreatNews - read your RSS feeds fast and easy • postCount('GreatNews');

Super Mario Bros. 2.5D - playing an old favorite in 3D • postCount('SuperMarioBros25d');

Free Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 - make Flash videos for a website • postCount('RivaFlvEncoder');

FLV Online Converter at Vixy.netpostCount('FlvOnlineConverter');

JPEG Saver - good screensaver to view all your pics • postCount('JpegSaver');

NoScript - Firefox addin • postCount('NoScript');

ClipMarks - Firefox addin for socially ranked web clippings • postCount('ClipMarks');

MediaMonkey - for serious music collectors • postCount('MediaMonkey');

8Start Launcher - program launcher and desktop organizer • postCount('8StartLauncher');

What's new with John Hood? • postCount('WhatsNewWithJohnHood');





Eclipse Crossword - who likes making crosswords? • postCount('EclipseCrossword');

Web-Email-Cloaker - post your email address in relative safety • postCount('WebEmailCloaker');

Merry Frog - might make you hopping mad • postCount('MerryFrog');

LineRider - simple yet addictive sledding game • postCount('LineRider');

ZipCentral - zipping, unzipping and creating installers • postCount('ZipCentral');

FreeSpell - spelling right in any Windows text area • postCount('FreeSpell');

Secunia Software InspectorpostCount('SecuniaSoftwareInspector');

CleanUp! - flushing out the useless files • postCount('CleanUp4');

File Association Editor - keeps three letter words from turning into four • postCount('FileAsoc');





Wizards of Winter - are you ready for Christmas? • postCount('WizardsOfWinter');

10 Free Personal FirewallspostCount('FreePersonalFirewalls');

Setting Up Spam Filtration Using Gmail AccountspostCount('SettingUpSpamFiltrationUsingGmailAccounts');

Wikipedia's lists of free gamespostCount('WikipediaListsOfFreeGames');

Netzero's PrivatePhone - free phone voicemail messagingpostCount('NetzeroPrivatePhone');




Snow Globe - shake'em up and hear the screamspostCount('SnowGlobe');

Giveaway of the Day - free commercial software? • postCount('GiveAwayOfTheDay');

Brian's Freeware PagespostCount('BriansFreewarePage');




Winterbells - make your rabbit soar • postCount('WinterBells');

IsoPuzzle - piecing together damaged CDs or DVDs • postCount('IsoPuzzle');

musikCube - clearly organizing and playing your music • postCount('MusikCube');

Knytt - stranded on a strange planet • postCount('KnyttTheGame');

Vector Scape - single player space shooter • postCount('VectorScape');

KidRocket Kids Browser - safe surfing for young ones • postCount('KidRocketKidsBrowser');

Send To Notepad - handy for copying text • postCount('SendToNotepad');

ForecastFox - weather forecast in the Firefox status bar • postCount('ForecastFox');

Internet Explorer 6 Application Compatibility VPC ImagepostCount('Ie6AppCompVpcImg');




MS Mole Report - Defender leaves the gates open • postCount('WindowsDefender');

Are registry cleaners safe to use?postCount('AreRegistryCleanersSafe');

Tips from CCpostCount('TipsFromCc');

Another Adobe Acrobat security flawpostCount('AnotherAcrobatSecurityFlaw');




Tony vs Paul - stop motion video at it's best • postCount('TonyVsPaul');

Patina's Treasures - great Windows themes • postCount('PatinasTreasures');

Qunu - live questions and answers • postCount('page');

XP Games - describe • postCount('XpGames');

PasswordMaker - One password to rule them all • postCount('PasswordMaker');



X-Moto - motocross racing on your PC • postCount('X-Moto');

Autumn Brook Theme and ScreensaverpostCount('AutumnBrookTheme');

Tips from TiffanypostCount('TipsFromTiffany');

Online File Scanners - upload and find out what's safe • postCount('OnlineFileScanners');

Crossloop - share your computer screen with a friend • postCount('CrossLoop');

A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's ComputerpostCount('GrandpasGuide');

