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Flash Note - Not a Notepad but better and faster!

Download - Freeware

article by Tony at FreewareFan, Dec 2005



Advice from FreewareFan

If you're like me, copying interesting snippets , URL's, jotting notes etc. but find that most notebook type programs take too long to launch and open each time, then Flashnote is for you!


I like this program because it launches like lightening (Alt S or click on program icon in the systray) and I can choose my background and text colors..


It's small and hardly uses any resources, automatically saves whenever you minimize or close. Use it like you would a whiteboard. Just write and leave it there. Even if your PC is off for a week, as soon as you start up, Presto! Your notes are there.


If you want to keep a copy of that whiteboard, just save it, wipe it clean and start all over again. You can re-load it again anytime. This one's a "must try".


The page is a continuous page (never-ending). It automatically saves your notes in a default txt file.


If you want to keep your musings just "Save As ..." (a name) and it's saved as a txt file ... then delete everything and you start with a nice clean page again.

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Quote from the author

Just when you need a rough copy to save or to process some pieces of a text, here is Flashnote � small, quick and convenient. You just have to press the shortcut combination and in a flash of a second you will have your rough copy before you. This done, press ESC and the program hides. Simple like that. You needn't rack your brains to find a place for a text, to run Notepad or your favorite PIM. Everything could be done quicker, simpler and in a more convenient way.