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Freeware Book - Editor's Pick at FreewareArena



CategoryThe Freeware Book project
Author's NameFreewareArena
CompatibilityWin 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003
File Size429 Kb
PublishedMon Aug 22, 2005 5:45 pm
Last UpdatedSun Oct 16, 2005 10:24 pm



The project to promote and spread the word about freeware and freeware sites.


It is a project that originated in the summer of 2002 to showcase great freeware sites and resources in an electronic book format (it is also a browser).


It is a resource that is 100% freeware and 0% spyware or adware or in anyway shape or form ad supported.

It is a 'work in progress' (meaning a new updated version is available on the 9th of each month so please check back to get your latest copy).


The sole purpose of The FREEWARE BOOK is to present information that will enable visiblity to freeware sites of all levels to achieve recognition. It is to (hopefully) foster a community atmosphere for freeware sites, so that the clique system can be undone (the one in which there is an upper echelon of sites and all the rest. Or worse yet a class distinction in which high traffic sites can hold sway over search engine listings as well as having a stranglehold on traffic. Some 'big' sites can make in my opinion, demands about linking).


The 'book' is published monthly. It is a fair unbiased (it is done for ZERO compensation or any type of remuneration - be it monetary or 'favors') review and informational publication.


The other purpose is to inject energy into the freeware world. For with so much commercialism pervading the Net, freeware has been unfairly relegated to playing second fiddle on many sites (even some 'freeware' sites). As the misinformation about 'free downloads' online, many have no idea that a 'free download' is NOT neccessarily a true freeware download. So to spread the 'freeware word' is a prime message contained within The FREEWARE BOOK.


The long term goal of The Freeware Book is to foster the growth of freeware and freeware sites. Also to 'level the playingfield' for all freeware sites. To enable those that may not be as financially fortunate as others by providing a resource to be available to all without cost.

Freeware sites would not exist were it not for the great works of the freeware authors who deserve full credit for the labors they perform.


Download the Freeware Book




Editor's Notes

With thousands of downloads already, the future of The FREEWARE BOOK is very bright. The FREEWARE BOOK welcomes input from all.


FreewareArena has strived since it's inception in 1997 to not only showcase great freeware but to also unselfishly list other great freeware sites which is only fair to visitors as no one site can truly list all freeware.


I will never 'sell out' by listing ads or so on, as freeware is created freely and should be distributed freely. The goal of this project is to benefit all, at this point primarily many freeware site operators so that they may deserve visibility that before may have been unavailable to them.


for hundreds of true freeware programs, visit FreewareArena