Snowman Construction Kit dot com - build it and they will come • postCount('SnowmanConstructionKit');



Kiwi Alpha 3.1.1 - a nice P2P client is used to spread adware • postCount('KiwiAlpha');

Beneton Movie GIF - creating movies in gif format • postCount('BenetonMovieGif');

Remote Selector - play DVD's with no worries about region codes • postCount('RemoteSelector');


Matrixor Theme - 9 Matrix desktop themes • postCount('MatrixorTheme');

Heroes of the Stoneage - a game that takes you way back • postCount('HeroesOfTheStoneAge');

PhraseExpress - automatic text replacements made easy • postCount('PhraseExpress');


Anti-phishing tools - keep you off the hook • postCount('AntiPhishingTools');

Ms Mole says Goodbye Windows 2000postCount('Windows2000Goodbye');


BoogieJack.com - a new webmaster's first resource • postCount('BoogieJack');

FreeScience.info - free science books to download • postCount('FreeScience');

ThemeDoctor.com - safe wallpapers and desktop themes • postCount('ThemeDoctor');


MS Virtual PC - running a PC inside your PC • postCount('MsVirtualPc');

ImgBurn - an easy way to burn files to ISO images or disk • postCount('ImgBurn');

Autopatcher For Windows 98se - MS won't help but this might • postCount('AutopatcherForWindows98se');

Pixel War - destroy those aliens! • postCount('PixelWar');

Muffy's Great Escape - fun 2d vertical scrolling game • postCount('MuffysGreatEscape');


MS Mole Report - Windows Defender only works good in Vista • postCount('WindowsDefender');

Business Email Etiquette - use these tips for most email • postCount('EmailEtiquetteBusinessxx');


Aninote.com - customized website for friend or foe • postCount('AninoteDotCom');

Hometips.com - best do it yourself for the home • postCount('HomeTipsDotCom');





Deskloops - better than ALT-TAB, but has adware • postCount('DeskLoops');

Inline Search Add-on - make IE search like Firefox • postCount('InlineSearchAddon');

Merge - blending two images into one • postCount('MergeGraphics');

R-Firewall - better than ZoneAlarm? • postCount('RfireWall');

DocPad - a superior alternative to notepad • postCount('DocPad');

StatBar - toolbar shows an overview of your system's condition • postCount('StatBar');


MS Mole report - continuing problems with IE7 • postCount('MsIe7');

A Free Online Room PlannerpostCount('IcoviaRoomPlanner');




EditPad Lite - a text editor with valuable extras • postCount('EditPadLite');

IconTweaker - dress up your desktop icons • postCount('IconTweaker');

Ultra CPU Monitor - freeware CPU monitoring • postCount('UltraCpuMonitor');

Visual Task Tips - adding a Vista feature to XP • postCount('page');

Blink Personal Edition - firewall and intrusion detection • postCount('BlinkPersonalEdition');

Spyware Terminator - a challenger for Windows Defender • postCount('SpywareTerminator');


I want a Firefox Extension to ...postCount('I_want_a_Firefox_Extension_to');

Clif's Email RantpostCount('ClifsEmailRant');

More tips from NobpostCount('TipsFromNob');


The sad tale of Morris and EstherpostCount('JokeMorrisAndEsther');

Google News Archive Search - coolest thing since Google Maps • postCount('GoogleNewsArchiveSearch');

European Space Agency - out of this world multimedia • postCount('EuropeanSpaceAgeny');


PowerToys for Windows - good freeware from Microsoft

Virtual Desktop Toolbox - maximum control over multiple desktops

Last.FM - the social music revolution

OpenPandora - open your music and enjoy it

Stick Soldiers II - a simple but very challenging game


ThinkAll - think twice before you buy

Windows Defender - no longer good for Win2k

Microsoft nervous about IE7 problems

Interview with Merijn Bellekom - creator of HijackThis


Bear Bottoms Open Source and Freeware Research

Ms Dewey - a search engine with attitude

Play Free Online Games - your one-stop free online game directory

BestDownloads4Free - nice freeware blog site


Download dot com's trojan screensavers

What is the best freeware solitaire game?

