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Free Games from all of you

Freeware games submitted by the readers

reviewed by ClifNotes, Dec 2005, Jan 2006



Notes from Clif

Here are a few of the games and places to get games that all of you recommended.

From Peter:

More games thoughts. http://www.ysflight.com/ has a freeware flight simulator and a quick search on your favourite search engine for BVE leads to the free train driving simulation that, once the basic BVE program is downloaded from Japan, allows ad ons to be downloaded from worldwide enthusiasts. Even possible to build your own extras. Both games make a change from the kill, kill and kill again format of many games.


http://www.babala.org/ has a great little game. No fast action but the levels made me think. Maybe good for people fed up with solitaire or who cant get the hang of computer chess.

From CyberGuide:

Yeti and Penguins

Yesterday Friday afternoon I was getting bored...fortunatelly, my boss cheered me up with this flash game! I think this is an old favourite of cyberspace. Click on the yeti to make the penguin fall down and click again to hit them. It's hard...and addictive!


Unlimited Web Games

Hey cool! A fantastic selection of flash games! Quote from the site: "Unlimited Web Games is all about free online gaming! We have a listing of over 600 totally free web games! We have a huge variety of games including: Action Games, Arcade Games, Board Games, Online RPGs, Pet Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Shooting Games, Sports Games, and more! We are always adding more web games so bookmark us and come back soon for even more free gaming!"

From David:

As for some very nice (and free!) "time-wasters" (short games used to kill few minutes of spare time) I go to http://www.smashinggames.com. My current favorite there is "All Hallows Eve" Also, http://www.synthetic-reality.com's "Well of Souls" is a great game. Does require a D/L but there are a number of worlds that can also be downloaded so the game never gets to be boring. Has a chat feature so you can join forces with others to adventure together. Highly recommended!

From Ken of WV:

You said you wanted to hear about free games. I'm into one that I'm *totally* sold on: Babala, from http://www.babala.org. It's an INCREDIBLE test of wits, with 200 mind-twisting levels! Of course, it won't be popular with everyone, because it makes you THINK like you've NEVER had to think before. I love it. Web high score posting is coming very soon (I've had a peek at the working test script!), and game sounds are coming in 2006, eventually. The guy who developed this game is a total GENIUS! Babala is diabolical, unique, prodigious.

From Clif:

Here are a few game sites I found. CaimanFreeGames, TenRealPcGames, The3dGames, Thinking Machine Flash Chess game, Download.com's 2005 favorite games