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4 Neurons - freeware that's small and useful

Posted by ClifNotes, July 2008, permalink Software Collection


CC wrote me with a link and a single description. "9 free applications"

Thanks CC, as usual, you don't need to explain, but I will say a few words.


4 Neurons isn't about how smart these apps are. These are all small apps that seem to do a job and do it well. I only tried one of the screen savers, but I'll probably be back for more.


Quote from the website

4Neurons is a small software house based in Elbląg, Poland. 4Neurons specializes in developing core components for wide range of software applications including internal algorithms for intelligent decision supporting systems, AI modules and graphic libraries for computer games and variety of security related components.


Free apps

• Magnifying Glass

• Fullscreen Photo Viewer

• MyBitmap (MBM file format)

• 1Fh Binary/Hex Editor

• SERPs Finder (SEO)

• Live Advert Remover

• Paprotka Screensaver

• Shutdown Screensaver

• Hibernate Screensaver

• Powerdown Program