Secret Maryo Chronicles

FirstPage2006 - free competitor to MS FrontPage

JetAudio Basic - simply a great free music player

CubicExplorer - doing what Windows explorer should do

How fast will an unprotected PC last on the internet?




Insert ToggleKey - making the insert key behave

Free Download Manager - a great addition to my browser

Pandora's Box - listening to your own web music channel

Scandoo search engine plugin - surfing for dummies?

Google Pack Screensaver - Google fails to top existing screensavers

Qliner Hotkeys - drag and drop hotkey shortcuts

Iconoid - hides desktop icons when you don't need them


8Start Launcher - program launcher and desktop organizer

WiFi SiStr - Wi-Fi Signal Strength always visible

Microsoft Image Resizer - another PowerToy for Windows

MS Bob - fun times with a failed operating system

Filebox eXtender - adding favorites to your file browsing

UberIcon - frivolous icon animations

PStart - fire up your USB apps]

Comodo Firewall - plugging up Windows leaks

PopPeeper - a lot more than just peeping at your email


Hey Dummy! add the OS these work in!

A-Squared Anti-Dialer - gives bad dialers the busy signal

What good is the SendTo menu?

WebAttack site is attacked

Freeware Wiki Calendar

Where can I get automatic driver updates?


The NY Public Library's Digital Gallery

Zero - an addictive flash game


What's Running - on your PC

Picture Resizer - don't send full size photos in email

FastStone Capture - captures glowing reviews

Yahoo Mail Beta - a great free web mail product

UK's Kalendar - simple Calendar and reminder program

DSynchronize - keeping folders or portable drives updated

FreePops - bring all your web mail into an email client


Thunderbird isn't learning to remove the spam

IE Tab - Firefox can pretend to be Internet Explorer

Stay away from Ashampoo's free programs?

Mail2Web.com - getting your pop3 and imap email away from home


Dave's Computer Tips - advice with a sense of humor

FileWatcher File Search

TelePixie - give me a ring to wake me up

PbWiki.com - an easy to use personal website





DtaskManager rocks!

CobianBackup - keep it all safe



AntiVirus Comparison from CastleCops

How does your Firewall rank?

Gmail's spam filters

How to create folders in Gmail

Gmail Hacks from Cyber-Knowledge









Internet Explorer 7 RC1 - my latest try


Firefox 2 Beta


Is Active Virus Shield a snoop?

Yet another Slide Show Screen Saver

Clean up MSN Messenger

Is Total Uninstall freeware or shareware?

Tips from Nob



Feedback from readers on VLC Media Player











Klipfolio has been updated










































TopFreeware - making the top freeware easy to find


Ktoon_2D_Animation_Tools - do you want to make cartoons?



















































































See over 600 reviews from older newsletters

1by1 - Smallest MP3 Player

3D Winter Flight Screen Saver - not exactly free

550 AccessToolbar - a good toolbar with a question

602 PcSuite - MSOffice alternative

7-Zip - file compression manager

A2Free - kills trojans, dialers, worms, and spyware

A9_Toolbar - search history, online bookmarks and webpage comments

AB Extension Pack - right click extensions for Avant Browser

AgentRansack - find files on your PC much faster

AiRoboform - fills in web forms and website logins

All-in-One SECRETMAKER - helps keep your identity a secret

AllwaySync - backup and sychronization tool

AllSnap - snap windows to each other

Alpha Chess - play, customize, and learn Chess

AmDeadlink - bring out your dead bookmarks

Amp Font Viewer - preview, install, and uninstall fonts

Animal Chase - a game for small and big kids

Anry Color Picker - helps choose website colors

AntiVir - free antivirus protection

Audacity - audio editing tool

Audacity - FreewareArena pick of the week

AudioCrusher - Save your CDs onto your hard drive

AvantBrowser - Single handed at it's best

avast! Home Edition - why pay for virus protection?

