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Freeware Bulletin Board - nice place to browser

Notes from ClifNotes, Feb 2008, permalink 5oftware Collections


Here's a great site I found. If you just want to relax and look through a nicely categorized forum with all the descriptions and download links. As far as I can tell, they've been pretty selective and are including only safe freebies.


Quote from the website

FreewareBB is quite unlike a lot of other freeware sites due to the fact that we are first and foremost a forum (or as our name says a "Bulletin Board") and as such we aim to offer more of a community than just a web site. We actively encourage our members to add to our content submitting software they have themselves found, installed and proven to be useful. Anyone is free to register although you need only register if you wish to add or reply on our site.


FreewareBB does not use any form of 'auto-submission' system from author's or developer's. Traditionally, some sites offering freeware, shareware, trialware, etc use auto-generated means of populating their sites with content which usually involves the author using a third party application to enter the particulars of their creation which would then update all those sites which were subscribed to the technology. Using this technology means anything and everything is posted by the authors themselves meaning most submissions are not impartial and could potentially be used by spammers thus increasing the workload for the webmasters which takes their efforts away from day to day business. More importantly, this technology would appear to be no longer under any kind of support or further development and is running the risk of becoming seriously outdated or even vulnerable. We instead, like to source our freeware from a variety of locations and not rely on authors submitting hundreds of articles to thousands of sites. Our site is 100% human edited and is updated manually, either by us or by our members.