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Freebie Wiki - doing more than I can

review from ClifNotes, Feb 2007, permalink _ Cool Website


This group website plans on providing reviews for all free software. Not only Windows, but Linux and Mac as well. That's more than I can do.


Quote from the website

This wiki is dedicated to everything that is 100% free. You can find free games, applications, movies etc. What you won't find is shareware, trials or demos.


We really hope you enjoy our wiki and that you find what you need. So far there are 350+ entries in our database, and we are constantly working to expand it. You are very welcome to edit the existing articles, add information or start new pages. Developers are welcome to ad their own software, as long as it is free to use (please no "free" demos or trials, though). YOUR help is needed to make this a comprehensive database that can help anyone to find a free alternative for commercial products.