BattleForMoscow - beware of the malware

BGone - parental website filter

BigFix Consumer Edition - fix the security on your PC

BitTorrent - a new way to share and download files

BootSafe - Makes rebooting in Safe Mode a Snap

Budgie - Budget Office Software

BulkRename Utility - recommended for file renaming

CableNut - speeding up your internet connection

CamStudio - Software Presentation Tool

Celestia - opening up the universe

Clipboard Help+Spell

Copy Path - right click on any file to nab the path

CourseForum - a classroom website for free

CqPhone - chat over the internet

CutePdf - Create PDF documents on the fly

Desktop Sidebar - desktop widgets and a cool sidebar

DeskWin - Multiple Desktops at Once

Dirkey - speed up your Open-Save dialogue

Diskeeper Lite - free disk defragger

Distant Suns - see the stars

DittoClipBoardExtension - keeps all your clipboard history

DrempelsScreenSaver - a psychedelic celebration on your desktop

Dr. Windows - good for a few smiles

Edit Digi Pictures - right click to convert images

EasyCleaner - an easy way to unclog your pc

EasyMessage - Unified IM for ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Aol

EasyOffice - the other MSOffice alternative

EmailStripper - stop forwarding ugly mail

Erunt - Editors Pick at FreewareArena

EssentialPim Lite - your personal information on the go

EverNote - takes jotting down information to a new level

EulaYzer - what are you agreeing to?

EwidoSecuritySuite - Trojan and Spyware Tool

ExplorerXp - giving up on Windows Explorer

FileZilla - monstrous powers to transfer files

What is Mozilla Firefox and why should I use it?

Some serious Firefox extensions

Flash Note - Not a Notepad but better and faster!

What is Flock?

FolderShare - Find, Access, Share your files anywhere

FolderView - easy file browsing to your favorite folders

FormLetterMachine - don't keep repeating yourself

FoxitPdfReader - open up PDF's faster

FraudEliminator - Anti-Phishing Software Protects Consumers from Fraud

Free Antivirus Review

FreeDownloadManager and FlashGot

FreeGuide - open source tv guide

FreewareBook - the encyclopedia of freeware websites


Getleft - web site downloader

GmailDrive - set up a free hard drive online

GoogleDesktop - Info when you want it, right on your desktop

GmailSpace - backup your personal files online

GoogleTalk - a new instant messenger

GoGoData Toolbar - do it all toolbar

HoeKey - keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Hoster - website blocking for everyday use

Hott Notes 3 - easy desktop sticky notes

HtmlCompress - Optimize your HTML code

HyperWords - interact with any words on a webpage

ID3-TagIT - change MP3 ID3 tags easily

iDaily Diary - a full graphic and web compatible diary

IE fitted width printing

Index.dat Suite and the truth about index.dat files

Did_you_really_clear_your_surfing_history Index.dat Suite


Intellisync for Yahoo

Jake's Alarm Clock - wake to the sound of music

KeePass - Why and how I use a password manager

KeyWallet - password filler for website logins

Kids Playground Web Browser - kid safe surfing

Kirby Alarm and Task Scheduler

KlikSafe - quickly put IE into safe surfing mode

KlipFolio - desktop tool brings the web to you

KlipFolio - weather, news, and RSS feeds on your desktop

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack - Video Player with Codecs and Tools

Leet Speak Generator - F3Ar me, 1 @M 4 m4D H4x0r

LockNote - secure your personal notes

Magic Reversi - old logic game reborn

MarioForever - rescue the princess all over again

Matrix KS - great freeware screensaver

McAfeeStinger - remove the sting from virus and trojan infections

Meesoft InstantMessenger - lan chat at home or work

MessengerPlus - not very funny if you aren't careful

MetaPad - a replacement for Windows Notepad

MouseTrap - does your computer have MICE?

MoveIt - move installed applications to another hard drive

MozBackup - backup your Mozilla applications

Mp4Cam2Avi - convert MP4 into AVI's

Free Notes Managers Tested Head-to-Head

Nvu - a complete web authoring system

NwsRadarMonitor - the storm is coming

Omziff - encryption utility and security tools

OpenOffice - MS Office alternative

OpenWide - enlarge your open and save dialog boxes

Opera@USB - use browser, emails, addresses, anytime, anywhere

OperaBrowser - fastest internet browser, easy to use

Outlook Express Freebie Backup - easy method to save your email

Passion Audio Player - audio that gives you chills

PcRestrictor - lock down your PC

Pepys - a wiki-like personal notebook

PhotoFiltre - image tweaking at it's finest

Picasa - photo album and photo effects

Pivot - Stickfigure animator

PixResizer - picture resizing specialist

PlacesBar Constructor - tells Windows your favorite places

Pluck RSS Reader - Firefox plugin for RSS feeds

PocketDivxEncoder - easy creation of divx from dvd

Polymorf3D - 3d morphing screen saver

PopTray - email notifier program



PUI - view or modify the uninstall information

QuickSet Internet Zone - simplify security settings for IE

Ragtime Solo - Desktop Publishing Software

RegSeeker - cleans the Windows registry and more

Remora USB File Guard - no luck with passwords first time

RoughDraft - a writer's word processor

RSS Builder - create RSS feeds for your website

Screamer Radio - record and listen to internet radio streams

SDP Multimedia - download multimedia streams

SeaMonkey - another browser from Mozilla

SearchHeaven - Access All Search Engines From One Location

SendToFtp - right click and send files to your websites

Sentinel - system integrity checker

Seterra - a quiz program for geography


SilentNight Radio - wake up the night with music

SiteAdvisor - tells you what websites are not safe

SiteVerifyTools - don't be a victim of spoofed websites

SmileyVault - freeware smiley gifs

Sphygmic Spreadsheet - MS Excel alternative

SpeedFan - how hot is your PC?

SplitterLite - split large files into smaller pieces

SpoofStick - make sure you are at the right site

SpywareBlaster - prevent spyware from installing

Starter - manage startup programs easily

StartupDelayer - allows Windows to boot faster

StartupInspector - research unknown startup programs

StartupMonitor - a watchdog against auto-starts

Stickies - post your notes on the desktop

StrokeIt - getting the most from your mouse

Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall — the Review

Super - audio and video converter

SuperFinder - File Search Tool

SuperTux - game with a penguin instead of a plumber

SystemSherlockLite - captures changes to your system

SysTrayPlay - nice and simple mp3 player

TaskSwitchXP - see your alt-tab choices

TaskZip - Backing up critical files automatically

TenRealPcGames - freedom in cyberspace

Thunderbird - safe free email client

TotalUninstall - keep your system clean

TrueCrypt - locking away your private info

TugZip - a full featured archiving tool


WallpaperMaster - hoard your wallpapers

Warning Forever! - Shootem up 2d game


Web Album Generator - creates photo albums for your website

WeatherWatcher - your personal weather station

WebFerret - desktop megasearch program

What's This File - identify running system processes

WinKey - create keyboard shortcuts

Wink - easily create your own flash animated tutorials

WinPatrol - puts you back in control of your PC

WinRetLite - Backup and restore for Windows, Outlook, and IE

WinRoll - easily manage multiple windows

WinSonar - protection against unknown programs

WordWeb - free thesaurus and dictionary for Windows

WorldTime - What Time Is It In Coober Pedy?

Unknown Devices - a quick way to find drivers for pci devices

µTorrent - efficient way to download large files


UXTheme Multi-Patcher - changing XP's Desktop Visual Styles

Virtual Moon Atlas - no swiss cheese

Visual CD is pretty incredible catalogue software

Visual CD - CD cataloging program

Visual Studio Express freeware

Xandros Desktop OS 3 - free operating system

Xenu's Link Sleuth - helps webmasters find broken links

XMPlay - great internet radio and mp3 player

XnView - award winning image manager

Xplorer2 Lite - dual pane file manager